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Tonks' Wedding Ring

Lupin's Wedding Ring

Remus Lupin's Wand

Tonks' Wand

Remus Lupin's Boggart - Full Moon

Tonks' Patronus

Moony Plushie

Lupin's Suitcase

Lupin's Gramophone

Tonks' Auror Badge

Tonks' Pork-Pie Hat

Tonks' Portrait

Remus Lupin Portrait

Boggart In A Closet

Grindylow in a Tank

Enchanted Art Kit

Dumbledore's Podium

Thorned Rose

Gringotts Goblin Dagger

Gabrielle Delacour's Bridesmaid Dress

Divination Tea Cup

Trelawney's Tarot Cards

Trelawney's Orrery

Professor Trelawney's Shawl

Trelawney's Glasses

Bag Of Rune Stones

Egyptian Charm Box

Egyptian Incense Burner

Shredded Skin of Boomslang


Mortar and Pestle

Poisonous Candle (Green)

Chocolate Rose

Dark Mark Pendant

Black Family Locket

Black Family Silver Spoons

Black Family Silver Forks

Black Family Silver Knives

Slytherin Goblet

Malfoy Manor Playset

Lucius' Cane

Narcissa's Wand

Narcissa's Spider Earrings

Narcissa Malfoy Portrait

Silver Spider Charm

Bellatrix's Whip

Draco's Apple

Draco's Owl Plushie

Draco's Student ID


Snidget Plushie

Quidditch World Cup

Fairy In a Jar

The Ninja Kitten Action Figure

The Quibbler

The Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet Camera

JK Rowling's Signature

Lockhart's Signature

Lockhart's 'Get Well Soon' Card to Hermione

Autographed Magical Me

Magical Me, by Gilderoy Lockhart

Gilderoy Lockhart Portrait

Cornelius Agrippa Award for Awesome Authorage

Hairy Heart

Chimaera Eggs

Batik Egg

Butterfly Egg

Jade Egg

Cloisonne Egg

Henna Egg

Split Egg

Chevron Egg

Deathly Hallows Token

Gryffindor House Cup Tie Clip

Gryffindor House Cup Pendant

Gryffindor House Cup

Gryffindor Stocking

Gryffindor Easter Egg Charm

Gryffindor Abominable Plushman

Gryffindor Nargle Plushie

Gummy Nagini

Slytherin House Cup Pendant

Ravenclaw House Cup Pocket watch

Ravenclaw Shot Glass

Infinity Charm

Mermaid Charm

Gilded Rose

Peach Rose

Green Rose

Fancy Hippogriff Calendar

A Christmas Candle

Flag of Acceptance

HEXiversary Badge - Seven Years

Wedding Invitation

Cloud in a Jar

Ink Well - Squid

The Augusta Action Figure

The Aiden Jakorr Action Figure

The Caerial Action Figure

The Granger Girl Action Figure

The Heathermonique005 Action Figure

The Felica Action Figure

The Mandy Action Figure

The hpfan2006 Action Figure

The Jaessa Action Figure

The Jelek Action Figure

The Jenny Green Action Figure

The John Action Figure

The Kinken Action Figure

The Laila123 Action Figure

The Michy Action Figure

The MsErica Action Figure

The Rosmerta Action Figure

The Salazar Action Figure

The Sara Potter Action Figure

The PixieChickie Action Figure

The Motherof3 Action Figure

The Ninja Kitten Action Figure

The Sportzgrl33 Action Figure

The Sloan Action Figure

HEXiversary Badge - Eight Years

Draco's Teddy Bear

Gryffindor Cake Slice

Newt Scamander's Trunk

Newt Scamander's Wand

Poisonous Candle (White)


2017 Gryffindor Fedora

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