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What are "prank items" and what do they do?

Prank items are items that you can use to prank other users, as the name implies. These are meant to be in good fun and have recently been returned to their former glory. They are meant in jest and not to be used to harass other users. If someone asks you to stop pranking them, you must do so, otherwise you may get into trouble.

There are several kinds of prank items, from super cheap items that cost only a few Galleons to super rare items that you have to have hundreds of thousands of Galleons to purchase.

Some items have actions or functions, but they are not prank items. For a list of these items, check the Action Items section of the Knowledge Base.

What are the effects and cures of each prank item?

Typically, the effect of a prank item will change the way your post looks or take away health points. If it is the former, your post will appear jumbled, holey, or otherwise tainted. If it is the latter, your health will drop depending on the strength of the prank item used. Occasionally, an item will backfire on its user, causing the person attempting the prank to be attacked instead of their intended victim.

For almost every prank item there is an antidote item, or an item that will return you to your normal state or reverse the effects of the prank item. Certain items do not have an easy fix and you must simply wait them out.

Prank Name Prank Effect Prank Cure
Acid Pops Acid Pops will change your post to look something like this: ies my Pumpkin Juice
Azkaban Prisoner Shackle Azkaban Prisoner Shackles will temporarily make your posts turn invisible, change your avatar, and add a forum title to your posts. Wait 10 minutes
Belch Bombs
Belch Powders
The Belch Bomb and Powder will interrupt your post with *burp* every several digits. For example, "This*burp* is *burp*a sa*burp*mple*burp* pos*burp*t. *burp*" The Belch Bomb is to be used on an entire forum, while the Belch Powder is used on a single user. Wait 10 minutes
Bloodpops These will add "I vant to suck your blood!" to the bottom of each of your posts, change your font to a dark red color, and change your blood type to Vampire. Wait 10 minutes
Canary Creams
Canary Traps *
Super Canary Creams
The canary items will send you to the Birdhouse forum instead of your Common Room and change the House crest on your user page to The Birdhouse. Your posts will change to a phrase such as "I love you!" or "Owl me for free rares!" Harry Potter Wizard Card **
Damnable Nutcracker
Nutcracker Trap
The Damnable Nutcracker (more simply, "Nutty") will make your pages "spin" from right to left for ten minutes. The Nutcracker Shield (or Nutty Shield) will fend off attacks of the Damnable Nutcracker. Nutcracker Shield
Dementor's Kiss This is used to temporarily turn your blood type to Soulless, and it adds "Quivering on the floor, babbling about Dementors" to the end of your post. Honeyduke's Best Chocolate
Wait 10 minutes
Drink of Despair Gradually deteriorates health points to zero. Visit Hospital Wing
Elixir of Life
Dungbombs *
Super Dungbombs *
Both versions of this item are used on forums and close the forum temporarily. When used, this will prevent anyone from going into the forum because the forum is "too stinky!" Filibusters Waterproof Fireworks
Bubble Head Charm
Elder Wand There are very few Elder Wands in existence on HEX, but their owners can use the wand to "kill" users - reduce their health by 10 points in one hit. This wand can be used on individuals or to attack entire forums at once, which will hit all users in the forum at that time. Healing Potion
Hospital Wing
Fanged Frisbees These are used to reduce people's health points, and will display the message "USERNAME has thrown a Fanged Frisbee at you! You have lost 3 health points!" Healing Potion
Filibusters Waterproof Fireworks These will set off colorful fireworks in a specific forum. Simply click your fireworks, click "Set It Off!" and then select which forum you wish to set them off in.
Giggly Jigglies Giggly Jigglies change your posts to random, happy comments that sound like you're having a great time. There are multiple different flavors of Giggly Jigglies, including Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Tangerine. Giggly Jigglies are also contagious, and you will "infect" anyone you post after in a thread. Wait 5 minutes
Glumbumble Treacle
Avoid posting around those who are pranked
Heart Candy This will add a love-themed title to the affected user and cause small, pastel hearts to float across the screen like confetti. Wait 10 minutes
Hiccough Sweets The Hiccough Sweets have the ability to interrupt your post with, "..hic!.." every few words. Wait 10 minutes
Holiday Cheer Potion This prank causes three things to happen until the prank wears off. One: Ink color change: it will randomly be green or red. Two: the pranked user will have the title of "Hogwarts Christmas Elf." Three: the pranked user will have one of eight randomized signatures added to the bottom of their post. Wait 5 minutes
Instant Darkness Powder The Instant Darkness Powder (IDP) is designed to be used on one forum. Once used, it will turn the entire forum dark and make it next to impossible to see anything. Hand of Glory
Wait 10 minutes
Jawbreakers This is one of the only items that you cannot use on others, and will have the effect of reversing the order of the words in your post. For example, "post. a is This" Skele Gro
Kiss of Death This will make the user's posts invisible and give them a gravestone avatar. Wait 10 minutes
Love Potions If you get hit by a Love Potion, you will "fall in love with" the user that used it on you. You will be required to send an owl to that user before you can send anybody else an owl, but this does not prevent you from posting or alter your posts in any way. Owl the user who cast it on you
Ludo's Wand Allows the user to cast Sonorus and Quietus on another user. Sonorous makes the pranked user's text larger, bold, and italic, while Quietus makes it smaller and italic. Hospital Wing
Portable Swamps Portable Swamps "flood" the forum and prevent users from posting anything. Instead, the forum will display the following: "Eww, its all swampy and flooded! Go buy some gillyweed. I bet you USERNAME did it!" Gillyweed
Rogue Bludgers These have the same effect as the Jawbreakers, but are used on other HEXians. Skele Gro
Rubber Cookies This is one of the only items that you cannot use on others. These are disruptive and will turn your jaw to "rubber" which makes your post look something like this: thububis ububis ububa sububamplubube pububost. Veela Magical Cheese
Hospital Wing
Sectumsempra Curse Small red-colored dots flutter across the screen resembling raining blood and/or red snowflakes. Wait 10 minutes
Seven Potters' Polyjuice This is used to temporarily turn someone into Harry Potter. Their username and avatar will change and a quote will appear at the bottom of their posts. Wait 10 minutes
Shock-O-Choc Shock-O-Choc changes your posts to display random messages about lightning and being shocked. Your avatar also displays a lightning bolt and your ink turns yellow. Some example texts include: "zzzzzaaappp" "PIKA! chuuuuuuuuu." "it's electrifying!" and "ow ow ow!" Wait 10 minutes
Singing Toads Singing Toads change your avatar to images of toads. They also add fun holiday verses to the end of your posts. Wait 10 minutes
Stink Pellets *
Stink Bombs *
You cannot access any forum but Diagon Alley. Attempting to go elsewhere will display the message "You stink! Go to Diagon Alley and buy some soap from Gambol and Japes and wash up!" Soap
Spork This causes an event to appear in the 'sporked' user's events that reads, "USERNAME poked you with a Spork." This item will function while displayed in a Trophy Case. Clear the event
Swords Each House has a sword named after its founder and these can be used to slash people's health. These items will function while displayed in a Trophy Case. Healing Potions
The Destroyer Destroyer wands attack other users and give them a chance to save themselves if they own a Savior wand. If they don't respond within the hour, Health Points are taken away and the user cannot post for a certain period of time. The Savior
Wait 10 minutes
Ton-Tongue Toffee This, like many prank items, will alter your post to look something like this: "G know NGnNGNGgng GGNGNGgng NGNGgng nG inG s GGNGNGgng NGNGgng nG ANGNGgng NGNGgng s beGneGnn ANGNGgng NGNGgng sk beGnPNNGNGgng n oGHaheGn" Pumpkin Juice
Wakefields Off the Record Glow in the Dark Gum This prank item changes your avatar to a multitude of colorful images of neon glow-in-the-dark gum. Your ink also turns into a random neon color. Both the avatar and ink colors can vary for each post on a single page. Wait 10 minutes
Water Balloon This is used to temporarily turn your ink white. For basic ink wells: reset the ink in preferences.
For Color Changing Ink: re-equip ink from inventory, then select desired color in preferences.
Werewolf Saliva This is used to turn your blood type temporarily to Werewolf and adds "Aawoooo Aawooo Arooooooooooooooooooo! -pants heavily-" to the end of your post. Wait 10 minutes
Winky's Holiday Punch This has the same effect as the Damnable Nutcracker, but it only lasts a few minutes. Wait a few minutes

- If you can't find a prank item listed it might be an action item. You can check action items here.

* - These pranks or cures are not currently working.

** - These defenses will only work against the most basic of the prank items, like Canary Creams or the Damnable Nutcracker.

I've been pranked! What do I do?

If your posts are showing up disrupted or otherwise altered, or your health points are low or non-existent, then you have been pranked. Here are some easy solutions to this problem:

  • 1 - Visit Madam Pomfrey in the Healer's Office in the Hospital Wing.

    Madam Pomfrey (or just the "Hospital Wing") is typically the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to restore lost life points. Visiting her office is completely free of charge. However, you may only visit her once every two hours, so if you are in the middle of a prank war, it might be better simply to use health potions to regain lost health. Her office is also used to return your posts to a normal state, but it is usually wiser to use the item antidote or wait out prank items.

  • 2 - Drink a healing potion (or several).

    Healing potions are typically available on Owl Search, but can range in price. When purchasing a healing potion, it is wise to remember how many health points each potion will restore.

    A green healing potion will restore 1 health point.

    A blue healing potion will restore 2 health points.

    A red healing potion will restore 3 health points.

    A yellow healing potion will restore 5 health points.

    A purple healing potion will restore 10 health points.

  • 3 - Use the antidote item listed above.

    Check the Effects and Cures section of this FAQ for the solution to each prank item.

  • 4 - Wait it out.

    Most prank items can be resolved by waiting 10 minutes. Health will return over time, but as it is not used for anything else on HEX, you don't have to restore it immediately.

  • Other types of pranking

    The following are not classified as prank Items, but are usually considered pranking.

  • Bell Jar

    The bell jar is a neat little item that de-ages the person you use it on. The bell jar is a very rare item and as such, not many users have it.

  • This is what it looks like to use the bell jar.

    And this is what happens! It's effects are rather funny and will not disrupt posts.

    As you can see, this item can only be used on a user once every twenty four hours.

  • Dark Mark Pendant

    The Dark Mark Pendant, or simply DMP, is an item that can be used once every twenty-four hours as often as you'd like. This item will function while displayed in a Trophy Case. These are highly coveted items and thus are expensive to get a hold of. It is responsible for the following two events:

  • + Covering the Site in Darkness and Display a Message of Your Choosing: This is an effect for the whole site and will look like this:

    + Having a Phoenix Pendant in your possession will counter the darkness effect of a Dark Mark Pendant and will look like this:

    + The Quidditch Player career perk will also counter the darkness effect of a Dark Mark Pendant and will look like this:

    + Turning Users into Death Eaters: In threads, the user's username will appear as Death Eater and the dark mark will be attached to the bottom of each of their posts. That looks like this:

  • Death Eater Wand

    This item can cast the Dark Mark on a chosen forum three times a day. The owner of the wand may cast the Cruciatus Curse on as many users as they wish, though only once for each user per day. Both effects wear off after ten minutes.

    Choose the action and click "Submit":

    If you choose "Cast Cruciatus," type the user name and click "Cast It!":

    If you choose "Cast Dark Mark," type in the forum number and click "Cast Dark Mark":

  • Death Eater Mask

    Equipping the mask will hide the owner's username for as long as the owner is wearing it:

    Equip the mask by clicking "Put on the Mask":

    This will show up, indicating the mask is in use:

    Mask will stay on until it is unequipped.

  • Detention

    Detention is simply another post disrupting prank that will happen as a result of the Vending Machine. When a user is in detention, their posts will read, "In detention taking Fluffy for a walk." It is important to remember that the user has done nothing to get themselves in trouble and that the effect of the RE or the VM will wear off in a matter of minutes. In addition, the Inquisitorial Squad Badge allows users who own it to give others 'detention'. If you have been put into detention, you will be notified by an event that gives a reason. The owner of the Badge has a variety of choices for changing the posts of the people they prank. This includes "In detention taking Fluffy for a walk", as the VM does, as well as these:

    When you are put into detention, the event you will get looks like this:

  • Flitwick's Wand

    Users that possess Flitwick's Wand will have the power to use the following spells.

    + Cheering Charm: When you cast the Cheering Charm on someone, it adds an outburst of happiness at the end of the users post. Examples of this are: "I'M JUST SO EXCITED., LALA LA LA LA, WARM IT UP." and "I think I love you."

    + Silencio: When you cast Silencio on someone, it will prevent them from being able to post for a limited amount of time.

    + Rictusempra: When you cast Rictusempra on someone, it will morph their post and "give them a good laugh." Examples of this are: THAT TIIIIIIICKLESSSSSi haha.hahaveLOLOLOL aha.haha LLLLMMMMMMMMAAAAAAOOOOOOOOeLOLOLOL

  • HEX Vending Machine

    The HEX Vending Machine is located in Diagon Alley. It costs 50g to use and you may only approach it once per day. It will also take Vending Machine Tokens, which allows the the user an additional visit per day, per token. Results from a visit can vary so approach it with caution! You may find yourself tweeting like a canary!

  • Polyjuice Potion

    The Polyjuice Potion can be used to turn you into another user for 1 hour. You will adopt their avvie, post count, userinfo, and post preferences for that one hour, then you (and your posts) will resume your own appearance. To check if a user is using Polyjuice Potion, you may Quick-Quote their posts and their real username will appear.

  • Problematic Polyjuice

    The Problematic Polyjuice will cause your text to look as if a cat has taken over:

  • Resurrection Stone

    The Resurrection Stone is an incredibly rare item that acts as a type of Polyjuice Potion for deceased canon characters. The owner of the Stone may assume the post count, userinfo, avatar, and post preferences of characters such as Professor Dumbledore or Severus Snape for about an hour, after which their normal profile will return. To check if a user is using the Resurrection Stone, you may Quick-Quote their posts and their real username will appear.

  • Spork

    Sporks are like swords in that they are expensive, rare, and highly desirable. When the owner of a Spork decides to use it, their victim will receive an event that '[username] pokes you with a Spork.' Nothing else will occur besides this. This item will function while displayed in a Trophy Case.

  • Swords

    Swords are another expensive and highly desirable prank item. There are swords for each house, but they are a rarity one and very difficult to buy. They are used to slash people's health. These items may be used as often as desired and on as many users as desired.

  • Other types of cures

    There are some items that can "cure" prank effects, but not in a way that you would normally think of.

  • Elixir of Life

    The Elixir of Life restores any health points you have lost and also increases your health to 5 times your normal amount of health points. It is a multiple use item.

  • Revealer

    The owner of a Revealer can view all posts around the site with as if there are no prank effects. However, other viewers will see the posts with the prank effects included.

  • Could this be a spell instead of a prank?

    Users now have the ability to cast spells! To learn more about your Spellbook and how spells may be earned, check out the Account Basics section of the Knowledge Base.

    Do you still have questions?
    Please be as descriptive as possible, and a WC mod will get back to you as soon as possible.