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Fav Quotes:

"Jarvis, sometimes you gotta run before you can walk."
-Tony Stark, Iron Man

"Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood"
-William Howard Taft
About Me:
Hello, I go by either my user name, Ragna, or my real name, Janelle. I've been on HEX since December 2017 and have been enjoying every minute of it! I enjoy writing whatever comes to mind. Want to ask me something? Owl me! :D



O'er moonlit waters
Through shadowed forests
Past misty valleys
Under mountains dark and deep
I shall meet you
At journey's beginning

HEX Areas

+ A&G GMod
+ Daily Prophet Co-Editor
+ Groundskeeper GMod
+ Jr. Caretaker
+ Slytherin Prefect
+ Slytherin Cheer SKWAD
+ SOUP Co-Editor