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John's Trophy Case

John owns all of these items.

Resurrection Stone

Invisibility Cloak

Elder Wand

The Lost Sorcerer's Stone

Peach Rose

Luna's Necklace from her Mom

Diary of Tom Riddle

Gaunt Family Ring

The Locket of Salazar Slytherin

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw

The Unintentional Horcrux


The Sword of Rowena Ravenclaw

Original Marauder's Map

Pumpkin Fountain

Sourceless Light

Painting of Fruit

HEXiversary Badge - Sixteen Years

Lily's Wand

Lily's Patronus

Lily's Letter

Lily's Fishbowl

Lily's Ugly Vase

Snape's Tree of Sanctuary

Snape's Riddle Potions

Snape's Memories

Snape's Gargoyle Fountain

James' & Lily's Wedding Cake Charm

Picture of Harry and James

Newt Scamander's Wand

Dragon Model - Portuguese Long-Snout

Gellert Grindelwald's Wand

Chamber of Secrets Entrance

Death Veil


Screaming Snakes Hair Potion

Malfoy Manor Playset

Enchanted Music Box

Albino Pygmy Puff


Time Turner

Graduation Wand

Grand Pepperup Potion

Sorting Hat Ornament

JK Rowling's Signature

Peeves' Hat

Dumbledore's Patronus

Aberforth's Patronus

Snape's Patronus

Harry's Patronus

Luna's Patronus

Hermione's Patronus

Rare Chess Set

Picture of the Marauders

Movie Poster

HBP Poster

Deathly Hallows Poster

Dobby's Headstone

Stained Glass Egg

Dementor's Kiss

Special Drink (clear liquid)

Birthday Cake

Crystal Ball

Slughorn's Holiday Potions

Gryffindor Shot Glass

Hufflepuff Shot Glass

Slytherin Shot Glass

Ravenclaw Shot Glass

Spiked Eggnog


Gringotts Bank Playset

Shell Wind-Chime

Wine Goblet from Shell Cottage

Unicorn's Blood

Gurdyroot Infusion




Lily's Self-Blooming Flower

Umbrella Flower

Enchanted Rose

Thorned Rose

Yellow Rose

White Rose

Blue Rose

Pink Rose

Green Rose

Black Rose

Gilded Rose

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Rose Oil


Bolt-Shooting Clock

The Damnable Nutcracker

Hex 2009 Tree

The iPod Action Figure

Puking Pumpkin

Christmas Spirit

Everlasting Candle

Kelis - Milkshake single

Crookshanks and Missy Elliott Album

Crookshanks' Mugshot

Crookshanks Wanted Poster

Crookshanks' Ransom Note

Enchanted Window

The Aarony02 Action Figure

The Anacrusis Action Figure

The Michy Action Figure

The Motherof3 Action Figure

The Nefarious Black Action Figure

The Ninja Kitten Action Figure

The Podlet Action Figure

The SofiaR Action Figure

The Tutu Alyssa Action Figure

The Rajrag Action Figure

Tree of Wisdom

Tree of Daring

Dumbledore's Tree

Ravenclaw House Tree

Great Hall Tree

HEX 2008 Ornament

HEX 2010 Ornament

Hex 2011 Ornament

HEX 2012 Ornament

Yellow Ornament

Hogwarts Ornament

Ravenclaw Ornament

Toy Broomstick

Exploding Vase

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows UK

The Weasley Clock

Biting Doorknob

Floating Champagne

Floating Champagne Glass

Dark Mark Pendant

Hogwarts Express Conductors' Pocket watch

Everlasting Icicles

Hermione's Wedding Ring

A Handcrafted Ollivander's Wand

Neville's Wand

Flitwick's Wand

Ravenclaw's Wand

Wormtail's Wand

Slytherin Sparkler

Ravenclaw Party Hat

Ravenclaw Men's Masque

Ravenclaw Stocking

Ravenclaw 2007 Glasses

Ravenclaw Candy Cane

Ravenclaw Tie

Slughorn's Piano

Trevor Plushie

Hippogriff Plushie

Ron's Teddy Bear

Kappa Plushie

Aunt Marge Plushie

Fluffy Plushie

Albus Dumbledore Remembered Article

Ravenclaw House Cup Bookmark


Easter Lilies

Blue Raspberry Giggly Jigglies

Tangerine Giggly Jigglies

Magical Snowflake

Santa Stop Here Sign

Christmas Tree Fairy Lights

Muggle Christmas Lights

Reindeer Poster

Snow In A Jar

The Original Snowman

Snake Ice Sculpture

Eagle Ice Sculpture

Lion Ice Sculpture

Badger Ice Sculpture

Flirting Fancies

Entrepreneur In You

Dark Mark Poker Chip

Enchanted Timeline

Quidditch Box

Peacock Plushie

Ravenclaw House Cup (2003)

Deathly Hallows Token

Enchanted Cupcake

Butterbeer Every Flavor Bean

Pumpkin Pie Every Flavor Bean

Bag of Jelly Eggs

Glass Egg (Color Swirl)

Butterfly Egg

Split Egg

Exploding Snap

Dobby's Portrait of Harry

Black Taper Candle

Skeletal Sweets

Spindle's Black Licorice Spiders

Quirrell's Smelling Salts

Percy's Glasses

Death Eater Portrait

Coastal Flying Seahorse

Dragon Rider's Saddle

Cool Whip!

Pyramid Relic

Trelawney's Orrery

HEX 2014 Ornament

Trelawney's Dream Catcher

Wizarding Piggybank

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Dragon Model - Antipodean Opaleye

Dragon Model - Hebridean Black

Grinch Plushie

Sugared Butterfly Wings

Neville's Pointed Purple Crystal

Draco's Apple

Flag of Acceptance

Spiked Flying Seahorse

Portrait of the Fat Lady

Knight Bus

Snape's Drama Draught

Harry's Owl Mobile

Bust of Rowena Ravenclaw

Slytherin House Playset

Floating Lanterns

Fairy Wings

Fairy In a Jar

Model of the Solar System

Moaning Myrtle Plushie

Animal Model - Great Grey Owl

Animal Model - Snowy Owl

2016 Ravenclaw Glasses

Talking Mirror

HEX 2015 Birthday Cake

HEX 2015 Birthday Balloon

Crookshanks Plushie

Gold Wizard Card - Severus Snape

Snape's Storeroom Key

Moonseed Poison

Floating Pumpkins

Shell Cottage Playset

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