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Artemis Eve's Trophy Case

Artemis Eve owns all of these items.

Wood's Quidditch Chart

Nimbus 2001

Quidditch Playset

Nimbus 2000

Madam Hooch's Whistle



Beater's Bat


Quidditch Arm Guard Set

Harry's First Snitch

Charlie's Quidditch Captain Badge

Broom Compass

Holyhead Harpies Tickets

Rosmerta's Brooms

Advance Guard Brooms

Moody's Broomstick


Bulgarian Scarf

Bulgarian Rosette

Viktor Krum Action Figure

Regulus' Quidditch Robe

Ballycastle Bats Quidditch Robes

Kenmare Kestrels Quidditch Robes

Irish Rosette

Snidget Plushie

Chudley Cannon Hat

Chudley Cannon Poster

Flying With The Cannons

Quidditch Through the Ages

Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland

Quidditch Scrapbook

Enchantment in Baking

From Seven to Thirteen

Magical Me, by Gilderoy Lockhart

Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit

Toadstool Tales

Secrets of the Darkest Art

Screaming Book

Restricted Section Book

Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean

Autographed Magical Me

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Twelve Foolproof Ways to Charm Witches

Flitwick's Gradebook

Ron's Potions Book

Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy

Madam Pince's Log Book

Snatchers' List

Mudbloods Pamphlet

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Witch Weekly

The Adventures of Martin Miggs

The Daily Prophet

Albus Dumbledore Remembered Article

Wizard Career Test Results

Plimpy Soup Recipe

Page 394

Acromantula Manuscript Page

Enchanted Timeline

Auror's Map

Ravenclaw's Wand

Ravenclaw Hourglass

Rowena's Maps Of Hogwarts

Rowena's Quill

Bottled Wit

Ravenclaw Sapphire

Ravenclaw Library Card

Ravenclaw Writing Set

Ravenclaw House Cup Badge

Ravenclaw House Cup Day Planner

Ravenclaw House Cup Bookmark

Ravenclaw House Cup Quill

Ravenclaw House Cup Pocket watch

Ravenclaw House Egg

Ravenclaw Winter Cloak

Ravenclaw House Jumper

Ravenclaw Earmuffs

Ravenclaw Scarf

Ravenclaw Hat

Ravenclaw Mittens

Ravenclaw Tie

Ravenclaw Abominable Plushman

Ravenclaw Nargle Plushie

2016 Ravenclaw Glasses

Ravenclaw Dreidel

Ravenclaw Shot Glass

Ravenclaw Party Hat

Ravenclaw Candy Cane

Ravenclaw Noise Maker

Ravenclaw Menorah

Ravenclaw Wreath

Ravenclaw Snowman

Ravenclaw House Tree

Tree of Wisdom

Ravenclaw Ornament

Gryffindor Ornament

Hufflepuff Ornament

Slytherin Ornament

Hogwarts Ornament

Red Glitter Ornament

Blue Glitter Ornament

Light Blue Ornament

Pink Ornament

Orange Ornament

Green Ornament

Purple Ornament

Blue Ornament

Flying Santa Ornament

Muggle Ornament

HEX 2012 Ornament


Magical Tinsel

Luna's Christmas Dress

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Santa's Hat

Santas Sleigh

Reindeer Antlers

Rudolph Plushie

Christmas Panda

Magical Snowflake

Frosty the Snowman

The Original Snowman

Muggle Christmas Lights

Dementor's Mistletoe

Nargle-Infested Mistletoe

Luminous Holly

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Flowers for Maxime

Peach Rose

White Rose

Yellow Rose

Purple Rose

Black Rose

Gilded Rose

Chocolate Rose

Bouquet of Lilies

A Handcrafted Ollivander's Wand

Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spell-Casting

Phoenix Pendant

Dumbledore's Wand

Branch of Gubraithian Fire


Dragon In a Cage

Dragon Fire Repelling Shield

Fire-Breathing Chicken

Exploding Snap

Exploding Vase

Autographed Photo of Cedric

Autographed Photo of Harry

Autographed Photo of Luna

Blackboard With Rude Words

Trelawney's Orrery

Bill's Head Boy Badge

Model of the Solar System

Quirrell's Smelling Salts

Wizarding Piggybank

Alihotsy Draught

Dragon Charm Box

Solid Gold Gobstones

Tea Leaves

Pygmy Puff

Pygmy Puff Carrier

Ron's Teddy Bear

Deathly Hallows Token

HEXiversary Badge - One Year

HEXiversary Badge - Two Years

HEXiversary Badge - Three Years

HEXiversary Badge - Four Years

HEXiversary Badge - Five Years

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