All About Lauren [Under Construction]

Hello everyone! I'm Lauren, if you're here then I'm sure you've seen me around lurking somewhere. Some basic random tidbits about me

  • I'm 27, married, and have no kids (yet!)
  • I work at a community college - I used to run specialized study sessions for chemistry and upper level math (like calculus) but now I'm a supervisor.
  • I get sick/out of sorts frequently due to stupid things like 'mint triggering migraines' and 'neurological disorder being rude'
  • My favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black.
  • I strongly dislike Severus Snape. Fight me.
  • My hair has been most colors and lengths you can imagine, including bald!
  • I don't have a true favorite animal, but I definitely favor elephants, crows, and otters.
  • I may be a Ravenclaw, but my favorite stone is emerald.
  • If I give a gift here, I'd prefer someone sell/trade the gift in favor of something they do want instead of having it collect dust!

HINT Forums: June 2016 - present
Lead Caretaker (Library): July 2017 - present
Junior Staff: August 2018 - present

Global Moderator: July 2017 - August 2018

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