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December 30, 2017

New Year's 2018

10:20 pm - Hex Staff

3... 2... 1... Happy New Year's! That's right, HEXians, it's time to party and to celebrate. 2017 is drawing to a close, and we want to ring in the New Year with style!

To help you celebrate, we're providing some party supplies. Keep your eyes open for crackers that you can open with a friend, which will give one of you a lovely prize. And while you're searching for crackers, keep your eyes open for a few other REs too!

December 26, 2017

The Twelve Days AFTER HEXmas

12:00 am - Zoe

We all know that the countdown to Christmas is exciting! Between the general holiday excitement and the thrill of getting gifts... it's just so much! But what about after Christmas? When the wrapping paper is thrown away, the lights are gone, and the food is eaten? Don't worry HEXians... We've got you covered! Come with us on an adventure for the 12 Days AFTER HEXmas. There's nothing in the rule book that says we can't extend the cheer the holidays bring past the holiday itself! Check out this guide for more info.

December 24, 2017

A Roaming Gnome Christmas

4:22 pm - HEX Staff

Things have been awfully quiet lately... which means that, clearly, someone was up to something! In order to give the castle a bit more holiday spirit, Fred and George started dressing up gnomes! Want to help fill the school with festively-dressed gnomes? Great!

Wait... what are we going to do with hundreds (thousands?!) of gnomes running around? Looks like we are going to have to do a bit of gnome exterminating once they've been properly dressed. Eager to help out? Fantastic! Check out this guide to find out how you can join the gnometastic fun!

December 19, 2017

Fan Fiction Forum

5:43 am - Desiree Snow

""The tapestry looked immensely old; it was faded and looked as though Doxys had gnawed it in places. Nevertheless, the golden thread with which it was embroidered still glinted brightly enough to show them a sprawling family tree dating back (as far as Harry could tell) to the Middle Ages. Large words at the very top of the tapestry read: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black 'Toujours pur'."."

For seven centuries, the Black family tapestry was passed on from generation to generation. It was treated with reverence as a symbol of the family's pure-blood heritage. Does your family have a similar tradition? Tell us about it in December Theme Prompt.

Why don't you give the gift of love by earning some house points? Participate in the contests below to earn tickets towards the Monthly Raffle:
Picture Prompt | Guess the Character | Continue the Story | Writing Circle | Character Journals

December 17, 2017

How Ravenclaw Stole Christmas

12:15 am - Zoe

Christmas decorations are disappearing left and right, students are rampaging through the castle, and the house-elves are nowhere to be found. Just what in the name of Salazar Claus is going on?! After doing a little sleuthing, you manage to discover that one of Professor Trelawney's visions is the cause of all of the craziness. The Seer has been claiming that Christmas will be a surefire disaster unless something changes and has rallied Ravenclaw House to help her stop the madness before it starts.

Who knew that Ravies could be so easily persuaded to destroy a holiday? Join the Ravenclaw House staff in How Ravenclaw Stole Christmas!

December 16, 2017

New Issue of The Daily Prophet!

8:21 am - starrystar

'Tis the season to be jolly, for the month of celebrating is here! Join the staff of the Daily Prophet here as they bring to you happy tidings from all around the Muggle and wizarding worlds. Don't forget to stay alert amidst the joy and revelry though, for crime never sleeps!

Can't get enough of The Daily Prophet? Then head on over to the Official Archives for a blast of nostalgia!

If you have any concerns regarding the Daily Prophet, please contact Rosie_may or Snowleetah. You may also get in touch with starrystar with Publications Management.

December 15, 2017

Dipping Galore

7:08 pm - HEX Staff

YOU! Yes, you. Step right up and join me in for a wonderful game of chance. Toss your coveted galleons into our magical chocolate cauldron and see if Lady Luck is on your side. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and be awarded with a prize. Or perhaps your galleons will be lost forever. MUAHAHAHAH. If you’re ready to give it a try, head over HERE.

Don’t forget to check out THE GUIDE for more info.

December 12, 2017

HEXmas 2017!

11:51 pm - Zoe

We hope you've been gathering your galleons, dearest HEXians! This HEXmas, we're breaking out the big guns - er, items. Ever wanted to own one of Voldemort's Horcruxes? What about all seven? Now's your chance! We're raffling off all seven of these items and they could be yours! To find out more, check out this post.

While you're waiting for galleons to fall from the Santa's pockets so you can go buy more tickets, be sure to watch out for things falling from the sky, too! You never know what you'll stumble across.

December 11, 2017

Magical Archives

2:28 pm - ilostmyleftshoe

Zoom, Swoosh, SCORE! From Gryffindor Quidditch to playing for the Holyhead Harpies, our girl Ginny Weasley has soared high! In Piece by Piece we are remembering one of our favorite Ginny Weasley moments, place the pieces together to figure it out. You should fly over to our Q&A thread to interact with our Quidditch Pro! Or if you like a good challenge, give our Ginny Trivia a whack.

This is your last chance to earn tickets for our December Raffle. As always, be sure you're keeping our Watch Thread on watch to stay up to date on our exciting events!

December 8, 2017

HINT Forums :: December

9:00 am - duckie

It's December, which means it's the gift-giving season. But a particular family of Lovegoods have put a stop to all the wrapped presents and have stolen all of them! Complete a series of tasks in our monthly HP contest How the Lovegoods Stole Christmas to retrieve the presents and Christmas spirit.

A total of 8000 House Points are up for grabs, as well as:

Written by amytyler & Coded by Zimmy

December 6, 2017

RPC December Updates

6:36 pm - Mar

What would you do if you only had a few months left before your memories were forcefully taken from you? Yes, you heard that right. Your memories. Those wispy things that make you who you are as a person. Intrigued? Check it out in our RPoTM, A Chilling Gift.

Too creepy for your taste? Why don't you try to find out what the citizens of Halloweentown do when they are NOT celebrating Halloween in December's RP Freestyle, This Is Not Halloween.

And, of course, don't forget to check out December's prizes for our monthly Participation Raffle .

Finally, want to hone your RPing skills a bit more? Head on over to the Teaching Center to participate in Captured in Time. In this fun RP exercise, you will choose a picture to inspire your writing!

December 5, 2017

HEXmas 2017!

10:54 pm - HEX Staff

O' HEXmas tree, o' HEXmas tree, you're lovely on my profile!

That's right, everyone, it's time to visit the tree farm and pick out your very own HEXmas tree. We have a fantastic selection of trees for you to choose from to add some holiday cheer this season. Please remember that the tree you pick is the tree you must keep all month long, so think carefully before chopping it down.

What's a tree without something to put under it? Trees need gifts, after all. That's right! To accommodate your gift wrapping needs, Fred has decided to bring back Fred's Gift Wrapping Service! Fred and George seem a bit preoccupied, so they'll generously let you bring your own items and have them wrapped right in the store! For more information, check out the holiday guide thread.

Please note that any gifts wrapped with the regular wrapping paper item from your inventory CANNOT be placed underneath the trees. Only gifts using Fred's services may be placed underneath a user's tree. All gifts placed under trees can be opened on the 25th of this month!

While you're busy wrapping presents at Fred's, take a moment to browse the items that Fred has for sale. Fred's Holiday Store has re-opened in Diagon Alley and will be stocked throughout the month.

And finally, Christmas spirit entries have come back to HEX! What is Christmas spirit, you ask? This is a chance for YOU to let everyone know what helps put you in the holiday spirit! Approved Christmas spirit submissions will show up as random events for everyone on the site. We'll also add a page to view all of the submissions when we get enough approved entries. Jingle your way over to this link and tell us what makes you happy during the holidays!

Arts & Graphics Forum :: December

6:43 am - Katie

With white dresses to match the snow outside and blue decorations to match the frosty sky, it's no wonder winter weddings are so popular! These intimate events allow you to hold your loved ones close and celebrate your ever-lasting love with them. And - call me crazy! - but there's something wonderful about being able to share that commitment in the season of giving.

That's why, in the month of December, the Arts & Graphics Forum would like to welcome you in with open arms to some special winter weddings! We do need a bit of help with the invitations and speeches however. Hopefully, you'll be able to break away from the dancing and celebrating for a bit to give us a hand!

1st Place: 10,000 Galleons + 3,000 House Points
2nd Place: 5,000 Galleons + 2,000 House Points
3rd Place: 2,000 Galleons + 1,000 House Points

Graphics Challenge || Writing Challenge || Artwork of the Month || A&G ISO Thread

December 4, 2017

The Great Freeze

7:15 am - Lucas

December arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.

As the holidays approached, Hogwarts found itself surrounded by several feet of snow, with the surface of the lake frozen and icicles dripping down the window frames. Despite the freezing weather, students could still witness an everlasting conflict: caretakers versus groundskeepers.

No one knows exactly when the conflict between the two groups of Hogwarts wardens began, and it seems this year things had gone too far... A storm is brewing - in more ways than one...

Join the Caretaking and Groundskeeping teams in The Great Freeze, an event that will test your loyalties and your skills, from December 1st until January 14th, as the two groups vie to triumph over the other, once and for all. From stolen belongings to missing school property, it is up to you to step in and put an end to it.

Head over to the main thread to see how you can help - and what rewards await you for your efforts!

December 3, 2017

New Issue of The Quibbler!

7:58 pm - Zoe

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... wait, where's my telescope? Oh dear, I must have left it on top of the Astronomy Tower during our last star-gazing session. Fortunately for you all, I don't need a telescope to bring the latest issue of The Quibbler to you! Once you finish reading the December issue, you'll definitely want to grab your wand and make your way out to the main yard for some star-gazing!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about The Quibbler, please either visit The Newsstand or send an owl to Zoe or Art.

December 2, 2017

HEXmas 2017!

1:15 am - HEX Staff

Mistletoe, Christmas trees, and copious amounts of singing... you know what that means, right? It's HEXmas time once again and the whole site is abuzz with the holiday spirit! Ready to join in on the fun? Make your way on over to the HEXmas forum in order to find breakdowns for all of this year's activities!

Returning for yet another year of shiny, jingle-filled fun is Santa Daily Money! Being Santa, this holly, jolly man is all about making the holidays a little brighter - and maybe even help you get those last few galleons you need to snag the perfect gift! Check Daily Money often, as you might come across a special galleon offer from Santa himself! The multiplier hour will continue throughout the month, so you'll have to ask yourself, "Am I feeling lucky?"

For those of you with a green thumb, your time has come! Head on over to Hagrid's Hut to find out how you can grow poinsettias for the holiday. If you're not sure where to start, you can check out the guide and FAQ!

In addition to the above, various members of the site staff have written little stories about what the holidays mean to them. Each story will be coupled with a fun, simple task that you will have twenty-four hours to complete. If you do, you will receive a special HEXmas lottery ticket! These tickets can be activated from your inventory for a chance to win the prizes listed here.

That's it for now, but keep your eyes peeled! The month is just beginning; you never know what might happen!

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