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Find something weird happening to your HEX? It might be a known glitch or error, so read on to find out some workarounds.

What's up with the 500 Firewall Error?

There is a known glitch on HEX where if you enter certain words or type up an overly-long post, an error will pop up saying "500 Firewall Error". There are some temporary solutions to this, such as deleting triggering words from your post or breaking it into two and posting it. Although double-posting is generally frowned upon, if you are unable to post due to the firewall, double-posting will be alright. Just be sure to mention it in your post!

List of possible triggering words:

  • S e l e c t / S e l e c t e d / S e l e c t i v e
  • I n s e r t
  • S u b m i t
  • U p d a t e
  • S e n d
  • T a r g e t
  • D e l e t e F r o m
  • F r o m
  • U n i o n
  • C o n v e r t

Unfortunately, if you have those words in your post, you will have to find a synonym to replace it. There is no other way to get rid of the firewall. At least you'll be able to put your English skills to the test! A highly recommended suggestion to find whether your post has those words is to tap the control then f key (if you're a Mac user, press command then f). A box will pop up where you can type in any word you wish and it will find it for you. If none of those words are in your post, try separating it paragraph by paragraph (or sentence by sentence) and then previewing it in HEX--if the section is the one that triggers the firewall, you won't be able to see it. By doing so, you can isolate the part which has a triggering word and then focus your energy on that section.

If you have triggered the firewall and know which word(s) caused it (and it isn't on the list above), please owl one of the Welcome Center mods with the information so that we can add it to the words list in this part of the Knowledge Base.

I'm using HEX with Internet Explorer and it's always glitching. What should I do?

Hex does not support any Internet Explorer browser except for Internet Explorer 11, and neither does Microsoft itself. Most of the errors you will come across while using Internet Explorer are caused by using an older version of the browser. If you do not have a browser other than an older version of Internet Explorer, you may want to download one. On the plus side, they are all free. A simple Google search for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. will lead you to their downloads page.

I'm not getting an activation email! What next?

Getting activated is a critical part of being on HEX, as you will not get your share of welcome galleons or be eligible for sorting into a House otherwise. If you're having trouble activating your account for any reason, please post your username in this thread, and you will be manually activated.

Why can't I use Imgur anymore?

This isn't really a glitch; per their terms, Imgur does not allow their site to be used as a content delivery network. We suggest you try other image-hosting sites as listed in the Posting section of the Knowledge Base.

My trophy case isn't letting me add things to it! What do I do?

If your trophy case is rejecting the items you put in and dumping them back into your inventory, it is most likely because it is full. Try removing an item that is not as important from your case in order to make space for the new item. If you own the normal Trophy Case, you might want to consider buying the Rare Trophy Case from Luna's General Store, which can hold up to 200 items compared to the normal Trophy Case's limit of 50.

I went to add a caption to an item in my Trophy Case and saw another one there! What do I do?

This happens if you get an item from a user who previously added their own caption to the item before it was sold or given to you. It's nothing to worry about, as you can edit the caption as normal.

Why does putting a '<3' or other coding in shareposts not work?

Shareposts cannot use code, so any attempt to use BBCode or HTML will not format correctly. In addition to that, putting '<' signs in shareposts will cut off anything that comes after it because the sharepost box recognizes it as code. To avoid this, try using the built in emojis (like :heart:) instead of '<3'.

While shares don't allow coding, when you select the 'Give it to somebody' option of an item in your inventory, the box where you can send a message will be able to format code properly. Tags such as those used for color, size, and images are all valid here - so have some fun!

Why is it that these pranks aren't working? Which ones don't work?

A few of the pranks on HEX don't work due to coding errors. Make sure to check the Prank Items section of the Knowledge Base to find out which ones work and which ones don't before you purchase them.

There seems to be no way to enter the Cave?

For mobile device users the Approach button may not show up on your screen. You will still be able to approach the cave if you click in the space where the button should be located - below the image and above the option to swim away from the cave.

My error isn't listed on this page. What do I do?

Can't find it here? Check out the Known Bugs or the Broken Coding and Formatting threads in The Atrium. If you still can't find a solution, please post about it in the Errors and Glitches thread, also located in The Atrium forum.

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