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How do I get sorted?

After you have created an account on HEX, you will need to activate your account via a link sent to you by email. Once your account is activated, you will receive 30,000 starter Galleons. If you do not receive your 30,000 Galleons upon clicking the link - or if it brings you to a blank page - please follow the instructions on the first post of this thread to address the issue.

Your account will then be manually verified by our team and a box will appear at the top of the page which will contain a link reading Welcome to HEX! Click here to be sorted into a House! and looks like this. Click on the link provided and you will be taken to the Sorting Hat. In order to be sorted, you will be asked to complete a sorting application. Follow the prompts on the application and once you have filled it out to your satisfaction, it will be reviewed in a timely manner. The sorting application should be about you and not your role play character. Much of your time on HEX will be spent as yourself; role-playing is typically limited to certain forums. As sorting is done manually, you may wait up to a few days if there is currently a high rate of incoming new users, but sorting is generally done within a day or two. If you have any other questions about sorting, or if you want to know more about it, please go here!

If you're waiting on your results, be sure that you check your events list (Quidditch Goalpost, upper right) to see if you have a notification about being sorted! You MUST click on this notification to see your result and be officially placed in your House!


Can I change my house?

If you are unhappy with where the sorting hat placed you, or you feel as though you would just like a change in scenery, you can change your House by donating to the site. This is considered an upgrade, and more information about this can be found on the DONATE page along the top bar!


How is my blood type determined?

Blood type is determined automatically and randomly. There are three blood types on Hex that are given to new users: Pureblood, Mixed Blood, and Muggle Born. It may take a few hours to a few days before you get your blood type. If you would like to change your blood type, you can do so by means of a monetary donation to the site after you had your initial blood type for a month. For more information, refer to the DONATE page along the top bar. Changing your blood type is considered to be an upgrade.

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