Allowed/Disallowed Words on HEX

Please note that some of the words below are graphic in nature. It is important, though, to establish and clearly define what words are and are not allowed.

The following words can never be used on this website in any form (including replacing letters with symbols):


The following words cannot be used in a sexual manner or toward others in a derogatory/attacking/offensive manner:

  • Shag
  • Cock
  • Bollocks
  • Penis/Vagina
  • Clit
  • Gay
  • Queer
  • Dyke
  • Slag *
  • Wanker *
  • Tosser *
  • Bastard *
  • Skank *
  • Bitch *
  • Hooker *
  • Slut *
  • Asshole *
  • Whore *
  • Shit *
  • Dick/Prick *
  • Twat *

* The only way the starred words can be used in an attacking manner is in a RP.

This is not a complete list of every word. Please keep in mind, you may not use any word in a derogatory/attacking/offensive or sexual manner outside of a roleplay.

Words with Exceptions
These words are only allowed when used in the proper form, as demonstrated below:

Proper usage, "The mechanic said I needed a new tranny for my car."
Improper usage, "He's such a tranny."

Proper usage, "The arms of the spider were moving in a spastic manner."
Improper usage, "You are such a spaz." "I don't hang out with him, he's too spastic."
Use of "spaz" or "spazz" are never acceptable. Spastic or spasm are acceptable only when describing a muscle movement in the medical sense.

Proper usage: "In WWII, the Nazis gained a lot of power in Germany."
Improper usage: "I'm such a grammar Nazi!"
Nazi is only allowed when used to talk about Nazis in relation to history, politics, or literature. You may not ever call yourself or another person a Nazi.

Proper usage, "The dam retarded the water."
Improper usage, "You are retarded." "My computer is retarded."

Proper usage, "The Pussycat Dolls are nifty."
Improper usage, "You are such a pussy."

Proper usage, "I smoked the fag on the lawn."
Improper usage, "You are such a fag."

Please note: Words used as ethnic or racial slurs are not allowed at any time.

We strive to make HEX an accepting atmosphere for all and we encourage all users to please be mindful of the words and phrases that they use. If you have any doubt or questions about the proper usage of words, whether on the above list or not, then please contact a member of Site Staff for clarification.