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August 26, 2019

Weasley Hideout: Hiring Moderators

8:32 pm - LinSpinner

Are you particularly drawn to the entertainment, friendship, and antics regularly supplied by the Weasley clan? If so, then being a Weasley Hideout moderator may be for you! Applications for junior moderator and moderator positions are now open. Get yours in by September 11th at 11:59 PM HEX time if you think you're up for the Weasley level of camaraderie.

August 25, 2019


7:40 pm - HEX Staff

Congratulations to Ravenclaw for winning the House Cup for the 2018-2019 school year!

The results ended up being as follows:

Ravenclaw - 2,001,337.0 points
Slytherin - 1,691,841.0 points
Gryffindor - 1,414,463.3 points
Hufflepuff - 1,272,332.4 points

Ravenclaws may collect their House Cup prize via the link at the top of the common room! As a reminder, you must have obtained at least 650 points to be able to collect.

As a reminder to everyone that will take upcoming classes: you must attain 650 points or more to advance to the next year. For graduates, the minimum is 850 points.

This year we had forty people graduate. Becoming a graduate on HEX is very difficult to achieve, and is a huge honor. The following users graduated this year:

Aelwyn, amy_agatha, Artemis Black, Artemus_Clarke, Brandon, Brit, Desiree Snow, desiree watts, duckie, EchoKey174, Feather1, Fudin, Ginny Weasotter, goingonegone, Gred Weasley, Honey, ivajane, I_Love_Sirus, Jaide, Kate Riley, KatieNumbers, Maia, MandyyLau, Matthea, missjulsxx, Nienna426, nightmagic, Nyctolust, richard lestrange, saaycheesse, Saffron82, Solora Devine, Tyler, urban1221, vally, Vessi, wrmiller30, xuxknowxyouxluvxme, zaka102, and Zapphyre.

The top point earners from points attained from homework, combined with points from doing things beyond homework deserve something for their hard work. On top of galleons they will also be given a Medal for Magical Merit so they can show everyone how hard they worked. The top point earners are as follows:

1. Morgana Malipiero - 1,000,000 Galleons
2. Kestrel Winter - 750,000 Galleons
3. callen8black - 750,000 Galleons
4. LadyDeSeis - 500,000 Galleons
5. meganhilty - 500,000 Galleons
6. Thesty - 500,000 Galleons
7. Riverglen - 450,000 Galleons
8. DarkLordDaniel - 450,000 Galleons
9. Joan dArc - 400,000 Galleons
10. LadyReeseKightkens - 400,000 Galleons
11. Vitallani - 350,000 Galleons
12. AccioNox - 350,000 Galleons
13. Koumori72 - 350,000 Galleons
14. Effie - 350,000 Galleons
15. Barbara Simcox - 300,000 Galleons
16. Faithful Puppy - 300,000 Galleons
17. Wanda35 - 300,000 Galleons
18. K8ekt - 300,000 Galleons
19. rainewen - 250,000 Galleons
20. Kasey - 250,000 Galleons
21. Mahogany Wild - 100,000 Galleons
22. Graciesnake - 100,000 Galleons
23. BiologicallyBeth - 100,000 Galleons
24. Abraxascadabra - 100,000 Galleons
25. Enyra - 100,000 Galleons
26. Hawthorn Hazel - 100,000 Galleons
27. Ellery Talbot - 100,000 Galleons
28. snakesnitch43 - 100,000 Galleons
29. LumosOwl2285 - 100,000 Galleons
30. Sampi314 - 100,000 Galleons

Congratulations to all of the graduates and top point earners!

August 23, 2019

Happy Birthday, HEX!

12:00 am - HEX Staff

HEX is finally turning 18 and what better way to celebrate than partying it up with the Marauders!

Join us in the Party Forum to participate in birthday tasks and other fun activities the Marauders have planned to celebrate this special occasion. And make sure to keep an eye out, you never know what may fall from the sky!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of HEX for the past 18 years!

August 18, 2019

The Atrium

4:59 pm - MariaAna

The Ministry is interested in knowing what made Dumbledore hire certain Professors at Hogwarts. What made him choose them? So, here are new activities!
We can't wait to hear what you have to think in our two newest polls, and we've got a new participation raffle and HEXperience trivia to tickle your taste buds! Run on over to the Fountain of Magical Brethren to chat up two members of site staff and ask them all your questions! Dumbledore is famously known for hiring the most interesting Professors. What do you think would catch his eye in an application? It's time for you to show us in You're Hired!

In addition to our Errors and Glitches thread, be sure to check out our Known Bugs thread, the Broken Coding and Formatting thread, and our Homepage Polls: Let's Talk About That! thread!

We hope to see you around The Atrium soon!

August 16, 2019

Daily Prophet :: August Edition

2:16 pm - Mark

It is often said that music soothes the savage beast. While we know it works on a Cerberus (really though, Fluffy can't be the only one around), the saying also holds true for those of us on two legs instead of four. Whether you listen to music in order to relax, to accompany doing tedious chores to, or just to belt out your favorite song at the top of your lungs - music holds a sway over us that just can't be denied. Join us in August's issue as we sing along to songs and put on our dancing shoes!

Did you miss an edition, or want to re-read your favorite articles? Check out our Official Archives to get your hands on all of the Daily Prophet's former issues.

If you have any concerns regarding the Daily Prophet, please contact Janelle, Mark, or Thene. You may also get in touch with Cody, Mark or Steph from Publications Management.

August 15, 2019

Caretaker Concoctions - August

4:12 pm - Mark

Colin has come across some students in the Great Hall who sound a bit panicked. Apparently, someone lost their photo! But it isn't very clear who lost it, or what photo it is. And no one seems to know where the photo is or how it got there. Colin offers his help and tries to solve the Mystery of the lost photo!


Slughorn's Picture Set - Picture Frame Charm - Filch Portrait

Be sure to watch the Student Hangout's Watch Thread and our Student Corkboard for regular updates on the happenings inside the walls of Hogwarts.

August 14, 2019

The Grounds - August Update

12:52 pm - Enyra

It's summer time. All the students are sitting at home, impatiently awaiting the start of the new school year. The corridors at Hogwarts are eerily silent, the Main Yard devoid of laughter and chatter. Right? Wrong! During this summer break, the Headmaster had something new in mind and invites you to join the event of the year in our new Roleplay contest Holiday Hooplah.

As always, don't forget to participate in our Bi-Weekly Chat, this month about sports, and fly by to congratulate our Roleplayer of the Month. Make sure to put our Watch Thread on watch in order to be notified of all the news of the Grounds right away.

August 13, 2019

Shopping Forums Update

8:16 am - Nicole Phelps

It's August, and that means new activities in the Shopping Forums! Check out our latest Quarterly Raffle to see just what's in store for this quarter.

Want to know where to start earning tickets? Then check out all of this month's activities below!

Obliterating Obstacles | Bond Street
Counting Coins | My First Time in Hogsmeade | Surveying the Stars

August 11, 2019

Daring Disguises

3:12 pm - Brandon

Ever imagined how Polyjuice could go wrong? Or have you found yourself enamored by the ability to change appearance at will? Perhaps you have an obsession with Animagi? If these topics enthrall you, then we have just the thing to sate your appetite. Come join the Hufflepuff Staff as we explore Human Transfiguration in Daring Disguises.

August 10, 2019

New Issue of The Quibbler!

9:35 pm - Zoe

Tiny this, tiny that, teeny tiny everything! Whether you love the newest 'miniature' phase or you hate it, the simple truth is that the world is now full of things for ants! (Of course, the ant-people really like this.) In hopes of gaining a larger - ... smaller? - audience this month, The Quibbler thought small. That's right! This month's theme is all about tiny things! Curious? Pick up your glasses and get ready to squint your way* through the August issue of The Quibbler!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about The Quibbler, please either visit The Newsstand or send an owl to Zoe.

* Don't worry, things are actually normal-sized. We're not that bonkers. ...yet.

August 9, 2019

HINT Forums :: August

8:01 am - duckie

Our thrill-seeking trio may not be gallivanting around the world right now, but it doesn't make their journey any less exciting. They're exploring a little closer to home, following clues left by Alex's sister. They now know there's a hidden treasure, but will they find it? What exactly is HINT Enterprises? Join us in our next installment of HINTory, The Journey Begins, to follow their adventure!

Wherever our trio goes, now, treasure lurks in the back of their mind. Is it shiny and gold, or is it a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered? Join The Hunt and make your way through a perilous maze with Alex, River, and Skye to find out!

Chapter 24: The Journey Begins | The Hunt

Written by Zimmy

August 7, 2019

Publications Management - August Update

6:03 am - LinSpinner

The dog days of summer are here, and The Newsstand is back with assorted fun covering everything from competitions to language to celebrations to liven up your August.

In June, the WWN brought us a broadcast all about contests and rivalries and in the wizarding world. Do you have strong thoughts on the Triwizard Tournament or have a unique technique for dueling? Come share your views in our discussion on competitions. Perhaps while discussing, you notice that everyone doesn't sound the same as you. The Quibbler took July's issue to write about accents, and we're continuing the theme in a discussion on all things pronunciations, articulations, and inflections.

Summer is also a time for weddings. Inspired by the July issue of The Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly has decided to publish a special on weddings. But they need your help to put it together to create the ultimate Witch Weekly's Wedding Bonanza. Participation in any of August's activities will earn you tickets to The Newsstand Quarterly Raffle.

Ever wished that you could be a Newsstand moderator? Applications are now open - but only until August 13th!

August 6, 2019

RPC August Update

8:47 am - Lucas

Take a magic carpet ride over to the RPC where August is all about the classic Arabian Nights tales!

Join the Roleplay of the Month, You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me, in which you'll roleplay meeting a free genie who will grant you one special wish. How you'll use it and what will ensure, that is up to you!

For this month's RP Freestyle, A Whole New Tale, you'll put your creativity to the test in rewriting a classic tale from One Thousand and One Nights to make it your own.

For the Lounge Contest, Shining, Shimmering, Splendid, you'll be designing your very own magic carpet or lamp and then taking it for a spin in your own short adventure.

Of course, all these tasks will net you tickets for the RPC's Participation Raffle and a chance to win fabulous prizes!

August 5, 2019

Social Media August Update

9:43 pm - little fox

It's time to get weird in the Social Media forum! We've got prizes, house points, and galleons up for grabs!

There's something strange in the neighborhood muggle world! Check out our August contest Magical Mayhem to join the fun!

Monthly Musings has some fun new features we think you will love! Love it or hate it, fake news is everywhere. Discuss this and more in August's Monthly Musings!

August brings a new batch of monthly trivia questions! Scroll on over to I Bet The Muggles Won't Know About This! to test you knowledge!

Do you want a chance to win the fabulous Social Media exclusive item, House Points, or galleons? Visit our monthly raffle Platform Ponderings for all of the important details!

A new Social Butterfly is fluttering around HEX! Interested in earning this title and a snazzy new avatar? Check out the details here!

#SocialMediaofHEX #BeSocial

August 3, 2019

O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s Have Returned!

8:03 pm - Zoe

If you were here in previous years, you likely saw the glorious and definitely-not-stressful return of O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. It's that time of the year again, so we've been preparing for yet another year of fun-filled exams. The anti-cheating quills have been charmed appropriately, the official parchments are ready to be stamped with scores, and Peeves has been banished from the Great Hall for the duration of the next two weeks. Get ready, HEXians - it's time for exams!

Head on over to this thread in the Headmaster's Study to find out more!

Arts & Graphics :: August

4:24 pm - nickolaii

This month in Arts & Graphics, we're talking all things birthdays. From creating a personalised present for one of our favourite Harry Potter characters in this month's Graphics Challenge, to drabbling the emotions that those characters feel on their birthday in the Writing Challenge, we want to know what you think about these special days. Don't forget to stop by this month's discussion where we're talking about how to be artistic for someone's birthday - naturally.

Remember to check out our Blotting the Parchment Incentive Program for a chance to earn ink spots to win our exclusive Enchanted Paintbrush! Our Mentorship Program is always accepting new mentees so have a look if you've ever wanted mentoring!

1st Place: Harry's Snitch Sweater from Molly OR Homework Planner + 3,000 House Points
2nd Place: 50,000 Galleons + 2,000 House Points
3rd Place: 25,000 Galleons + 1,000 House Points

Graphics Challenge || Writing Challenge || Weekly Prompts || AotM || Discussion

August 2, 2019

Magical Archives - August Update

6:54 pm - Dustball

It's best to go on adventures with others, as you don't know what you'll encounter. Be careful if you go into the Forbidden Forest with your friends; you may have Automobile Encounters. Looking for a slightly safer adventure to explore and make new discoveries? Maybe join Jacob Kowalski as he goes on one of his own Moonlit Adventures.

Of course, we also have plenty of other contests to enjoy in the Magical Archives. Check the Table of Contents to see all the currently ongoing activities. And be sure to put the Watch Thread on watch to be notified of any future contests and activities. After all, participating in those will earn you a chance at the much sought after Book of Records.

Watch Thread || Table of Contents

August 1, 2019

HEX Idol X

1:55 am - Mark

Attention, everyone! HEX Idol has returned for its TENTH year. Yes, you have heard correctly. Once again, HEX is searching for the next Top Singer. If you think you have what it takes, head on over to the Auditions and be prepared to sing your heart out!

Naturally, the winner will be signed to the Crookshanks Records magic music label once more, earn their House 9,000 House Points and have the option of winning their choice of A music item*! Additionally, the winner will receive the title HEX Idol 2019 and go down in HEX Idol Hall of Fame!
*some limitations may apply

Don't worry if you are not our 1 and only HEX Idol; every participant who is selected will receive a reward for their efforts. With every round you move up, the value of prizes increases, as does the amount of House Points you earn. Participants will also receive a small participation banner they can showcase in their profile or perhaps wear as a signature. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this opportunity and your microphone and show us what you got!

Now, if you're feeling disappointed because you're not much of a singer...don't! HEX Idol is as much an event for the audience members as it is for the participants! Head on over to the Welcome Thread for more general information! Additionally, make sure to check out the Participation Raffle, which is filled with stunning items and House Points

Have fun everyone with HEX Idol Edition X.

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