About Me

Hello to all! I suppose I should start out by introducing myself. I'm Nicole (as you can see, I'm quite creative with usernames), but you can also call me Nikki (quite a few people do). I've been on HEX for SIX!! *gasp* years now. I can't believe it has been that long! I feel that I've grown so much since I first joined. I've learned how to RP here, and everyone has helped me to improve my writing and graphic skills. Other than that, Slytherin is awesome, and everyone should become a Snake. /shifty

Friends' Comments

Vally: Nicole, I've had so much fun getting to know you. You're easy to talk to and it seems like we have a lot of similar interests. We should totally meet up in Korea someday and get some jajangmyeon or tteokbokki. I've seen that you're kind to everyone and that you're a really talented writer. I'm glad we met.

mermaid7girl: Nicole is the best. That is all. -Lia

Lhaize: So Nicky.... Nicky is that fab person you can rely on. I've known her for two years and she doesn't change, still cool and amazing as ever. I remembered how I first met her, she was this cool person that I felt intimidated with. I didn't try to talk to her at first because of that reason. Maybe the numbers 2-0-1-3 on her username was to be blame. My impression changed when I came to know her better as a person. She's sweet and kind and is always there, willing to help. Congrats for being a mod and please stay fab! Naaooo, I feel intimidated again

Brit: Nicole!
I can't say when we first met cause my brain refuses to remember that far back. I do remember snippets though. Like the death eater club we were all in. But life just simply got busy. I think the first thing that I really liked about you, without getting to know you was our common location. Then again, I liked to stalk people that were from the same state as me. Anyway, you are an awesome friend. You always respond..at some point. You bring joy and excitement when there is not much to be found.

Samantha Bradley: Nicole is very dedicated and does a lot for this site. She also seems like a really great person and friend!

crushed: I've had the privilege of working with Nicole in the HINT forums and house teams, and all I've got to say is I'm very thankful I met her Hardworking and prompt and never fails to be there for stumbling n00bs (yep I did use that) like me. She's nice, helpful, and sweet overall.

Ninja Kitten: Nicole is one of my newest friends. We've only really begun to scratch the surface in terms of getting to know one another, but I can already see how loyal and dedicated she is. Her hard work and determination is one of the many reasons HEX just keeps getting better and better.

Sophia Oceanborn: Haaaai, Nicole!
We've worked together since... SOUP, I think? Wow, that's a lot. Well, I'm happy to have met you cause you're friendly and fun to be around. ^^ And it's great working with you toooo. You're a cool person.


Slytherin CR

  • The Sisterhood of Witches Club Staff Member (2011-2014)
  • Muggle Studies 5 TA; Arithmancy 4 TA (2012-2013 Term)
  • Heir of Slytherin (January 2013)
  • SOUP Writer (March 2013-Present); SOUP Manager (July 2013-2014)
  • History of Magic, Charms, DADA 2 TA (2013-2014 Term)
  • Slytherin Quidditch Team (2013-2014 Term)
  • Info Forums/HINT Mod (November 2013)
  • Director of WWN (Early 2014-Present)
  • Slytherin Head Student (end of 2013-2014 Term)
  • Slytherin Head of House (Summer 2014 Term)
  • Potions Grads TA (2014-2015 Term)
  • Global Mod Promotion (October 2014)
  • SOUP Co-Editor, with Tyler/Phoenix101 then with Erikka/erikkagrey (2015-Present)
  • RP Factor 2015 (Made it to Round 2)
  • HEX's Next Top Graphic Designer 3.0 - 2015 (Made it to Round 1)
  • Slytherin Head Student (Summer 2015 Term)
  • Slytherin Quidditch Team Co-Captain with Emi/NightMogano16875 (Start of 2015-2016 Term)
  • Junior Staff Promotion (March 2016)
  • Staff Member Promotion (July 2016)
  • 2nd Place/Silver Medal in the Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming Roleplay Contest in the HEX Games 2016.
  • RP Factor 2016 - Top 15
  • Order of Merlin (September 2016)
  • Slytherin Quidditch Team Co-Captain with Emi/NightMogano16875 (2016-2017 Term)
  • Slytherin Assistant Head of House (winter term 2016-2017)
  • Roleplay Teaching Center - Panelist for Exams (2017)
  • 3rd place in the Summer Event - Seen & Unforeseen roleplaying contest "Something Worth Fighting For" with Erin (snakesnitch43)
  • 1st place (Death Eaters) in the Summer Event - Seen & Unforeseen scavenger hunt contest "Can You Escape?"


Current obsessions include spicy food, Assassin's Creed, and Monsta X's Beautiful.