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June 21, 2015

IHC - Summer 2015

8:02 am - Ninja Kitten

It is early in the morning, so early that you cringe at the thought of being awake, let alone crawling out of your warm, snuggly bed. Yet... a sense of excitement creeps over you as you realize one small fact: Today is the day. You hurtle out of bed knowing that what comes next is an adventure bigger than any you've experienced before, even wilder than your wildest dreams.

Today, friends, we gather together to embark on our own adventure. You've likely seen the many mysterious posts that have appeared on the homepage, or the threads in your common room. Perhaps you applied for a team or two, so it would go down in history that you were part of the team that brought your House(s) to victory?

Whether you hail from the powerhouse of Slytherpuff or from the doggedly successful forces of Gryffinclaw, HEX Staff invites you to join in the fun and well-mannered frivolity of the 2015 Inter-House Competition. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next Triwizard Champion!

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