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Ninja Kitten's Trophy Case

Ninja Kitten owns all of these items.

I collect jeweled firecrab shells and Kids Playing Blocks.

HEXiversary Badge - Twelve Years

Time Turner

Original Marauder's Map

Triwizard Cup

Goblet of Fire

Blood of the Enemy

Diricawl Plushie

Diricawl Plushie

Diricawl Plushie

Diricawl Plushie

Diricawl Plushie

Diricawl Plushie

Mean Girls!

Riddle's Family Grave

Harry Potter's Memories

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw


Sweetheart Balloon

Quidditch World Cup

Regulus' Quidditch Robe

Madam Hooch's Whistle

Harry's First Snitch

Harry's Quidditch Robe

Nimbus 2001

Nimbus 2000

Beater's Bat



Quidditch Playset

Harry's Snitch Sweater From Molly

Quidditch Scrapbook

Slytherin Quidditch Poster

McGonagall's Purple Megaphone

Lee Jordan's Commentating Box

Broom Compass

Toy Broomstick

Snidget Plushie

Chudley Cannon Hat

Chudley Cannon Poster

Flying With The Cannons

Wood's Quidditch Chart

Oliver Wood's Quidditch Captain Badge

Oliver Wood's Stopwatch

Quidditch Arm Guard Set

Gryffindor Pennant

Hufflepuff Pennant

Ravenclaw Pennant

Slytherin Pennant

Old Boot Portkey

Irish Rosette

Ireland National Team Scarf

Irish Hat

Bulgarian Rosette

Bulgarian Scarf

Holyhead Harpies Tickets

Slughorn's Quidditch Tickets


World Cup Tickets

World Cup Firework

Quidditch Through the Ages

Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland

Kenmare Kestrels Quidditch Robes

Durmstrang Crest

Durmstrang Staff

Durmstrang Flag

Sweetheart Balloon

Lestrange Jeweled Goblet

Gryffindor Goblet

Hufflepuff Goblet

Ravenclaw Goblet

Slytherin Goblet

Barrel of Single Malt Whiskey

Beetle Berry Whiskey

Berry Ocky Rot

Case of Ogden's Fire Whiskey

Floating Champagne

Floating Champagne Glass

Hagrid's Amber Liquid

Hagrid's Wooden Tankard


Mulled Wine

Special Drink (clear liquid)

Spiked Eggnog

Sweetheart Balloon

Enchanted Rose

Umbridge's Kitten Plate

Crookshanks' Gringotts Pawprints

The Ninja Kitten Action Figure

McGonagall's Patronus

Dolores Umbridge's Patronus

Crookshanks Plushie

Black Cat Plushie

Mrs. Norris' Collar

Pink Kitty Plushie

Dolores' Cat Collared Shrug

Educational Decree No. 21

Acromantula Plushie

Baby Dragon Plushie

Baby Norbert Plushie

Black Cat Plushie

Chick Plushie

Crup Plushie

Erumpent Plushie

Ferret Plushie

Fire Slug Plushie


Peacock Plushie

Pink Kitty Plushie

Sabertooth Badger

Thestral Plushie

Transfigured Rabbit-Frog Hybrid

Trevor Plushie

Sweetheart Balloon

#4 Privet Drive Playset

Harry's Patronus

Harry's Wand

Harry's Head Auror Badge

Hedwig Plushie

Undesirable No. 1 Poster

Harry/Hermione DP Article

Harry's Photo Album

Picture of Harry and James

Harry's O.W.L. Grades

Harry's Glasses

Autographed Photo of Harry

Harry Potter Portrait

Harry's Watch


Harry's First Hogwarts Letter

Ministry of Magic Warning Letter

Harry's Owl Mobile

Mokeskin Pouch

Harry's Big Box of Merchandise

Harry's Sweater

Hogsmeade Permission Slip

Slug Club Invitation

Dumbledore's Army Portrait

Secret Keeper's Note

Ministry of Magic Badge

Key to Vault 713

Delacour's Chocolates to Harry

Harry Potter Plushie

Harry and Ron's Crystal Ball

Sweetheart Balloon

Ludo's Wand

Leprechaun Gold

Leprechaun Doll

Veela Doll

Wizarding Tent

Cedric's Triwizard Entry

Fleur's Triwizard Entry

Harry's Triwizard Entry

Krum's Triwizard Entry

Support Cedric Diggory Badge

Dragon Model - Common Welsh Green

Dragon Model - Swedish Short-Snout

Dragon Species Card - Hungarian Horntail

Dragon Model - Chinese Fireball

Golden Egg

Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean

Mermaid Window

Mermaid Necklace

Grindylow Plushie

Merperson Plushie

Merperson Trident

Yule Ball Invitation

Weird Sisters Tickets

Fleur's Yule Ball Dress

Harry's Dress Robes

Ginny's Yule Ball Dress

Ron's Dress Robes

Hermione's Yule Ball Dress

Hermione's Earrings

Angelina Johnson's Yule Ball Purse

Pansy's Yule Ball Dress

Sphinx Plushie

Dog Bone

Sweetheart Balloon

Maxime Plushie

Beauxbatons Horse Plushie

Madame Maxime's Carriage

Maxime's Wand

Maxime's Perfume

Flowers for Maxime

Alastor Moody Portrait

Foe Glass

Moody's Trunk

Moody's Hip Flask

Professor Moody's Spiders

Diggory Family Portrait

Viktor Krum Action Figure

Krum's Wand

Viktor Krum Portrait

Sweetheart Balloon

Bill's Sweater

Bill's Wand

Bill's Head Boy Badge

Bill's Earring

Wedding Invitation

Bill and Fleur's Wedding Cake

Shell Cottage Playset

Phlegm Every Flavor Bean

Fleur Delacour Portrait

Fleur's Wand

Fleur's Hairbrush

Fleur's Wedding Ring

Fleur's Wedding Dress

Fleur's Bouquet

Ginny's Bridesmaid Dress

Gabrielle Delacour's Bridesmaid Dress

Hermione's Dress

Fleur's Perfume

Fleur's Medal of Bravery

Shell Cottage Tea Pot

Fleur's Shell Cottage Oven

Bill and Fleur's Teapot

Wine Goblet from Shell Cottage

Shell Wind-Chime

Sweetheart Balloon

Kids' Playing Blocks

Arthur's Remington Noiseless Portable Typewriter

Arthur's Sweater

Molly's Sweater

Molly's Clock

Molly's Self-Stirring Cauldron

Charlie's Sweater

Charlie's Quidditch Captain Badge

Dragon Model - Norwegian Ridgeback

Percy's Sweater

Dragon-skin Coat

Fred and George's Wardrobe

Fred's Sweater

George's Sweater

Blood Blisterpod

Fainting Fancy

Fever Fudge

Nosebleed Nougat

Puking Pastille

Patented Daydream Charm

Rubby O'chicken

Pigwidgeon Plushie

Ron's Sweater

Ron's Teddy Bear

Ron's Shooting Star

Ginny's Sweater

Weasley Sweater

Albus Potter's School Trunk

Rose Weasley's School Trunk

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Sweetheart Balloon

Hogwarts Express Model

2007 Glasses

Gryffindor 2007 Glasses

Hufflepuff 2007 Glasses

Ravenclaw 2007 Glasses

Slytherin 2007 Glasses

2016 Gryffindor Glasses

2016 Hufflepuff Glasses

2016 Ravenclaw Glasses

2016 Slytherin Glasses

Bottled Courage

Bottled Cunning

Gryffindor House Egg

Hufflepuff House Egg

Ravenclaw House Egg

Slytherin House Egg

Gryffindor Dreidel

Hufflepuff Dreidel

Ravenclaw Dreidel

Slytherin Dreidel

Gryffindor Shot Glass

Hufflepuff Shot Glass

Ravenclaw Shot Glass

Slytherin Shot Glass

Tree of Daring

Tree of Patience

Tree of Wisdom

Tree of Ambition

Tree of Nobility

Tree of Treachery

Tree of Unity

Lion Ice Sculpture

Badger Ice Sculpture

Eagle Ice Sculpture

Snake Ice Sculpture

Hogwarts Snow Globe

Gryffindor Snow Globe

Hufflepuff Snow Globe

Ravenclaw Snow Globe

Slytherin Snow Globe





Christmas Badger Plushie

Christmas Lion Plushie

Christmas Eagle Plushie

Christmas Snake Plushie

Gryffindor Plushie Egg

Hufflepuff Plushie Egg

Ravenclaw Plushie Egg

Slytherin Plushie Egg

Nearly Headless Nick Plushie

Fat Friar Plushie

Grey Lady Plushie

Bloody Baron Plushie

Peeves Plushie

Gryffindor House Beads

Hufflepuff House Beads

Ravenclaw House Beads

Slytherin House Beads

Gryffindor Snowman

Hufflepuff Snowman

Ravenclaw Snowman

Slytherin Snowman

Gryffindor House Jumper

Hufflepuff House Jumper

Ravenclaw House Jumper

Slytherin House Jumper

Gryffindor Earmuffs

Hufflepuff Earmuffs

Ravenclaw Earmuffs

Gryffindor Mittens

Hufflepuff Mittens

Ravenclaw Mittens

Slytherin Mittens

Ravenclaw Hat

Gryffindor Snuggle Mug

Hufflepuff Snuggle Mug

Ravenclaw Snuggle Mug

Slytherin Snuggle Mug

Gryffindor Scarf

Hufflepuff Scarf

Ravenclaw Scarf

Slytherin Scarf

Gryffindor Sled

Hufflepuff Sled

Ravenclaw Sled

Slytherin Sled

Gryffindor Wreath

Hufflepuff Wreath

Ravenclaw Wreath

Slytherin Wreath

2017 HEX Fedora

2017 Gryffindor Fedora

2017 Hufflepuff Fedora

2017 Ravenclaw Fedora

2017 Slytherin Fedora

Hufflepuff Candy Cane

Hufflepuff Voodoo Doll

Hufflepuff Noise Maker


Hufflepuff Sparkler

Ravenclaw Sparkler

Slytherin Sparkler

Gryffindor Nargle Plushie

Hufflepuff Nargle Plushie

Ravenclaw Nargle Plushie

Slytherin Nargle Plushie

Gryffindor Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Ravenclaw Abominable Plushman

Slytherin Abominable Plushman

Gryffindor Remnant Plushie

Hufflepuff Remnant Plushie

Ravenclaw Remnant Plushie

Slytherin Remnant Plushie

Gryffindor Teddy Bear

Hufflepuff Teddy Bear

Ravenclaw Teddy Bear

Slytherin Teddy Bear

Rainbow Feather Boa

Gryffindor Feather Boa

Hufflepuff Feather Boa

Ravenclaw Feather Boa

Slytherin Feather Boa

Gryffindor Tie

Hufflepuff Tie

Ravenclaw Tie

Slytherin Tie

Shattered Gryffindor Hourglass

Shattered Slytherin Hourglass

Gryffindor Hourglass

Hufflepuff Hourglass

Ravenclaw Hourglass

Slytherin Hourglass

Gryffindor Gnome

Hufflepuff Gnome

Ravenclaw Gnome

Slytherin Gnome

Grinch Gnome

Dancing Badger

Hufflepuff's Wand

Spirit of Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Truffle

Sweetheart Balloon

Pride Bear

Tom Riddle's S.A.S.S Award

Gryffindor House Cup

Gryffindor House Cup Tie Clip

Ravenclaw House Cup (2003)

Ravenclaw House Cup Bookmark

Ravenclaw House Cup Necklace

Ravenclaw House Cup Day Planner

Ravenclaw House Cup Pocket watch

Ravenclaw House Cup Badge

Ravenclaw House Cup Chess Set

Slytherin House Cup Pendant

Sweetheart Balloon

Inquisitorial Squad Badge

Interdepartmental Memos

Invisibility Cloak


Ludo's Wand

Sweetheart Balloon

Sirius' Wand

James' & Sirius' Two-Way Mirrors

Sirius' Permission Letter

Gold Wizard Card - Severus Snape

Snape's Memories

Snape's Tree of Sanctuary

Snape's Potion Dagger

Snape's Patronus

Lily's Patronus

Lily's Comb

The Potter's Memorial Sign

Lupin's Wedding Ring

Moony Plushie

Wormtail Plushie

Sweetheart Balloon

Gold Crabapple Tree

Hermione Plushie

A Jar of Blue Flames

Hermione's Arithmancy Homework

Hermione's Beaded Purse

Dumbledore's Army list

Hermione's Cake to Harry

Hermione's Christmas Dress

Hermione's Christmas Necklace

Hermione's Pass to the Restricted Section

Hermione's Red Crystal Earrings

Hermione's S.P.E.W. Hats

Hermione's Stolen Scarf

Homework Planner

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Sweetheart Balloon

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Sweetheart Balloon

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets UK

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban UK

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire UK

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix UK

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince UK

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows UK

Sweetheart Balloon

Metamorph Medal

Gringotts Bank Playset

Frying Pan

Kreacher's Nest

Kreacher's Gift

Kreacher's Quilt

Silver Snuffbox

Violetta Black's Butterfly Comb

Bellatrix's Corset

Bellatrix's Whip

Bellatrix Lestrange's Wanted Poster

Bellatrix's Wand

Bellatrix's Vault Key

Draco's Apple

Draco's Origami Bird

Draco's Owl Plushie

Draco's Quill

Draco's Student ID

Draco's Teddy Bear

Draco's Wand

White Peacock Feather

Malfoy Manor Playset

Malfoy Family Crest

Lucius' Azkaban Plate

Azkaban Prison Playset

Stabbed Diary of Tom Riddle

Basilisk Fang

Basilisk Skeleton

Basilisk Venom

Chamber of Secrets Entrance

Secrets of the Darkest Art

Voldemort's Wand

Death Eater Badger

Cursed Child Script

Sweetheart Balloon

Dean Thomas's Boggart - Disembodied Living Hand

Padma Patil's Boggart - Giant Cobra

Parvati Patil's Boggart - Bloodstained Mummy

Ron Weasley's Boggart - Giant Spider

Seamus Finnigan's Boggart - Banshee

Sweetheart Balloon

The John Action Figure

The Aarony02 Action Figure

The Bosnimf Action Figure

The hpfan2006 Action Figure

The iPod Action Figure

The Kailyn Action Figure

The Kinken Action Figure

The Kubo Degelo Action Figure

The Pokie1 Action Figure

The Rosmerta Action Figure

The Sara Potter Action Figure

Sweetheart Balloon

A Handcrafted Ollivander's Wand

Aquamarine Rose

Befuddlement Draught

Birthday Scepter

Blaise's Pocket Watch

Boggart in a Dresser

Brooms and Basilisks

Bouquet of Tulips

Braided Friendship Bracelet

Broken Prophecy

Candy Animals

Cerulean Spiked Seahorse

Chocolate Rose

Classic Gobstone Set

Crookshanks' Jailbird Hat

Daphne Greengrass' Hairbrush

Dumbledore's Pensieve

Dumbledore's Tomb

Flitwick's Cupcakes


Gellert Grindelwald's Wand

Ghost Carolers Music Sheet

Gilderoy Lockhart's Wand

Giraffe Painting

Goblin Key

Gold Quill 2015

Green Rose

Holly Wreath

Jar Of Moonstones

Lion Cub Plushie

Live White Mice

Lottery Card (Retired)

Luna's Friend Mural

Luna's Paint-Splattered Apron

McGonagall's Brooch

Muggle Conversation Contraption

Newt Scamander's Wand

Occamy Egg

Orchid Bouquet

Patil Twins' Birthday Tiara

Pile of Emeralds

Purple Rose

Regeneration Potion

Rita Skeeter's Handbag

Rita In a Jar

Shimmering Silver Salt Drops

Solid Gold Gobstones

Syrup of Hellebore

Thorned Rose

Time Chamber Clock

Umbridge's Door

Wolfsbane Potion

Wood Nymph

Xenophilius' Necklace

Sweetheart Balloon

Blue Luminous Balloon

Green Luminous Balloon

Orange Luminous Balloon

Purple Luminous Balloon

Red Luminous Balloon

Yellow Luminous Balloon

Blue Glitter Ornament

Gold Glitter Ornament

Green Glitter Ornament

Borgin and Burkes Sign

Knockturn Alley Sign

Bag of Candy Eyeballs

Jeweled Firecrab Shell

Lightning Bolt Pumpkin

A (Ansuz) Pumpkin

Ng (Ingwaz) Pumpkin

E (Ehwaz) Pumpkin

L (Lagus) Pumpkin

A (Ansuz) Pumpkin


Errol Plushie

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