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Hogwarts Extreme is a vast site with many forums for you to explore; here is a basic guide to some of the most popular forums on Hex.

What are the different types of HEX forums?

Public Forums: These are forums accessible to everyone and they can be accessed either through the navigation bar on the left of the page, the Site Map which can be accessed here, or the image map in the Entrance Hall.

Private Forums: Private forums are only accessible by certain groups of users. House Common Rooms and Clubs are examples of private forums.

Hidden Forums: Hidden Forums are the forums that you have to find on your own. These forums cannot be accessed through the navigation bar, Entrance Hall image map, or the Site Map, but you can search for hidden forums by manipulating the url at the top of the forum. For example, the Welcome Center's url is The number 58 in the url is the forum number. Simply replace this number with the number of your choice and press enter to see where the new url will lead you!

What are a few features of the forums?

Watch List: The Watch List can be found at the top of every forum. It lists all the threads that you are currently watching. You can unwatch threads from the list, too.

Participation List: The Participation List is a list of all threads you've posted in within that specific forum.

Apparition: It is a same thing as a bookmark. You can put any link from Hex in order to make certain forums or threads accessible. To learn how to set your apparition links, check out the Account Basics section of the Knowledge Base.

At the top and bottom of each forum is a search box which enables you to search that particular forum by title, author, or participants.

Searching by thread participants: If you want to see threads a user -- say, Hagrid, for example -- participated in, type 'Hagrid' in the search box and the list of the threads he's posted in (in that particular forum) will come up. If you're searching for multiple users, you can type in M:User1+User2 (make sure there is no space between 'M:' and the username) and all the threads those two specific users have posted in together will show up.

Searching by thread author: If you'd like to search a thread started by a particular user (let's say Hagrid's), what you need to do is type in S:Hagrid (make sure there is no space between 'S:' and the username) in the search box and all the threads Hagrid created will come up.

Searching by title: If you want to search a forum for threads titled with specific words -- for example, Slytherin Snow Globe -- type T:Slytherin Snow Globe in the search box (make sure there is no space between the 'T:' and the next word) and all threads containing that word in title will come up. This is particularly useful when you are searching for past SAs (Silent Auctions).

Searching by topic tags: If you want to search a forum for threads with specific topic tags -- for example, economy -- type Tags:Economy in the search box (make sure there is no space between the 's:' and the next word) and all threads containing that topic tag in the first post of the thread will come up.

What are some general rules in the forums?

No matter which forum you are in, there are general rules that have to be followed. It is highly recommended that you read the Rules, Terms and Conditions of Hogwarts Extreme and any rules thread specific to a particular forum. Rules and guidelines are usually posted at the top of the forum in a stickied thread or as a link in a table. If you have questions about the rules, please feel free to owl a moderator for clarification.

Keep all your posts PG-13.

  • Absolutely NO using the disallowed words on this list.

  • Absolutely NO posting of ANY type of pornographic material on HEX. It will result in an IMMEDIATE Azkaban sentence. While in Azkaban, accounts will be evaluated on a case by case basis, to determine the proper course of punishment, which could include PERMANENT EXPULSION. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic photos, cartoon images, links to pornographic sites, cybering and role-plays. Anyone found posting pornographic material or participating in role-plays that are not PG-13 will be placed in Azkaban immediately, no questions asked. This rule also applies to Owlpost.

  • Absolutely NO inappropriate avatars and personal attacks on users.

Spamming is not allowed. Spamming includes, but is not limited to:

a) Post count threads or anything that reads purely like an attempt to increase post count.

b) Sending unwarranted owls or share posts to invite users (including Hogfriends) you do not know, asking them to RP, or visit your profile/store/contests, etc.

c) Creating the same thread in multiple forums, making the same post in multiple threads, or sending the same owl to multiple people. This does not include any official/work-related owls sent from HEX Mentors, Moderators, Staff, or Admins.

d) Bumping a thread that has NOT fallen off of the first page of a forum.

e) Excessive capitalization such as: hEy wHaTs Up.

All of the instances listed above are considered spam. Spamming will be punished with a warning, followed by a temporary suspension from the site in Azkaban. Excessive spamming will not be tolerated. If spamming continues after being warned/sent to Azkaban, you may be expelled.

Do not use ALL CAPS in the thread titles: Thread titles in all caps will be edited by the moderators. Also, try not to overuse them when posting because all caps can be interpreted as yelling or shouting.

Advertise in the appropriate forums or areas. There are designated places to advertise your clubs, dorms, stores, and roleplays. For example, clubs should be advertised in the Clubs Forum and dorms in the Dorm Areas or in this thread in the Welcome Center. You may also make use of the Advertisements page.

Besides that, advertising/discussing other roleplay or HP sites that HEX is not affiliated with (Daily Prophet, The Quibbler, and WWN) is absolutely NOT allowed.

What are the most frequented forums on HEX?

Note: most of these forums have special rules; please take time to read them.

Entrance Hall (EH)

It's mainly just for chatting. The main feature of the Entrance Hall is the image map found on top of the forum. This image map leads you to different places inside and outside Hogwarts. So if you feel lost or in the mood for exploring Hogwarts and its grounds, start right there.

Role Play Central (RPC)

It's the heart of roleplaying on Hex. Roleplay threads are likely to succeed in here compared to other forums. The RPC has two public sub-forums: (1) The Lounge, a place for chatting, RP planning and partner hunting, and the (2) Roleplay Teaching Center, a place where you can request a roleplay mentor and ask for feedback and advice to improve your roleplaying skills. Here are the RPC Rules and the RPC's FAQ.

The United Shopping Forums (USF)

These forums are the center of the Hex economy. The shopping forums consist of five forums. They all serve a different purpose but they can all be used for chatting and they all have their own set of activities and contests each month.
Diagon Alley (DA) - This is the main hub where users can go for all their shopping needs. To sell, buy, trade, auction, silent auction (SA), in search of (ISO), giveaways, and even just chat with fellow HEXians. You can find the Vending Machine, and Trelawney's Booth here.
Hogsmeade (HM) - This is where free contests and giveaways with a task are held by users. The shops in Hogsmeade only open on the weekends (every Saturday and Sunday) so be sure to stock up when you can.
London Underground (LU) - All raffles and contests that require a user to pay to enter are held in here.
Three Broomsticks - User run gift exhanges may be found here.
Knockturn Alley - No user events are run in here but it's still a great place to chat and enter the monthly contests!
Here is A Quick Guide to the Shopping Forums and the Merchanting Guidelines on HEX.

Ministry of Magical Arts (MoMA)

The hub for artists and those seeking the help and services of artists. Whether you're a graphics guru who wants to showcase a portfolio or a novice in need of an avatar or a layout for your club, store, or profile, the Magical Arts forum is your place. MoMA is consisted of three forums:
Comstock Memorial Gallery - This is where you can go to show your artwork, coding, or writing in a portfolio, as well as ask users to make artwork, coding, or writing for you.
Exhibition of Interdisciplinary Artistry - This is where you can go to take part in monthly challenges and prompts.
Institute of Creative Learning - This is where you can go to learn new techniques, receive constructive feedback, and hone existing skills.
More information about MoMA may be found in the Forum Rules.

Common Rooms (CR) - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin

There's no place like home. A Common Room can generally only be entered by members of its house. Exceptions to this can be during house restocks or inter-house competitions. Each CR looks different from the others and is designed to suit the needs and tastes of its members. After the Welcome Center, your Common Room is the best place to get started if you're feeling a wee bit intimidated by the vastness of this site.

Where are the bathroom forums?

Accessibility to the bathroom forums are determined by the gender setting chosen on the user account: witch, wizard, or wix. If gender is hidden, the account gender setting still applies.

Witches may access the Girls Bathroom, wizards may access the Boys Bathroom, and wix may access The Loo. Wix may also enter the Girls Bathroom or the Boys Bathroom by requesting it here.

Users may access the bathrooms via the Cloakroom. You can find the Cloakroom by clicking the bathroom doors in the Entrance Hall image map or in the Student Hangout.

Are there any forums specifically for younger HEXians?

Yes! The Weasley Hideout is a private forum for users under the age of seventeen only that hosts a variety of contests, discussions, and chat threads as a way to help the younger users of HEX get to know each other a little better. Those users may access the forum via the Welcome Center image map. Simply click on the purple drapery on the left side of the map to enter the forum. The Weasley Hideout has additional rules to be followed due to the age restriction, so please read the posted rules thread at the top of the forum.

Do you still have questions?
Please be as descriptive as possible, and a WC mod will get back to you as soon as possible.