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105 Members Online

Privacy Policy

HEX Logo HEX fully respects the privacy of its users and pledges to continually protect it by using the best means of technology available. This policy is provided as an informational tool for everyone. Please contact us if you have any questions through the "Contact" link located at the bottom of every page.

Operators / Contacting

HEX is ran by people across the world through electronic means. Therefore, means of contacting us can be achieved by clicking "Contact" at the very bottom of any page. Also, you may view everyone that is currently running HEX on the About Us page. The About Us page is always kept up to date with the latest staff information.

Information We Collect

We collect the following :

- Email Address
- First Name
- Date of Birth
- Location (can be just country)
- Gender
- IP Address
- Ad Blocking Status

How We Use the Information

Your email address is not displayed to any users, but simply used for verification in the event a password is forgotten. Occasional emails will also be sent out to all users to give everyone a general site update/status. In order to protect a child under the age of 13, we collect everyone's date of birth so we may prevent a child by means of PHP coding from accessing parts of the site that might be inappropriate to them. The age of every user on the website is displayed on the user info page, and forum posts for general informational purposes for other users. First names and locations are displayed in user infos, and also are a tool for us to see where our users are coming from. IP addresses are logged to protect everyone on the site. In the event a user is causing a large problem, the IP of the user will be reported to the appropriate authorities to keep the users of HEX safe. Your ad blocking status is simply noted and kept on file. This status is taken into consideration when looking at people for potential promotions, as well as to gauge one's commitment to the site as a whole.

How You Can Control Your Personal Information

Everything can be readily updated by you at anytime except date of birth and gender. Since your date of birth will never change and your gender will most likely stay the same, we do not let anyone readily change them. If you accidentally selected a wrong option during registration, simply use the owl system. to reach a staff member to have it changed.

Third Party Disclosing

HEX will never disclose any information to any third parties. All information is heavily encrypted so all information will be protected.

Links to Other Sites

Links to other websites exist on HEX and can mostly be found under "Links" on the navigation bar, and in the upper right hand corner of every page. It is your responsibility to understand that these links will exit you from HEX entirely, meaning we are no longer responsible.


Please view our COPPA Policy for information.

Updating of this Policy

If this policy is modified, a news post will be made on the main page or an asterisk will be put next to the link to this policy. It is your responsibility to notice these notifications.
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