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Thornshield's Trophy Case

Thornshield owns all of these items.

The Sorting Hat


The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff

Spirit of Hufflepuff

McGonagall's Patronus

Minerva's Love Letters

McGonagall's Blackboard

Professor McGonagall's Hat

McGonagall's Walking Stick

McGonagall's Wand

Life-Sized Chess Piece

McGonagall's Brooch

McGonagall's Carpet Bag

McGonagall's Purple Megaphone

Tartan Tin

Professor McGonagall's Lace Handkerchief

McGonagall's Square Spectacles

Top Hat

McGonagall's Winter Bonnet

Nimbus 2000

Dragon Model - Portuguese Long-Snout

Dragon Model - Norwegian Ridgeback

Dragon Model - Romanian Longhorn

Dragon Egg

Dragon Model - Peruvian Vipertooth

Dragon Model - Antipodean Opaleye

Dragon Model - Common Welsh Green

Dragon Model - Swedish Short-Snout

Autographed Photo of Cedric

Cedric's Sweaty Tournament Shirt

Support Cedric Diggory Badge

Hufflepuff Scarf

Hufflepuff Tie

Hufflepuff Noise Maker

Madam Bones' Monocle

Hufflepuff Hourglass Charm

Gideon Crumb's Bagpipes

Kirley Duke's Guitar

Weird Sisters Guitar Pick

Weird Sisters Tickets

Harry's Flute

Advance Guard Brooms

Black Family China

Black Family Silver Forks

Black Family Silver Knives

Black Family Silver Spoons

Black Family Sealing Stamps

Black Family Locket

Hagrid's Christmas Rock Cookies

Hagrid Plushie

Hagrid's Riding Goggles

Furry, Fanged Wallet

Hagrid's Wooden Tankard

Hagrid's Copper Kettle

Hagrid's Daily Prophet Article

Hagrid's Giant Pumpkin

Hagrid's Pink Umbrella

Hagrid's Hut Playset

Furry, Fanged Wallet

Unicorn Plushie

Flying With The Cannons

Chudley Cannon Poster

Chudley Cannon Hat

Nearly Headless Nick Plushie

Fat Friar Plushie

Bloody Baron Plushie

Neville's Gum Wrapper

Trevor Plushie

Neville's List of Passwords

Augusta Longbottom's Handbag

Neville's Gum Wrapper Collection

Mimbulus Mimbletonia

Filch's Lantern

Beater's Bat



Branch of Gubraithian Fire

Elixir of Life

Alihotsy Draught

Acromantula Manuscript Page

Egyptian Charm Box

Enchanted Timeline

Sorting Hat Ornament

Peach Rose

Lily's Patronus

Painting of Fruit

Cedric's Triwizard Entry

Fleur's Triwizard Entry

Krum's Triwizard Entry

Albino Pygmy Puff

Pink Pygmy Puff

Jar Of Moonstones

Phoenix Tears

Tonks' Wedding Ring

Bill's Head Boy Badge

Bellatrix's Vault Key

Key to Vault 713

Shrinking Key

Goblin Key

Abandoned Swimtrunks

Floating Pumpkins

Seamus' Claddagh Charm

Four-Leaf Clover Charm

Lap Harp Charm

Gold Sun Charm

Shield Cloak

Shield Hat

Thorned Rose

Spiked Eggnog

Moody's Broomstick

Wand Weigher

Easter Basket Charm

Diricawl Plushie

Animal Model - Great Grey Owl

Animal Model - Snowy Owl

Pigwidgeon Plushie

Draco's Owl Plushie

Hedwig Plushie

Crookshanks Plushie

Crup Plushie

Bottled Loyalty

2016 Hufflepuff Glasses

Jade Egg

Hufflepuff Easter Egg Charm

Ravenclaw Easter Egg Charm

Gryffindor Easter Egg Charm

Slytherin Easter Egg Charm

Golden Bubbles

Slug Club Invitation


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