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This page has site terms that may or may not be listed on the term page. It is also an extended guide to some terms that may be confusing on that page. If you ever have any questions in regards to the site terms listed here or on the Terms page, you should owl a Global Moderator or Staff Member.

What additional rules do I need to know that aren't on the Terms page?

1. While we appreciate the sentiment behind raising funds for individuals with various illnesses and situations, it is difficult to determine when people are being truthful. Therefore, to protect people from being scammed, fundraising campaigns are not allowed at all. This is to ensure that no one has hurt feelings if a fraudulent situation is discovered. Please feel free to show support in other ways. Some suggestions include: a message of support in your avatar or store, or just a thread here and there to let them know you are thinking about them.

2. IN THE EVENT THAT PASSWORD PROBLEMS OCCUR, contact us through the contact form (and choose "No" for the first question.) An Administrator/Staff Member/Global Moderator will NEVER ask you for your password. If someone posing to be a staff member does so, please report this to an Administrator or Staff Member.

You can also use the 'Lost Password' link on the login page. From there you will be asked a few details about yourself to prove it's you, then your password will be sent to the email address connected to your HEX account. It's good to make sure your email address remains updated, for cases like this. Go to MyHEX, then settings, and check the correct email address is displayed. If you need to change this, owl a Global Moderator or Staff Member.

3. Sharing the locations of hidden forums is not allowed, and that includes writing a book listing all the forums on Hex. Take note, that all of those will be deleted, and those who post it might even earn themselves some time in Azkaban. If you see books or sharing of hidden forums please let a Global Moderator or Staff Member know as soon as possible.

4. Excessive pranking, pranking a user after they have asked you to stop, and creating "hit lists" of users to prank all are considered forms of bullying and will not be tolerated.

5. Cybering on HEX (either in public or in "private" via owls or clubs/deleted threads/etc.) is an auto-expel offense. No warning is necessary.

Where can I find detailed rules on posting?

You can click right here if you wish to view a detailed outline of the posting rules and etiquette on HEX. This thread was outlined and detailed by a group of mods to ensure that all of the posting guidelines and spam rules made better sense. It's worth the read!

What are the Economy/Merchanting rules?

Even the economy on HEX (Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, Hogsmeade, Money-Making) has a series of rules and guidelines that need to be followed. This is to keep everybody on the same page and help prevent issues like cheating and unfairness. Click HERE to read them!

Where can I view the full list of Terms and Disallowed words?

The Terms page can be found at the bottom of every page you visit on HEX. Click HERE to see that page. On it, you will also find a list of disallowed words. Check rule number 13 to see the link to this list and the details, or you can click right HERE.

What is the policy on Bullying?

HEX has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying, personal attacks, public shaming, trolling, or discrimination against all groups or individuals. For detailed information on this, click HERE to read more. We like to keep HEX a safe and fun environment for everybody!

What are the primary Site Terms regarding Cheating?

Regarding contests, you cannot share answers with anyone. You cannot ask or receive help from anyone, on or off HEX (this includes sites like Yahoo Answers and Facebook). Using online programs to complete puzzles for you is NOT allowed. All work must be your own; plagiarism is strictly prohibited. You can view ALL the Site Terms regarding cheating, if you take a look at Rule number 17 HERE.

What are the primary Site Terms regarding Plagiarism?

Any instance of plagiarism is strictly prohibited on this site. HEX offers all users a creative outlet to explore writing, design, and artwork. Users caught plagiarizing in any way (including, but not limited to, artwork, graphics, and writing) will be punished accordingly.

This rule also applies to coding threads, store layouts, and store profiles. If you like the coding of a thread, simply quoting and copying that code is a form of plagiarism. If you'd like to use the code of the thread, or profile for your own purposes, you must first ask the original creator if you may use it. They may ask you to include a credit link in your coded post. This is to show that you did not create the coding, but that you had permission to use it from the author.

Staying Safe Online:

The HEX Staff would like to remind everyone that we strongly urge users not to give out personal information, as per rule 10 of the Site Terms. We, the Staff, reserve the right to remove any personal information shared on HEX in order to keep you safe. Sharing your phone number, address, or other personal details online may put you at risk of cyber-bullying and/or other harm, as you can never really know who is reading the information you post. Whilst we have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, the Staff cannot act upon any instances of bullying that occur outside of HEX as a result of sharing such information here. This rule also applies if another user is sharing your own personal information without your permission, and such occurrences should be reported to Site Staff immediately.

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