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When you first join HEX, it can certainly seem overwhelming! Learn about your mentor here.

What is a Hex Mentor?

A Hex Mentor is a user who is assigned to you when you first start Hex. They are there to answer all of your questions about Hex, help you with any difficulties, and be your friend. Hex mentors are a select group of extremely dedicated users who are devoted to making sure that your experience on Hex is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Who is my Hex Mentor?

You can find your Hex mentor by going to the New User Area and looking under 'General Information.' Next to 'Your Mentor' you will see your mentor's username.

My Hex mentor hasn't responded to my owl! What do I do?

Although it is uncommon, sometimes your mentor will not be able to respond to you for some reason or another. If your mentor has not responded to your owl within three days, please use the mentor contact form to inform us of your situation.

Will I always have a mentor?

Your mentor is assigned to you for the first two months from your enrollment on HEXRPG. If for whatever reason you would still like to have a mentor after these first two months, that's no problem! Please fill out the form here to request a mentor. Anyone is eligible – it doesn't matter if you've been here for three months or three years!

I'm having some trouble with my Hex Mentor. What do I do?

If you are having any trouble with your Hex Mentor, please use this form to contact us and inform us of your situation.

How do I become a Hex Mentor?

Approximately every six months, Hex Mentor applications will open. If you have been a member of Hex for over six months, have a good working knowledge of HEX, and would love to help new and old users alike, we strongly encourage you to apply! We are always looking for more hardworking and dedicated Hex Mentor team members. When applications open, they will be announced on the home page, so keep an eye out!

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