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Real Name: Kianna
Location: California, USA
Joined Staff: March 6, 2021
Responsibilities: Caretaking, Magical Archives, Holidays, Magical Education, Customer Service, Quality Assurance
How do you spend your time when not on HEX? When am I not on HEX though? I’m a student so lots of studying but I also enjoy working out and just getting outside in general!
How did you become interested in Harry Potter? I read all seven books when i was seven and ever since I have been obsessed. My friends and I used to play as the characters and I was always Hermione. The complexity of the literature and storyline really mesmerized me!
Favorite movies: That’s a hard one. I’d have to say Your Name!
Favorite food: Everything! Perhaps sushi would be my favorite right now.
Fun Fact: I’ve been playing piano since I was 3 years old.


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