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Real Name: Bettina
Location: Germany
Join Date: March 6, 2021
Responsibilities: Magical Education, Multiples, Publications, Welcome Center
How do you spend your time when not on HEX? Apart from work? Reading, sleeping, beading, re-watching my favorite movies and shows, annoying... er... cuddling my kitty, cooking (and eating), procrastinating on housework...
How did you become interested in Harry Potter? Ooh, long story. Once upon a time, several decades ago, I was just the teensiest bit snobbish about this children's book series that got all that hype. This was around the time when Goblet of Fire was being released. But one day as I was standing in line in a bookshop (the line was annoyingly long), I just happened to be standing right next to a shelf with these colorful books and I thought I'd see wat all the hype was about, I read the first sentence, smiled, and was hooked. I kept reading until I was at the checkout counter, kept reading all the way to the bus stop, nearly got sick reading on the bus, and snuck back home quietly so no one would interrupt my reading when I got home. I only put down the book when it was done. And the rest is history, as they say.
Favorite movies: How can I choose just one? :O Let's see... The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, the original Star Wars trilogy, the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Bend it like Beckham, The Dish (a gem from Down Under), Shrek, Star Trek IV (well, ok, II, III and VIII are pretty good, too), Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, Das Wunder von Bern (a lovely German movie)
Favorite food: Chocolate. There may be life without chocolate, but is it worth living?
Fun Fact: I can't open my eyes under water. Literally can't.


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