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February 17, 2022

How did you find HEX?

6:58 pm - HEX Staff

A simple question and one we would love your feedback on! Please head here if you would like to submit your feedback on this. Thank you!

February 12, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!

12:02 am - HEX Staff

With pink confetti raining from the ceiling, and heart-shaped balloons floating through the corridors, there is no mistaking what season is upon us. It's Valentine's day! Come and join us in celebrating this holiday of love and let those close to you know just how much they mean to you - be it your partner, family, friends, or pets.

For this purpose, Fred's Holiday Store and Naut Fur You have opened their doors once again. While you browse the items in these stores, you might just find that perfect gift for a special someone.

Once you're done shopping, don't forget to hang around and enjoy the festivities. Who knows, maybe you will even stumble upon one of our new, lovely random events?

February 10, 2022

Mystic Masquerade

5:40 pm - Kasey

You are cordially invited to join Gryffindor Staff for an evening filled with dancing, games, and above all: fun! Join us as we travel back to Marauders’ era Hogwarts for a Valentine’s Masquerade Ball! Make sure to bring your finest dress robes and masque, as you never know who might make an appearance! Come check out Mystic Masquerade today for a chance at some amazing prizes!

February 8, 2022

Your Store: Sorting, Owl Searching, Upgrading & More

12:00 am - HPfanextrm

User stores are the backbone of the HEX economy, and it's time they take a step forward with a handful of quality of life improvements.

When editing your store, you now have the option to sort the items within it one of five different ways: Old to New (default), New to Old, A to Z, Low to High, and High to Low.  These changes will be reflected on both the store supplies page as well as the main view when others visit your store.

Speaking of the store supplies page, you can now view the Owl Search details for each item in your store by clicking the new magnifying glass link to the left of the pricing boxes for galleons, sickles, and knuts.  You'll find the same information about an item as you would searching for it in the top bar (which is now mobile friendly, too). We've also added auto-formatting commas to the galleon input boxes when pricing items above 1,000 galleons, which should mean less time counting digits. (You can still use "k" and "m" to quickly price things in thousands and millions of galleons, too.)

You'll find a few small improvements to the wizard money/store history page as well. The input boxes where you withdraw your money will now auto-populate with the amount of galleons, sickles, and knuts waiting for you to collect, allowing you get paid that much sooner. Your store history (also finally mobile friendly) will now display up to 700 entries, up from 500, to bring it in line with the maximum store size.

To celebrate these improvements and provide yet another reason to expand your store if you aren't sold already, we're offering 50% off all store upgrades for the next two weeks.  This offer will last from today, February 8 through February 22, 11:59 PM. You can learn more about the cost of store upgrades and what they unlock in the Knowledge Base.

There's never been a better time to be a shopkeeper.  Take a portkey to your store and get stocking!

February 1, 2022

HEX Idol XI: The Cover(ed) Artist

1:05 am - Sammy

Testing, testing, one two three. Is this on? Ah... yes. WELCOME everyone to another star-studded, spectacular HEX Idol - Cover(ed) Artist. That's right, once again HEX is on the search for the next Top Singer and I can tell you what a show it's going to be!
Think you have what it takes? You'll need to get past the auditions first, so make sure to head over to our Auditions thread, dust your mikes off, warm those vocals and get submitting!

Naturally, the winner will be signed to the Crookshanks Records magic music label once more, earn their House 9,000 House Points, and have the option of winning their choice of A music item*! Additionally, the winner will receive the title HEX Idol 2022 and go down in HEX Idol Hall of Fame!
*some limitations may apply - Please note that HEX is not responsible for any damage caused to vocal chords by Crookshanks' fur balls

Don't worry if you are not our one and only HEX Idol; every participant who is selected will receive a reward for their efforts. With every round you move up, the value of prizes increases, as does the amount of House Points you earn. Participants will also receive a small participation banner they can showcase in their profile or perhaps wear as a signature. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this opportunity and your microphone and show us what you got!

Now, if you're feeling disappointed because you're not much of a singer... don't! HEX Idol is as much an event for the audience members as it is for the participants! Head on over to the Welcome Thread for more general information! Additionally, make sure to check out the Participation Raffle, which is filled with stunning items and House Points.

Have fun, everyone, with HEX Idol Edition XI - Cover(ed) Artist!

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