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Real Name: Mair
Location: Ohio, USA
Join Date: April 16, 2020
Responsibilities: Multiples/Account Management, User Experience, SOUP Editor
How do you spend your time when not on HEX? Mainly working, sleeping, and pretending (quite unsuccessfully) to adult. Oh, and rehearsing for one musical thing or another. You might also catch me writing, knitting, watching TV or playing point-and-click adventure games, sometimes all at once. /shifty
How did you become interested in Harry Potter? Back in 2000, one of my former children's choir students was reading a book - and she wasn't a reader, at all. I asked to see it to look at what she was reading. It was Sorcerer's Stone. She almost didn't get it back. I went and got the book from the library the next day. Two days after that, I went to the bookstore, bought all 3 books then out, and a week later had joined the impatient throngs waiting for Goblet of Fire's release. I haven't looked back since.
Favorite movies: Yes!
Favorite food: Pizza, chocolate, cheese, and anything covered in cream sauce
Fun Fact: I am a TrekWarsWhovianDragonrider from Pern.


21 Years of Magic
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