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Forums Grouped Areas
AbbreviationMeaning AbbreviationMeaning
A/G or A&GArts & Graphics Forum G&S Magical Games & Sports
BD Boy's Dorm HINT Hobbies and INTerests
CF Contest Forum SF Shopping Forums
CR Common Room USF Unified Shopping Forums
DA Diagon Alley
DO Dumbledore's Office Other Areas
EH Entrance Hall AbbreviationMeaning
FF Fan Fiction DP Daily Prophet
GC Goblin City ICOW International Confederation of Wizards
GD Girl's Dorm (Note: Non-Econ Developers)
GH Great Hall KB Knowledge Base
HM Hogsmeade ME Magical Education
I/S Ideas & Suggestions Forum NUA New User Area
KA Knockturn Alley QD Quidditch
LU London Underground TC Trophy Case
RPC Roleplay Center WL Wishlist
WC Welcome Center WWN Wizarding Wireless Network


Stores Other Economy
AbbreviationMeaning AbbreviationMeaning
BAB Borgin and Burkes BOGO Buy One Get One (Free)
FAB Flourish and Blotts DM Daily Money
FFI Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlor DP Dirigible Plums
FHS Fred's Holiday Store Econ Economy
GAJ Gambol and Japes FC Free Contest
HON Honeydukes G Galleons
LGS Luna's General Store IDSO In Desperate Search Of
MME Magical Menagerie Invo Inventory
MMR Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions ISO In Search Of
NFY Naut Fur You K Knuts
OLL Ollivander's Lotto Lottery
PEM Pet Emporium OS Owl Search
QQS Quality Quidditch Supplies PCT Price Check Thread
TCS The Cauldron Shop RA Runic Aleatorem
TLC The Leaky Cauldron S Sickles
ZON Zonkos SA Silent Auction
SC Store Contest or Side Contest
TC Trophy Case
TL Tradelink
VM Vending Machine
WL Wishlist
WCE Wizard Card Exchange


Gryffindor Ravenclaw
AbbreviationMeaning AbbreviationMeaning
BoB Badge of Bravery CotW Chat of the Week
CotW Chat of the Week CCL Corvus Cum Laude
GHOST Gryffindor House Official Source of Truth GotM Girl of the Month
GS Gryffindor Store HoR Hall of Records
GQT Gryffindor's Quidditch Team RBD Ravenclaw Boys Dorm
GSW Gryffindor's Secret Weapon RGD Ravenclaw Girls Dorm
HH Hagrid's Hut RNN Ravenclaw Newbie Network
MH McGonagall Hall ROR Room of Requirement
NNNNeville's Newbie Network RRRRavenclaw Roleplay Room
SOGSpirit of Gryffindor SSSapphire Securer
TGTrue Gryffindor THTreehouse
VVVying Vault WBWizard Banter
WWWWeasley's Wizarding Workshop URUniversal Ravenclaw
WWRWishy Wishy Revolution WotMWizard of the Month

Slytherin Hufflepuff
AbbreviationMeaning AbbreviationMeaning
AotW Activity of the Week BPs Battle Points
CoS Chamber of Secrets CC Cedric's Clubhouse
CotW Chat of the Week DD Diamond Den
HoS Heir of Slytherin G&S Games and Sports
NHoS Noble Houses of Slytherin HH Helga's Hollow
SOUP Slytherin Obscene Underground Paper LHLoyal Huffie
SRPC Slytherin Roleplay Central PP Pomona's Prodigy
SSO Slytherin Shout-Outs SS Sprout's Study
TBP The Badger Publication
UH Ultimate Huffie


Books/Movies Classes
AbbreviationMeaning AbbreviationMeaning
SS Sorcerer's Stone AR Ancient Runes
PS Philosopher's Stone ARTH Arithmancy
CoS Chamber of Secrets ASTRO Astronomy
PoA Prisoner of Azkaban CoMC Care of Magical Creature
GoF Goblet of Fire CHA Charms
OotP Order of the Phoenix CWM Cooking with Magic
HBP Half-Blood Prince CUR Curses
DH Deathly Hallows DADA Defense Against the Dark Arts
DIVN Divination
Events FLY Flying
AbbreviationMeaning HEAL Healing
AJTT A Journey Through Time HERB Herbology
HI Hex Idol HoM History of Magic
HNTGD Hex's Next Top Graphic Designer HOG Hogwarts to 1997
IHC Inter-House Competition MiA Magic in Art
PI Project Ink MT&C Magical Trade & Commerce
RPF RP Factor MPSY MagiPsychology
MS Muggle Studies
Items MEM Medicinal Magic
AbbreviationMeaning POS or PMS Postmortem Studies
BBEFB Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans POT Potions
CCI Color Changing Ink THEO Theory
DK or Kiss Dementor's Kiss TRAN Transfiguration
DMP Dark Mark Pendant WECO Wizarding Economics
EFB Every Flavor Beans LAW Wizarding Law
Memos Interdepartmental Memos WLIT Wizarding Literature
MUBA Muggle Underwater Breathing Apparatus WLO Wand Lore
PJP Polyjuice Potion WNEC Wizarding Necessities
PPJP Problematic Polyjuice Potion
QQQ Quick-Quotes Quill Other
UCF Unopened Chocolate Frog AbbreviationMeaning
WC Wizard Cards Ad Advertisement
App Application
Positions Avvie Avatar
AbbreviationMeaning DE Death Eater
Admin Administrator EST Estimate
Asst. Assistant FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Coord Coordinator HP Harry Potter; Health Points; House Points
GD Graphic Designer HW Homework
GM Graphics Management Intro Introduction
Gmod Global Moderator MP Magic Points
HS Head Student OC Original Character
IM Item Management OOC Out Of Character
Mod Moderator Q&A Questions & Answers
SM Staff Member RE Random Event
TA Teacher's Assistant RL Real Life
RP Roleplay
Technology RPG Roleplay Game
AbbreviationMeaning SPSharepost
BBCode Bulletin Board Code UGREUser Generated Random Event
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
FB Facebook
HEX or Hex Hogwarts Extreme
HTML Coding Hypertext Markup Language
IG Instagram
PM Pottermore
URL Uniform Resource Locator (a link)

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