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All about the mouse...

People ask me why my username is icemousey. Well, I'll tell you. In high school, I was on a now-defunct Harry Potter message board called Fandom. It was there that I created the username icemousey.

I wanted something to refer both to me and to Harry Potter. Maybe something candy-related? I listed canon candies in my head. Chocolate frog? Taken. Jelly slug? Too icky. I found a list online of candies mentioned in the books. Fizzing whizbees? Sounds too much like a fart.

Then it hit me. Ice mice. Cute! I could be Ice Mouse. Except that username was taken.

Skunked again.

But wait! My life-long partner in crime, Mousey, was staring at me from beside my monitor.

It was at that moment that icemousey was born.

When I came to HEX it was natural that I'd reuse the username I'd so painstakingly chosen. And, after a month on the site, I discovered the item of my dreams -- ice mice.