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If I do not feed my pet, will it run away?
~ Pets cannot run away at this time.

How can I improve my pet's mood?
~ Feed your pet to improve its mood. You may need to feed it multiple times.

Can I play with my pet?
~ This type of interaction is not currently available.

How do I buy a pet?

Any HEXian can purchase up to three pets. You can usually find pets in one of the three following places:

- Pet Emporium: Located in Diagon Alley, this is where you can buy pets from HEX itself. The store is restocked randomly, and rarer pets, such as the reindeer, are restocked periodically, so a few of the pets may be listed as "Out of Stock."

- Pet Directory/User Stores: Here you will find a list of the types of pets that HEX has to offer. Clicking on the pet type that you would like will take you to a page of user stores and what they are selling that pet for.

- Pet Adoptions: Users that wish to give their pet up for adoption will usually send them here, where you can adopt them for free.

How many pets may I own?

A HEXian may own up to three pets which have been purchased from a site store, adopted, gifted, or personalized through donation. The only exception is when a user has never donated for a personalized pet and already has three pets via other means. They may add a fourth pet through the donation feature. However, if a user already has donated for a personalized pet and they have three total pets, they may not get a fourth pet.

If someone asks you to look after their pet, it does not count towards your three (3) pet limit. You may look after as many pets as you'd like.

What can I feed my pet?

Pets can be fed again! However, your pet will not run away if it is not fed! Below is a list of food items that you can feed each pet:

  • Cats: Fish Meat

  • Owls: Cookie, Banana, Cauldron Cake

  • Rats/Hamsters: Swiss Cheese

  • Reindeers: Magical Hay, Box of Reindeer Moss

  • Toads/Tarantulas/Tortoises: Cockroach Cluster

  • All pet food in circulation can be found in user stores or in Magical Menagerie located in Diagon Alley! Cookies, however, can only be purchased from Animal Alcove in Hogsmeade, and Cauldron Cakes can only be purchased from The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley.

    *NOTE: If your pet is not a Cat, Reptilian type thing, Rodent or Reindeer, they eat whatever owls eat. Rocks do not need to be fed, but they can be fed bananas and cookies.

    How do I feed my pet?

    To feed a food item to your pet, go to your inventory and click on the item. On the next screen, choose 'Feed to one of your pets.' Then, you'll be taken to the next screen where you can choose which pet to feed, as well as the quantity before you click submit. You may have to feed several quantities of food to your pet to make it full. The various stages of hunger might read: Hungry, Very Hungry, Starving, Famished, Fine, Not Hungry, Full, or Too Bloated.

    Can I change my pet's traits or increase its level?

    My pet's page:

    If you click on "Pets" under the subheading of Your Items, you will be taken to a page that has descriptions of each of your pets. You cannot change your pet's traits, even by feeding it daily. Nor can you increase your pet's level.

    You may change your pet's name by clicking the 'Rename - 1,000 G' link next to the pet you wish to rename. This will take you to a page where you can enter the new name of your pet and pay the 1,000 G fee.

    Each pet should look something like this:

    If you click on "View (YourPet'sNameHere)'s Traits" you will be taken to a page with little facts about your pet (how friendly it is, how quiet or loyal it is, etc). That will look like this:

    How do I give away my pet?

    If you are considering giving away your pet, or setting it up for adoption, you can click on "Basic Actions" from the Pets page, which will take you to this page:

  • Give it to my friend: Give your pet to a friend permanently - unless that user chooses to give the pet back to you, you will not get it back.

  • Ask Hagrid to give it a home: Your pet will be moved into Pet Adoptions, where another user can choose to adopt it.

  • Ask a friend to care for it: This is a more temporary solution - if you are leaving town and wish someone to feed your pet while you're away, you can choose to ask a friend to care for it.

  • Put it in my pet store: If you are the proud owner of a pet store, you can choose to place your pet in your store, where any user looking for that particular breed of pet can buy it.

  • Set it free: This basically deletes the pet from HEX's inventory, because you cannot retrieve it and it does not go to another user.

    How does Hagrid find my pet a home?

    If you would like to put your pet up for adoption, go to Your Items > Pets > Basic Actions > Ask Hagrid to find him/her a home. You'll be asked to include a short message describing your pet before you click Submit. Your pet will show up in the Pet Adoption area for other users to see.

    Your pet will still appear in your Pets page along with a message that Hagrid is looking for a home for your pet. There will also be a link to cancel your adoption request and have Hagrid return your pet to you. A message will be displayed on this page if someone has asked to adopt your pet. You will have the option to approve or decline the adoption.

    Once the adoption is approved, you do not have the option to retrieve your pet.

    The original traits and stats of an adopted pet will not change with the adoption process.

    How do I get a personalized pet?

    You can get a personalized pet by donating to the site through one of the Donation Upgrades, which allows you to keep any pet - provided it is HEX appropriate, of course! You will also be able to choose its name/image, and get a custom delivery text for your pet!

    On a side note, if you have already purchased three pets from a site store, you can STILL get a pet through donations without having to let one go.

    Do you still have questions?
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