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KatieBeth's Trophy Case

KatieBeth owns all of these items.

Flying Daggers

McGonagall's Patronus

McGonagall's Blackboard

McGonagall's Tartan Dress

Minerva's Love Letters

McGonagall's Wand

McGonagall's Brooch

Professor McGonagall's Hat

Minerva McGonagall Portrait

McGonagall's Walking Stick

Life-Sized Chess Piece

McGonagall's Winter Bonnet

Tartan Tin

McGonagall's Carpet Bag

Professor McGonagall's Lace Handkerchief

McGonagall's Square Spectacles

McGonagall's Purple Megaphone

Tea Leaves

Enchanted Teaset

Earl Grey Tea Every Flavor Bean

Bill and Fleur's Teapot

Biting Teapot

Shell Cottage Tea Pot

Cup of Tea

Glass of Tea

Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop Sign

Divination Tea Cup

Gryffindor Snuggle Mug

Gryffindor Shot Glass

Gryffindor Goblet

Gryffindor Ruby

Gryffindor Hourglass

Shattered Gryffindor Hourglass

Gryffindor Hourglass Charm

Gryffindor Rhinestone Charm

Gryffindor Snowflake Charm

Gryffindor Easter Egg Charm

Gryffindor Voodoo Doll

Gryffindor House Beads

Gryffindor 2007 Glasses

2016 Gryffindor Glasses

Gryffindor Sparkler

Fake Sword Of Godric Gryffindor

Gryffindor Menorah

Gryffindor Dreidel

Gryffindor Scarf

Gryffindor Mittens

Gryffindor Winter Cloak

Gryffindor Santa Hat

Gryffindor Wreath

Gryffindor Candy Cane

Gryffindor Sled

Gryffindor School Uniform (Girls)

Gryffindor Teddy Bear

Gryffindor Nargle Plushie

Gryffindor Abominable Plushman

Gryffindor Remnant Plushie

Gryffindor Feather Boa

2017 Gryffindor Fedora

Gryffindor Tie

Gryffindor House Jumper

Gryffindor Stocking

Gryffindor School Uniform (Boys)

Gryffindor Quidditch Robe

Gryffindor Hat

Gryffindor Noise Maker

Gryffindor House Egg

Gryffindor House Cup Pendant

Gryffindor House Cup Tie Clip

Gryffindor House Cup

Gryffindor Ornament

Gryffindor Snow Globe

Gryffindor Plushie Egg

Luna's Lion-Topped Hat

Lion Ice Sculpture


Sphinx Plushie

Christmas Lion Plushie

Lion Cub Plushie

Newt Scamander's Trunk

The Podlet Action Figure

Mockingjay Token

HEXiversary Badge - Seven Years

Ludo's Wand

Earthworm Every Flavor Bean

Gryffindor Cake Slice

Gryffindor Men's Masque

Gryffindor Pennant

50 Pence Piece

Gryffindor Gnome

Gryffindor Women's 2007 Tiara

Fang Plushie

Gryffindor Earmuffs

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