Part time traveller...

... Full time Cat Lady!

So this is my profile, I guess. And I assume you're here because you want to know more about me. I promise I'm really not that interesting so I'm not sure why you decided to click here in the first place...
Okay, so my name is Vera and I was born on June 10th (1993, the best year!) which also a national holiday in Portugal. I like to think it's a national holiday because of me
I'm a pharmacist but I actually want to be a full time traveler since it's what I love to do the most. Cat lover, 20 questions MVP, avid book reader, ISTJ-T.

Things I did

Ravenclaw Hot Seat :: June 9th-15th
Eagle of the Month :: July 2019
Archives Apprentice :: July 2019 - November 2019
TA Y4 Cooking With Magic/Y5 Healing/Y6 Astronomy/Y7 MagiPsychology :: 2019/2020 Term
Ravenclaw Newbie Network Mentor :: August 2019 - Present
Eighteenth Special Award for Services to the Welcome Center
Groundskeeper :: September 2019 - Present
HEX Mentor :: September 2019 - Present
Welcome Center Mod :: November 2019 - Present
Top Snap Earner
Magical Archivist :: November 2019 - Present
Ravenclaw Prefect :: 2019/2020 Term until March 2020
Artwork of the Month :: User Spotlight
HINT Mod :: February 2020 - Present
Ravenclaw Head Student :: 2019/2020 Term after March 2020
Top Fifteen :: Hex Next Top Graphic Designer 5.0
Graphic Designer Trainee :: April 2020 - Present

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what people say

“i met vera in her podcasts thread and in a span of a few months, not only did she become one of my closer friends. she became somewhat of a sister. she's sweet and all types of lovely. vera is a good chat and is a supportive friend. i love to chat with her and she's always been someone i know i can count on. you're the best <3 i'm proud to be mini vera”
~ @karylle

“vera is fun, dramatic and generous. she's insanely hilarious, and stalks my avvies, lol. she's always there to cheer you up if you're sad and very welcoming to her army gang. she can also make you sob all over your keyboard with her kindness. DDD:< I love you. <3 #proudvera”
~ @toni

“vera gang is the reason why i exist! vera is fun and quite chatty she was one of my first friends on hex and she's one of the few that actually appreciates my puns. she deals with my dumbass and will always be there for you! I LUB U VERAA <3 -clevera aka raine”
~ @reminiscent

“I appreciate your kindness very much. You are always up for meeting and chatting with new people, and you make them feel welcome and involved. You have kind of pulled me out of a state of not-chatting and thanks to you, I have met an incredible amount of amazing people (including you). Thank you for being you. You are awesome <33”
~ @Enyra

“Vera is extremely charismatic and sneaky. she is a power hungry tyrant but everyone loves her anyway. she is the rare person who wouldn't be more cooler with a motorbike and leather, as she's at that level already. her artistic eye is also way beyond comprehension. <3 Vera is such a fun person, for everyone. she surrounds herself with a welcoming and energetic atmosphere, and she makes people happy. no wonder she loves sunflowers so much. #BikerVera”
~ @WhitneyFrost

“There's no better person to lead a gang than Vera! She is so kind and amazing to talk to, so much so that I always get sad in the evenings when she's asleep and not online. I am so glad I know pepperoni pizza loving, iconic gif posting, beautiful avvie wearing, cat owning Vera and I mean how cool is it that I can say I know someone from Portugal?! - Katie aka Dancer Vera”
~ @Katie Kitty

“Vera is a really amazing and caring person. She’s friendly to anyone and everyone really, and won’t hesitate to come chat with you. She’s really fun to be around and really cheery. If you ever see her around you should go jump in to chat with her and you definitely won’t regret it ^^”
~ @FoxRiver

“Verish = adorable, squishable, kind-hearted, generous, welcoming, sweet, hard-working, open-minded, impressively chatty, beautiful”
~ @Joan dArc

“Vera is okay.”
~ @Aurora

“Vera is a Vera.
Veras are amazing.
Therefore, Vera is amazing.
There :look:”

~ @FiFi123

“Vera is vera amazing :look:
Sometimes I wish I could be as amazing as her~
Keep being amazing! <3”

~ @Luna

“Vera is sweet and friendly :look:
and i like her gang
*slips pizza in pocket* /shifty”

~ @Niini666

“i can vera-fy that vera is amazing! and so are her bots. she's always vera fun to chat with. - broadway vera”
~ @roseweasley1103

“When I met Vera, without a title to her name, I predicted she would go on to great things on HEX, and she has not disappointed in the slightest. Now here she is, collecting site positions like wizard cards but still making time for everybody. Vera is absolutely one of the kindest, warmest, and consistently optimistic people on the site, and my life has been greatly improved just by knowing her.”
~ @TheQuartermaster

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