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Hi there, I guess you've found your way to my profile! The name's Tatiana, but feel free to call me Tati or Puppy. Other cute nicknames acceptable.

Hmm, what to tell you? I'm a qualified proofreader and linguist, and my dream to is open a games store. I spent the first 18 years of my life doing little else besides reading, and I'm obsessed with dice and fantasy worlds. I graduated from university with a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, minoring Theatre and Classics. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, but I'm actually getting somewhere with my current cyberpunk work. I'd like to be published one day.

I was born in Scotland but moved to New Zealand when I was eight. I live with my wife, my toddler and our cats Eevee and Björn. We're a happy, healthy, non-conforming-to-stereotypes family, and although money is tough I wouldn't be anywhere else. There's so much love in our little house and I'm determined to grow the happiest child I can. My sexual orientation has been very fluid and confusing, but right now I'm identifying as an autistic lesbian.

My hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons, music, baking, writing, anime, Skyrim and of course, Harry Potter! I have the sweetest tooth you ever saw and I would happily sleep 23 hours a day. I'm obsessed with anything cute and pink, and also with galaxy and animal prints. I play D&D weekly with a tight-knit group, and my favourite archetype to play is a stealthy striker. I have an embarrassingly large crush on Emma Watson.

Click >> here << for a sample of the kind of music I love

Scorpio sun, Cancer moon | INFJ+T | Persephone archetype | Tattoo babe | Cat lover | Colourful hair | Bookworm | Serial overachiever | Unapologetic feminist


The Adventures of Merlin | Attack on Titan | Avatar: the Last Airbender | The Belgariad | Captain Marvel | Castle | Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency | Fairy Tail | Firefly | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Gentleman Jack | Harry Potter | His Dark Materials | Howl's Moving Castle | The Hunger Games | The Infernal Devices | Lord of the Rings | Orphan Black | Pirates of the Caribbean | River God | RWBY | Sense8 | Skulduggery Pleasant | Sword Art Online | Thor: Ragnarok | Twice | Uglies | Vikings | Wynonna Earp

Warning: major spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

The Adventures of Merlin
Favourite character: Gawaine
OTP: Merlin + Arthur
Character I hate? Uther Pendragon
Top quote:
Arthur: I warn you, I've been trained to kill since birth.
Merlin: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?
Arthur: You can't address me like that!
Merlin: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat... my lord?

Best moment: When Arthur drinks the poisoned chalice to save Merlin.
Did I cry? A few times... maybe a lot of times. When Guinevere was cleansed and loved Arthur again. At the end of season 5 >:(

Attack on Titan
Favourite character: Mikasa Ackerman
OTP: none
Character I hate? Rico Brzenska
Top quote:
Conny: What did you just wipe on me?
Jean: My trust in other people.

Best moment: Eren plugging the hole in the wall.
Did I cry? I think I was mostly too shocked to cry, but also I cried.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favourite character: Toph
OTP: Ty Lee + Mai
Character I hate? Fire Lord Ozai
Top quote:
Toph: Look, there it is! That's what it will sound like when one of you spots it.*waves hand in front of eyes*
Best moment: Zuko psyching himself up to join the good guys and trying to decide what Iroh would say.
Did I cry? I don't think so.

The Belgariad
Favourite character: Polgara
OTP: Beldin + Vella
Character I hate? Chabat, Asharak
Top quote:
Belgarath: I hate you.
Beldin: No you don't, you're just saying that to make me feel better.

Best moment: Durnik's rebirth.
Did I cry? Yes, of course I did.

Captain Marvel
Favourite character: Carol Danvers
OTP: Carol + Maria
Character I hate? Cat-caller biker dude
Top quote:
Fury: Can you fly this thing?
Carol: Let's see.
Fury: That's a yes or no question!

Best moment: Carol's shaka moment when she gets in the plane.
Did I cry? No, but I literally screamed and clapped in the theatre.

Favourite character: Dr Lanie Parish
OTP: Castle + Beckett
Character I hate? Jerry Tyson
Top quote:
Lanie: Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean nobody else can see it!
Beckett: (walking away) Shut uuuuuup!
Lanie: Mm-hmm.

Best moment: Beckett finally admitting how she goddamn feels!
Did I cry? At that moment, yes.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Favourite character: Bartine Curlish (Project Marzanna)
OTP: Farah + Amanda
Character I hate? Suzie Boreton
Top quote:
Mona: Why would I turn into a silly bear? If I wanted to kill you, I would just turn into an aircraft carrier and destroy this whole place.
Best moment: Rainbow monster claiming Dirk as her Bibbit.
Did I cry? I don't think so.

Fairy Tail
Favourite character: Mavis
OTP: Lucy + Levy
Character I hate? Angel, Sugar Boy
Top quote:
Lyon: There's nothing stronger than a Fairy Tail wizard at the height of his conviction.
Best moment: Erza coming back from literal death because her friends protect her.
Did I cry? I cry every time I hear the emotional theme at this point like I've been conditioned okay.

Favourite character: Zoe Washburn
OTP: Mal + Inara
Character I hate? Aetherton Wing
Top quote:
Mal: Mercy is the mark of a great man. *stabs* But maybe I'm just a good man. *stabs* Eh, I'm alright.
Best moment: Saffron realising she was triple-crossed.
Did I cry? Not during the series, but yes during Serenity.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Favourite character: Izumi Curtis
OTP: Roy + Riza
Character I hate? Gluttony
Top quote:
Roy: It's a terrible day for rain.
Riza: What do you mean? It's not raining.
Roy: Yes. It is. *tear falls*
Riza: ...Oh. So it is.

Best moment: Roy's fight with Lust.
Did I cry? Yeah, I cried during that crazy finale.

Gentleman Jack
Favourite character: Old Mrs Rawson
OTP: Ann(e)
Character I hate? Christopher Rawson
Top quote:
Anne: Oh, you thought I would be softer?
Jeremiah: I thought you would be more reasonable.
Anne: Well. Now you know me better.

Best moment: Ann laughing after they're caught kissing.
Did I cry? Not yet, but then I'm not finished.

Harry Potter
Favourite character: Hermione Granger
OTP: Sirius + Remus
Character I hate? Severus Snape, Dolores Umbridge, all Death Eaters
Top quote:
Harry: You don't have to call me sir, Professor.
Best moment: Harry's first quidditch game.
Did I cry? I always ugly-cry when I get to the Great Hall death sequence.

His Dark Materials
Favourite character: Serafina Pekkala
OTP: Lyra + Will
Character I hate? Lord Boreal
Top quote:
Ghost:Even if it means oblivion, friends, I'll welcome it, because it won't be nothing. We'll be alive again in a thousand blades of grass, and a million leaves; we'll be falling in the raindrops and blowing in the fresh breeze; we'll be glittering in the dew under the stars and the moon out there in the physical world, which is our true home and always was.
Best moment: Iorek winning his fight.
Did I cry? I sometimes cry when Will's father dies, and I always cry when Lee makes his last stand with Hester. I cry when Lyra has to leave Pan behind. And I cry the most when Will and Lyra have to say goodbye in the end.

Howl's Moving Castle
Favourite character: Wizard Howl
OTP: Howl + Sophie
Character I hate? Madame Sulliman
Top quote:
Howl: Sorry, I've had enough of running away, Sophie. Now I've got something I want to protect. It's you.
Best moment: When Howl showed Sophie her garden and she was young again.
Did I cry? Probably, let's be real.

The Hunger Games
Favourite character: Cinna
OTP: Finnick + Annie
Character I hate? President Snow
Top quote:
Katniss: So when he asked "You love me. Real or not real?" I said "Real".
Best moment: When the wedding dress turned into the mockingjay dress.
Did I cry? When Finnick died, and when Prim died.

The Infernal Devices
Favourite character: Will Herondale
OTP: Will + Tessa
Character I hate? Nathaniel
Top quote:
Will: And I am- I am catastrophically in love with you.
Best moment: When Tessa became the angel.
Did I cry? I cried so much when Jem died that my friend walking past simply sat next to me, took the book from my hands, and held me until I calmed.

Lord of the Rings
Favourite character: Aragorn
OTP: Legolas + Gimli
Character I hate? Grima Wormtongue
Top quote:
Legolas: I feel a slight tingling in my fingertips.
Gimli: What did I tell you? The boy can't hold his liquor! *collapses*

Best moment: The beacons sequence.
Did I cry? I usually cry while Boromir is confessing to Aragorn.

Orphan Black
Favourite character: Cosima Niehaus
OTP: Cosima + Delphine
Character I hate? Virginia Coady
Top quote:
Felix: I have to change. Fetch me something gay.
Best moment: Helena's labour scene.
Did I cry? Several times, notably when I thought Delphine was dead and when Siobhan died.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite character: Captain Jack Sparrow
OTP: Will + Elizabeth
Character I hate? Cutler Beckett
Top quote:
Jack: A jar of dirt?
Tia: If you don't want it, give it back.
Jack: No. It's my jar of dirt.

Best moment: Elizabeth becoming the pirate king.
Did I cry? No.

River God
Favourite character: Tanus
OTP: Tanus + Lostris
Character I hate? Lord Intef, Rasfer
Top quote:
Taita: You are wounded.
Tanus: No, my friend. I am killed.

Best moment: The final battle, in which the Hyksos are running sick horses.
Did I cry? I always ugly-cry when Tanus dies.

Favourite character: Neo
OTP: Blake + Yang
Character I hate? Cardin Winchester, Mercury Black
Top quote:
Nora: If it tastes the same coming up as it did going down, there's something wrong!
Best moment: Qrow's drunken entrance after finding Ozpin.
Did I cry? I binged the entirety of Season 3 in an evening and then cried for several hours.

Favourite character: Sun Bak
OTP: Nomi + Neets
Character I hate? Whispers, Lila Facchini
Top quote:
Will: Shit, four guards!
Sun: Is that all?

Best moment: Wolfgang's rocket launcher. Both times.
Did I cry? Yes. A lot.

Skulduggery Pleasant
Favourite character: China Sorrows
OTP: Tanith + Ghastly
Character I hate? The Torment, Eliza Scorn
Top quote:
Skulduggery: I'm placing you under arrest for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and, I don't know, possibly littering.
Best moment: When Darquesse un-Remnants Tanith.
Did I cry? Yes. Lots of brutal deaths.

Sword Art Online
Favourite character: Yui
OTP: Kirito + Asuna
Character I hate? Kuradeel, Sugou
Top quote:
Asuna: If we make it back to the real world I'll find you again, and fall in love with you again.
Best moment: When Yui calls Asuna and Kirito "Mama" and "Papa".
Did I cry? Multiple times, but most when Yui is erased.

Thor: Ragnarok
Favourite character: Loki Laufeyson
OTP: Valkyrie + her girlfriend
Character I hate? none
Top quote:
Korg: Well, I tried to start a revolution, but didn't print enough pamphlets. So hardly anyone turned up, except for my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate.
Best moment: When the Grandmaster wants to compliment Valkyrie and Topaz calls her trash.
Did I cry? Only from laughter.

Favourite song: Breakthrough
Bias: Sana
OTP: I don't really like shipping real people but it's reaaally hard not to ship Sana and Dahyun
Top quote:
Sana: Dahyun-unnie says we've been dating for three days.
Best moment: Cheese kimbap!
Did I cry? Only from cuteness. (Also this sounds like I only like Sana but holy heck I adore all of them)

Favourite character: Tally Youngblood
OTP: Tally + David
Character I hate? No
Top quote:
Shay: Face it, Tally. You're special.
Best moment: When Aya's story broke.
Did I cry? When Zane died.

Favourite character: Lagertha Lothbroke
OTP: Ragnar + Lagertha
Character I hate? Aslaug, King Horik
Top quote:
Aslaug: Why does everybody want to be like Lagertha?
Porunn: *hesitates*
Aslaug: It's okay, I do too.

Best moment: When Ragnar bursts out of the coffin and loots Paris.
Did I cry? Quite a lot.

Wynonna Earp
Favourite character: Doc Holliday
OTP: Wynonna + Doc
Character I hate? Willa
Top quote:
Doc: My dear, whatever makes you think you are mine?
Best moment: Doc's note. I am all in. (Can I just say... this reads like I only care about WyDoc, but I would die for most of the other characters too...)
Did I cry? Best believe I cried like a lil bitch when they sent Alice away.



My sisters, Krysal and Beth.

My daughters, Lexa and Jan.

My owner, Mel.

And of course my love, my Lyra.

You might see me acting or talking like a fox a lot. Don't be alarmed - there is a human behind my screen. The human just wishes she was a fox.

This seems like a good place to thank my friend Binx for their help in the coding aspect of my profile: thank you, for this, but for so much more.


My wand is Cherry and Kitsune whisker, 12 and a half inches, surprisingly swishy.
Cherry wands possess a particularly centred energy. A feminine wood associated with earth, it is often best at healing, romantic and spiritual magics. Cherry helps to keep a level head, promoting focus and grounding the user in the here and now. These wands amplify the natural magic of the wielder. Despite their gentle and peaceful manner, cherry wands possess truly lethal power, whatever the core. Cherry wand owners will fight on a day to day basis for what they believe in, which is one of the reasons for this wand’s reputation of choosing warriors. These people do not mind going into a field that is challenging for them or their magic, as long as it is something that makes them feel passionate and alive. When performing magic, this wand emits sparks of white and various pinks. A soft cherry blossom scent lingers around this wood.

Kitsune whisker wands search for an owner that is just as playful as they. Adhering to a schedule does not suit them, and they resent being forced into one. They are intelligent people, just not the most externally motivated. Subjects they thrive in are those that interest them the most. Though they are independent and do as they please, these witches and wizards are also faithful to the core. They like to dote upon their loved ones and are great listeners to their problems. They are capable of great unrequited love, and always repay the favors they owe others. Owners of kitsune whisker wands often have large appetites. It is one of the best cores for transfiguration and shapeshifting. Nine to five jobs are highly uncommon though for kitsune whisker owners, as an overly structured work day and environment chokeholds their creativity and ingenuity. Soft pearl-like orbs float of this wand when performing spell work. This wand is trailed by the scent of bonfires and orchids.

A stone of the heart, rose quartz brings out the owner’s tenderness and compassion. It reminds the owner to treat everyone with care, and helps them to be a nurturing force. Rose quartz stimulates the imagination, softens and soothes the pangs of a broken heart, and eases feelings of jealousy and envy. It promotes creating closer and more intimate bonds and aids in cooperation in group efforts. Magics to do with healing, beautification, masking, enchantments, romance, and dreams are all boosted by rose quartz. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Rose quartz also inspires art, music and the written word. As a stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, rose quartz is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination.

My patronus is the playful fox.

The fox is a natural trickster, and brilliantly charismatic. Those with this patronus are often more reserved, but do have the social capability to speak to just about anyone. They are strongly ambitious and observant of the behaviour of others, watching key points in what others do and storing them for further reference, when they may need them. They are good talkers, meaning they can convince people to do what they want and make them think it was their idea in the first place.

Foxes are quick, intelligent and strongly ambitious. Although they are known for their cunning nature, they are very charismatic and easy to love. If your Patronus is a fox, you have an ability to think outside of the box and act quickly during emergency situations. Possessing an incredible amount of wisdom, foxes make for an excellent teacher to guide you through the obstacles of life.

I play Chaser on the house team, where I also serve as Co-Captain.

Quidditch is my favourite thing about Hogwarts and I tried out for the team as soon as I was able. After a small blip at tryouts I made the team and have played in several matches. As above, Chaser is my position of choice, but I'm also partial to the role of Seeker. In all honesty, though, I'm happy as long as I'm out there and flying.

I fly a Yajirushi racing broom, which were unveiled by the Japanese international team for the 2014 World Cup. Not much is known about these brooms except that they perform like a dream and surpass everything that came before them. Mine is ebony with sugar maple twigs.

My animagus form is also the fox.

A witch intending to become an animagus must follow these steps. 1. Scrying for one's form. With the incantation Revelo animalis a mirror shows the caster's true form among many animals. 2. Individual transfigurations. Spells must be found and modified to transfigure every part of the caster's body safely from human to animal form and back again. 3. Potion. This difficult brew takes twelve weeks to create. Its purpose is to unify all the individual transfigurations, and allow them to happen both simultaneously and wandlessly. 4. Incantation. The caster must repeat the phrase Amato Animo Animato Animagus each sunrise and sunset, and once again after drinking the potion to unlock their new form.


Positions I have held on Hex include Hufflepuff Prefect, Magical Archivist, Daily Prophet Columnist, and Quidditch Captain.

I won MVP in my first Quidditch match for the house team, and was named the tenth-highest House Point earner on Hex in my first term.

I have also won a few other accolades, such as...

Of course I made sure to complete my economy training like a good little Hexian...

And I've been recognised a few times by my lovely housemates:

A cookie for ShadyXZ, JamesSiriusRemus, and Faithful Puppy for their constant presence in Diamond's Den since it opened.
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for lending her writing skills for Helga's Chosen Rounds 3, along with be a constant support and for being constantly involved with the task at hand.
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for starting unofficial forum based chats in all the subforums. It is a great idea to make the forums more active and I heartily appreciate the move.
I would like to give a Cookie to Faithful Puppy for being patient with me (and everyone) and being a calming presence when I needed it.
I would like to give a cookie to AimNorth, Faithful Puppy, and K8ekt for have a Hufflepuff sweep in HINT! 11k points all in one contest!
I would like to give Cookies to the IHC Team - callen8black, Faithful Puppy, K8ekt, jfs12. I am so proud of you for all the hard work you did in order to win wooohoooo! and Hufflepuff is truly lucky to have all of you <3
Cookies, Cookies, and lots more Cookies to AimNorth, callen8black, K8ekt, Faithful Puppy, Katie Errol & RouxPuddlefoot, for being part of the top 30 point earners in HEX. Your efforts to win the House Cup is truly appreciated, and you are all rockstars!
I would like to give a cookie to BiologicallyBeth, Faithful Puppy, MoccaMarie, AimNorth, ShadyXZ and EchoKey174 for doing such a good job with the Celestial Secrets event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and you should all be proud!
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy Tati is the most warm, wonderful person I have had the pleasure of talking to on HEX. She is so welcoming, and really made me feel like a part of Hufflepuff. I'm so glad to have met her!
I would like to give a giant cookie to BiologicallyBeth, Faithful Puppy, MoccaMarie, AimNorth and ShadyXZ for doing such an awesome job as prefects this term. They made being a prefect a blast. Thank you for keeping me sane these past 6 months. Love you guys.
I'd like to give a cookie to BIologicallyBeth and Faithful Puppy for being incredibly supportive people. You two are such rays of sunshine, I love it.
Cookies! Lots of Cookies to AimNorth, BiologicallyBeth, EchoKey174, Faithful Puppy, and ShadyXZ. Team Awesome, I grew up as a Huffie and a HEXian with you, and I will always thank all of you for giving me lots of awesome memories. <3
I'd like to give a cookie to BiologicallyBeth, MoccaMarie, and Faithful Puppy for all the hard work they put into running the fantastic beasts event. It's been so much fun and such a wonderful event.
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for always being really sweet. She is a very open and honest person which instantly draws one towards her.
I would like to give a cookie to Sasuke Uchiha and Faithful Puppy for being supportive to me when I needed a helping hand.
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for brightening up my day by sending me sweet roses ❤
I would like to give a Cookie to Faithful Puppy for being a supporting friend, a role model around the house who participates in so many things, and being a total superstar princess!
I'd like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy. for being such a great team player and stepping up in her role as Quidditch Captain!
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for always having an open mind and liberal outlook. I love the way you allow for two extremes of belief by different people and still amiably cling to your own balanced view point. It is a true treat to read your posts in discussions
I'd like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy. for all the HPs she's raked in! It's truly impressive, love!
I would like to give a Cookie to both Bruce and Faithful Puppy for their help in the Quidditch Team forums with my RP practises.
I'd like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy for working on a brilliant Quidditch in character chat thread. Love you!
I would like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy and Darya for being such caring friends by always supporting me when I'm upset. Thank you both so much. <3
I'd like to give a cookie to Faithful Puppy and Krysal for always being up for a chat even when I disappear for days on end. It really means a lot you two.
I would like to give a cookie to FaithfulPuppy and Krysal for always being supportive listeners, not just for me, but for new members as well.
I would like to give Cookies to the Badgers who welcomed me back lovingly - EchoKey174, BiologicallyBeth, Krysal, Faithful Puppy, Aelis Marie, Bruce, Koumori72, kboop374, Katie Belby JamesSiriusRemus, Eric Diggory (who makes sure I get enough sleep :joy: ), jfs12, Cait, K8ekt, Miss Padfoot, Alyssa Whitten, Pasiphae_, anecdote.. Oh gosh I hope I didn't miss anyone :joy: You are all the reasons why I always keep coming back to HEX and you really bring sunshine to our house!
I would like to give Coookies (and energy shakes!) to Faithful Puppy, Shelbeth, and MusicalChairs! for all the hard work in making sure our Quidditch Team is alive and kicking woot woot! Thank you for being our Quidditch Captains and for training all our players. Go Badgers!
Cookies to luvzdeidara,TreegirlRosie, Faithful Puppy, and Nyctolust for helping me with my conflict, I appreciate y'all supporting me when I really needed it. *hugs*
I would like to give a cookie to FaithfulPuppy for being such an open and friendly person to talk to and also for so responsibly leading our Huffie Quidditch team :)
A Cookie for Faithful Puppy for being a super patient Quidditch Captain and not giving up on us! Love yeee <3
A big batch of cookies for our Hufflepuff Quidditch Team! TreegirlRosie, Faithful Puppy, luvzdeidara, siriuslywinchester, Aelis Marie, Lilyanabell, Shelbeth, Katie Belby, LunaStardust, MoccaMarie, and Bruce. You all did a fantastic job this month and made our house proud. Great job!
I would like to give a Cookie to both Faithful Puppy and Shelbeth for the way they led us and encouraged us as a team during our Quidditch game this month. They are amazing individuals and we are so lucky to have them as our captains.
Lots of cookies to Faithful Puppy, TreeGirlRosie, siriuslywinchester, Shelbeth! Shucccks I don't know if I could have survived my first Quidditch match without all of you, I learned a lot and my heart really was racing through time then lololol. And more cookies to my Quidditch peeps - Aelis Marie, Lilyanabell, luvzdeidara, LunaStardust, Katie Belby, Desiree Snow, Bruce... Congratulations on a wonderful first match! ll the brainstorming, everything, we truly worked had for it



What is it?
A developmental disorder which affects concentration among other things.
Am I officially diagnosed?
No. I have been told I do not have it by a psychology student. I am unsatisfied with her reasoning, and intend to seek specialist help once I can afford it.
How does it affect me?
- Inability to focus. I struggle to stay on task with things like studying, and find it difficult to begin tasks and projects.
- Restlessness. I can't sit still without fidgeting, and have been known to bite my lips until they bleed.
- Hyperfixation. Most of the time, I am obsessed with something - a topic, a project, a song. This is the opposite to the lack of focus that afflicts me most of the time; once I hyperfixate on something, I will devote every moment to it until it passes, and I will eschew sleep in its favour. These hyperfixations can last anywhere from a day or two to a week or more.
- Rejection sensitive dysphoria. I become paranoid that people hate me over even the smallest perceived 'rejection'.

This has been with me since early childhood. My parents don't believe it, since I'm not hyperactive.
How bad is it?
I find it hard to complete normal, necessary tasks of adult life.
How can I treat it?
I am waiting on Ritalin, a stimulant which helps sufferers focus and become more productive.


What is it?
A lung condition that affects the airways.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes. I was diagnosed when I was 21, to the horror of my doctor.
How does it affect me?
- Shortness of breath. After mild exertion or in cold weather, I become wheezy and unable to breathe deeply.
- Winter cough. I get a cough which wakes me every night for several hours, and often attacks me during the day.

My parents tell me I was tested when I was 3, but was deemed not to be asthmatic. I have always had these symptoms.
How bad is it?
My case is milder than a lot of people. I have never been hospitalised for it.
How can I treat it?
I have two inhalers. The blue one is restorative, and helps me when I feel an attack coming on. The red one is preventative, and I use it when I have been suffering for several days at a time.


What is it?
A developmental disorder relating to social skills and communication among other things.
Am I officially diagnosed?
No, and I probably never will be. Those not diagnosed as children find it difficult to get a diagnosis later in life.
How does it affect me?
- Emotions. I experience emotions more intensely than most people, anger and fear but also joy.
- Language. My use of language has always been more advanced than that of my peers and most adults.
- Mental. Some of my mental functions seem below average for my age while others are surprisingly mature.
- Routines. I find it distressing to make even small changes to my routine, particularly at short notice.
- Sensory. There are certain physical sensations, tastes, sounds etc which are intolerable to my senses. I am far more aware of background noise than, say, someone trying to speak to me.
- Social. Relationships are difficult for me and until my mid teens I struggled to understand simple social cues.

Autism is my most complicated condition, and I have a more detailed outline of it here.
I have always been this way. My parents don't believe it. They either never noticed, or refused to. They were always very proud of having such 'normal' children.
How bad is it?
Autism is a spectrum disorder, and words like "mild/severe" or "high/low functioning" are actually damaging to those of us who have it. Suffice to say it significantly hampers my ability to function 'normally' in today's society.
How can I treat it?
Therapy, though it remains to be seen how effective this will ever be. If I had been diagnosed as a child, I may have had more treatment options. Mostly, I teach myself painstakingly how to live with it.


What is it?
An eating disorder wherein one regularly eats more than their recommended calorific amount.
Am I officially diagnosed?
It's harder to diagnose bingeing than other eating disorders, but my doctors agree that I have a problem.
How does it affect me?
- Weight. I am overweight (with all the health problems entailed) and struggle to lose weight.
- Low self worth. As a result of my lack of control over myself, I have terrible body image and a lot of self-loathing.

I spent a lot of time on my own as a child, and boredom was a big problem for me. I ate to fill those holes, and I ate my feelings.
How bad is it?
I am defined as medically obese.
How can I treat it?
Lifestyle changes including healthy eating and exercise. Which is about as easy as cutting my own arms off.

Borderline Personality Disorder

What is it?
A personality disorder which affects my emotional stability.
Am I officially diagnosed?
No, I haven't found a moment to bring this up yet.
How does it affect me?
- Mood swings. It is difficult to control my emotions, and they can change rapidly and unpredictably.
- Self-destructive behaviour. I often do things or fail to stop myself from doing things that are directly harmful to me, such as overeating.
- Poor relationships. I struggle with relationships, and often have a lot of paranoia or fear about the people closest to me.
- Emptiness. A feeling that something is missing/nothing is real, and nothing can ever quite dispel it.

This condition is definitely tied up in other disorders, so it's difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on with it.
How bad is it?
It affects me deeply. Every test I have taken scores me in the high 'severe' range and directs me to seek a medical opinion.
How can I treat it?
I don't know yet. I assume therapy is the answer.


What is it?
A nebulous condition characterized by muscle and joint pain.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes, tentatively. It's currently the best explanation we have.
How does it affect me?
- Constant pain. Some days it is merely an ache, while others I am bedridden. This occurs in my back, shoulders and neck, knees, elbows, hips, shoulder blades, ankles, and feet. I am also often very stiff, especially after waking up.
- Crippling fatigue. No matter how long or how deeply I sleep, I always wake up tired. I struggle to sleep during the night at all.
- Headaches. I experience such painful headaches that it has been suggested I get migraines, but I don't get the other migraine symptoms most of the time.
- Abdominal pain. I have an excess of gas, and inconsistent bowel movements, which cause my great stomach irritation. I am also prone to urinary tract infections.
- Dry mouth. My mouth and also my eyes are sometimes dry no matter how much water I drink or how often I brush my teeth. This results in bad breath, lowering my self esteem.
- Mental illness. My anxiety, depression, and some other mental conditions may be caused or worsened by this condition.
- Poor circulation. My hands and feet quickly go numb whenever I stop moving, and are prone to numbness or pins and needles.
- Other numerous smaller problems like forgetfulness, nausea, difficulty swallowing and heightened stress.

I had problems with my joints as a child, and the pain started in a chronic nature in my late teens. I've been through several doctors, all of whom have been flummoxed by my symptoms and lack of response to treatments.
How bad is it?
I am never in no pain - on a regular pain scale, I don't typically dip below a four. Some days, though, it's all I can do to shuffle to the bathroom without needing to curl up and cry.
How can I treat it?
There's no cure for fibromyalgia, though I can hope that with proper treatment I can lessen or control the symptoms. Exercise, reducing stress, therapy and medication are the treatments, with differing levels of success in different patients. Exercise is most commonly prescribed, although most fibro sufferers are reluctant to commit to even 'gentle' exercise as something as simple as walking can be excruciatingly painful.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

What is it?
A mental disorder which causes greater than normal stress.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes. I was diagnosed in my late teens.
How does it affect me?
- Excessive worry. I agonize over everything - decisions, remarks, due dates - and catastrophize scenarios. I tend toward pessimism.
- Trouble concentrating. Because my stress levels are so high, I cannot simply put my mind to something.
- Need for control. Since I am constantly worrying about what has, is, or might happen, I freak out if I do not have at least a semblance of control over my situation.

When I was diagnosed, my psychologist speculated that I had a childhood anxiety disorder that has always stayed with me. Many autistic children experience anxiety disorders.
How bad is it?
I am not as severe as some people, but I am driven to panic attacks with some regularity.
How can I treat it?
Medication and therapy. Luckily for me, the medication I take for my depression also aids with anxiety.

Major Depressive Disorder

What is it?
A mood disorder characterized by low mood and high apathy.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes. I was diagnosed in my late teens.
How does it affect me?
- Depressive mood. I am frequently miserable or simply 'low'. Even when everything seems to be going right for me, I can be hit with despair.
- Lack of motivation. It is hard to find the energy to do things, from important events to showering.
- Fatigue. I am constantly tired and spend a lot of time sleeping.
- Poor self image. I have low confidence in myself and a high level of self-dislike.

Looking back, it has become clear to me that I was depressed in my early teens at least. I became extremely lonely after moving countries at the age of 8, and I am not sure I ever really recovered from that isolation.
How bad is it?
Moderate to High. I am not constantly at risk, but I struggle every day.
How can I treat it?
I am currently both on medication and seeing a therapist. The medication sets me at a manageable baseline, while therapy aims to lift me higher.


What is it?
A physical condition where the foot rolls in too far.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes. I was diagnosed in my early teens.
How does it affect me?
- Difficulty running. Because my feet interact with the ground weirdly, my running style is poor and other physical activities that rely on it are cumbersome for me.
- Foot pain. The underlying cause of this condition is abnormally high arches in my feet. They are prone to injury from being unable to support weight as well as normal.
- Domino effect. Because my feet turn in so much, my knees also turn in. This contributes to my back pain, and is exacerbated by my arthritis.

My feet have always been like this. I have taught myself to walk 'normally' and can now hold a conversation while walking 'normally'. This puts more pressure on my feet but less on the rest of my body.
How bad is it?
My podiatrist asked if she could keep my old school shoes (completely worn through on the inside soles) to demonstrate to other patients how severe the condition can be. I cannot walk sometimes when my feet are too sore.
How can I treat it?
I have tried insoles without success. I try to wear supportive shoes, but it doesn't help much.


What is it?
A skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells.
Am I officially diagnosed?
Yes. This one is an easy diagnosis.
How does it affect me?
- Itchy scalp. The skin on my scalp is flaky and scaly, and causes itching and painful sensations. It frequently forms into scabs even if I don't scratch.
- Facial weirdness. The skin condition spreads onto my forehead and eyebrows, making keeping my face looking clean and pretty challenging.

I've always had bad dandruff, but that was it. After getting pregnant with my first child, the change in my hormones caused the underlying condition to flare and it has been this way for several years now.
How bad is it?
Bad enough to interfere with my daily life if untreated, but not the worst case I've seen.
How can I treat it?
I use a special shampoo treatment which improves the symptoms, though it cannot alleviate them completely. I can also try to reduce my stress levels (hah).


Koala: TATTTIII, you absolute queen. It was amazing to work with you on Team Awesome and I love having conversations with you- your sense of humor is to die for. 10/10 would recommend chatting with her.

Papa Fox: I do love the kitsune.

Quinn: She's pretty great. Like, definitely top ten people. In New Zealand. Not counting dead ones.

Paras: Faithful Puppy is such a shining light to everyone. She has the sweetest soul, the kindest way with words, forever encouraging, forever lifting up any and all who are lucky enough to know her. She is one of a handful of people in the whole of Hex that I can count on to help me when I need it. I truly adore you, sweet Tati—you'll always be so dear to me!

Diana: The actual sweetest person ever. Always great to talk to and always makes me feel included. Just super fun to be around.

Erin: This chick is such a horrible chick She makes you laugh constantly even when you don't want too 😒 and she totally gets you which I think is just so damn rude. Like honestly why you gotta make people laugh and feel good all the time? I totally love you, you know this. 😂 I just had to be a little bit of a jerk. Anyways, honestly you've grown to become someone I consider a bestfriend. You were there for me on the worst day to date of my life, and many times when I was on the edge you talked me back down, honestly you never cease to be amazing to me and I love you so damn much. Even if I am being a complete jerk or self destructive you pull me back, and also shake sense in to me when I need it. Which rude. How dare you be an amazing best friend. Ugh Tati. You should just staaaahp. Love you 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

Hallie: Tati! ❤ You're such a sweet and thoughtful person. You're considerate and funny to boot. I'm so happy I got to know you through Team Awesome and that we stayed friends through and after. I wouldn't trade it for the world, and I love seeing you around. You're an amazing person, through and through.

Pasi: My fluffy friend! She is such a doll and I love her to death. She was one of the first people that I met and she has made me feel so welcome and such a big part of the House! Thank you so much! I love you!

Alice: I wish I had some cool shit to write but I suckkkkk at this stuff 😩 You’re a great friend though 😘 sorry I don’t have anything better.

Krysal: Tati love, where do I start? You are crazy creative, and you can't know how much I admire that. Writing, drawing, graphics, Just how much you do! And with so much talent! Shine on. I also love your determination. You go through some rough days, but you never let that stop you from living your life. You are so much fun to be around and throw glitter on. But even when you are feeling down and miserable, as i know some days are for you. . . there is no day complete without you. *hugs* i'm bad at this, but i think you see the gist. . . you are someone who inspires me.

Mel: Tati is the best pet anyone could ask for. She snuggles so perfectly and is generally always warm towards people. Conversations are always amazing and she is so sweet. No one else can has her as a pet. She is mine ~~ Love you x

Callen: When I think of Tati, I imagine this Disney princess, surrounded by all things sweet and beautiful <3 A true Fox Princess, Tati rules her subjects with a kind heart, helping hand and cheerful song. I love getting to talk with her, and I know all who are fortunate enough to work with her must feel the same ^_^

Em: I think Tati is a very beautiful girl. She is sweet, smart, kind, strong and amazing and I love her 😄

Lexa: Tati is the best and the most amazing person you could ever meet. She is soooo sweet and kind and such a beautiful person inside and out and it's always great to talk to her, and she also has amazing advice! <3 love you Tati

Mira: You're amazing and I love you!

Beth: Tati, you are literally the best. You are my rock, and my hero. I'm so proud of you my sister. I don't know where I'd be without you.

Tonks: Tati,dear,dear Tati! You're a great, great person, don't ever let anyone tell you anything different! I really appreciate your patient, understanding, liberal an positive outlook in life. You're one of those people on HEX whom I look at and think that this is what I want to be like when I grow up. Stay blessed<3

Baybee: Tati is my lifesaver. I know that she will always be there for me if I need her and although we don’t talk much, I can always count on her to make my day. She is a beautiful soul fused with a kind heart, pastel aura and glowing spirit. I love you, Tati. Keep my heart safe, I’ve left it with you <3