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What are House Points and how do I earn them?

House Points are points that you earn by doing various things around HEX like:

  • Homework
    (For more info, refer to the Classes section of the Knowledge Base)

  • Monthly Contests

  • The Atrium

    A monthly participation raffle and a monthly contest that awards a total of 6000 HP each.


    Caretakers consist of of different forums - these are all found in the castle. They have three monthly incentives held between them which award a total of 13900 HP. In addition, each individual Caretakers forum hosts a variety of smaller contests and individual incentives of which award a total of 1200 HP per year in various ways at each forums discretion, whether they be awarded monthly or yearly..

    Fan Fiction Forum

    A monthly Theme Prompt that awards a total of 4500 HP and a monthly participation raffle (for participating in eligible Fan Fiction Forum activities) that awards a total of 1500 HP.

    The Grounds

    A monthly RP contest that is posted in one of the forums that awards a total of 7,000 HP. In addition, each forum hosts a variety of smaller contests and individual incentives of which award HP.

    Headmaster's Study

    One monthly contest. House Points awarded may vary.

    HINT Enterprises: Games | Fandom Forum | Clubs Forum | Magical Theories

    HINT Enterprises, short for Hobbies and INTerests, is a group of forums. One of these four forums will post a contest each month that awards a total of 11000 HP. In addition, each forum hosts a variety of smaller contests and incentives which award HP

    Magical Arts Forum

    A monthly graphics and writing challenge that awards a total of 6000 HP each.

    The Magical Archives

    Eight HP contests spread throughout the year (in different Archive forums) that award a total of 6000 HP each.

    The Newsstand

    This forum offers contests and discussions that are based on the official site publications. Two monthly discussions offer a total of 3,000 HP each, one monthly contest offers a total of 6,000 HP, and a quarterly raffle offers a total of 9,000 HP.

    Role-playing Central

    A Roleplay of the Month that awards a total of 9000 HP, a monthly Roleplay Freestyle that awards a total of 2000 HP, the RPC Lounge contest that awards a total of 2000 HP, and a participation raffle that awards a total of 2000 HP.

    Social Media

    A monthly contest that awards a total of 2500 HP, Monthly Musings that awards a total of 300 HP, 'I Bet the Muggles Won't know About These' (a monthly trivia contest) that awards a total of 6000 HP, and 'Platform Ponderings' (a monthly participation raffle) that awards a total of 6000 HP.

    Student Hangout

    Check the Watch Thread for monthly contests which rotate through their various forums. These include Caretaker Concoctions and Junior Caretakers contests awarding a total of 9,000 House Points and the Linking Chains Incentive awarding a total of 3,000 House Points.

    The Welcome Center

    This forum features a monthly contest open to all users on the site with up to a total of 6,000 House Points awarded.

Please note that the way each area distributes their House Points or the amount they give out at a time is always subject to change. This list is meant as a basic guideline based on averages. The best way to see what HP (along with any other prizes) an area is offering is by checking them out and keeping their watch threads on watch so you don't miss anything.

Site Hosted Events

  • Project Ink - It's a contest where writers of Hex compete for a chance to win house points and other awesome prizes.

  • Hex Idol - If you love singing, then this is a contest for you! Not only it would bring you the glory of being acknowledged as an amazing singer, but you could also win your house nice amount of house points.

  • Hex's Next Top Graphic Designer - If you are graphic savvy, you will enjoy this contest. It gives out over 90,000 House Points and some amazing prizes.

  • The RP Factor - This contest is perfect for avid or newbie roleplayers alike. A site-wide event consisting of multiple rounds of prompt-based RPs that test the limits of the contestants' roleplay skills, The RP Factor also dishes out large amounts of HPs to those who make it through!

  • Summer Site Wide Event - They give out massive amounts of points to users who can earn them through various ways. Example: Inter House Competition (IHC)

  • House Hosted Sitewides/Restocks - Sometimes, house points can be awarded as a prize of a contest or of a participation raffle during a house sponsored sitewide event or restock. House staff has six month terms, and with each term, they are allowed to host one sitewide event and one restock event. Therefore, within a six month time, there are eight opportunities to participate in these types of events.

  • Participation Raffles - Sometimes, house points are offered as prizes in participation raffles. A participation raffle can commonly be found with events like Project Ink or HEX Idol. Typically, in the forum where that particular event is taking place, you will see a a colored thread that states it is an "Audience Thread" or a "Participation Thread." Go into the thread and read the first post carefully to see what you need to do to potentially win a prize. Not all of them have the same rules!

It's important that you keep an eye on the homepage to see which events, if any, are currently going on. Different events happen during different times of the year, so be sure to keep a look out! As previously stated, in these events, you can win house points, but most if not all of them also offer other fantastic prizes as well.

Where can I see House points totals?

You can see your homework House Points by visiting Announcements. However, if you go to your User Info page, you can see the total of points that you have earned, including those from the contests that give out House Points.

If you wish to see the total points of all users in your House, you should go to the Great Hall. Above the threads you will see a huge image map with four hourglasses, one representing each House.

What can I do with house points?

The school terms ends at approximately the end of June. During the break, before the next school term, there will be an announcement about the Top Student prize. Students who receive a perfect score for their year level will be awarded two prizes---one choice from a set list and one untradeable. Students who earn within twenty points of a perfect score will be awarded one item of choice from a set list. More information about this will be posted when Top Students list is announced.

However, if you didn't manage to get into the Top Students list - which lists the amount of homework points that you've won - you should be proud of yourself for helping your own house win some points. Every little point counts towards the House Cup!

Each house has its own homework Incentives. You should visit your Common Room and look out for more information about it or you could ask your House Staff. They usually announce anything related to the incentive in the watch thread.

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