Driven by Passion, Bound by Loyalty
Heya, I'm Jina. And that's not entirely true as my real name actually is Cornelia, but most people can't seem to remember that name, that's why I go with an adaption of my username while online. What to say about me? I'm from Switzerland and honestly, I'm really grateful to live in such a peaceful country. When I'm not sleeping, I work in retail, in a grocery store to be exact, which holds me off HEX for about 42 hours per week. As you might already figured out by the pictures, I'm a sports nut! Call me crazy, but I'm one of those freaks who wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Super Bowl or a hockey game of the New York Rangers. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. My first love are the Grasshopper Club Zurich, which is my football team. My second love are the ZSC Lions, which are my ice hockey team in Switzerland. Olympics are like paradise for me as I can watch sports all day long, no matter what sport, really. What more to say about me? Well, I'm a completely awkward person. I have the weirdest accidents. I joined HEX to improve my English. And my sisters made me read Harry Potter and therefore are guilty of me being a Potterhead now.
HEX Mentor
Welcome Center Mod
Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Member
TA for Wizarding Necessities Year 1
TA for Transfiguration Year 2
TA for Potions Year 4
Universal Ravenclaw 2014
Top Student 13/14
Top Student 14/15
Top Student 15/16
Former Social Chair for RGD House Pegasus
Former Contest Coordinator for RAK
Former Mediator within the Newbies Rock! Society
Former TA for many classes
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