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November 26, 2017

Rebirth of the Rebels

6:38 pm - Merlin

I wanna build a team of some very bad people, who I think can do some good.

An unlikely alliance has begun, with villains and heroes joining together in an effort to keep violence and destruction at bay. However, some of these empowered characters may take a bit more persuasion to stay in line, and with your help, we're sure to keep our planet spinning another day.
Step up, team up, and most importantly:
Join the SKWAD in Rebirth of the Rebels, and remember, in a world of flying men and monsters, this is the only way to protect our country.

November 25, 2017

We are back: Wizarding Wireless Network!

9:14 am - Lu

It’s back! After a lengthy hiatus, we’re pleased to present to you the first broadcast of the newly relaunched Wizarding Wireless Network. The WWN has all new writers, hosts and segments, and in this broadcast we put the spotlight on the group known as the Marauders.

Learn more about the WWN hosts and writers, and listen to previous broadcasts, at wwn.hexrpg.com. And follow us on Facebook!

For any concerns or questions regarding the WWN, please contact Ollivandra or Lu. You can also reach out to Nicole2013, Artemis Eve or starrystar with Publications Management.

November 24, 2017

Black Friday Strikes Again

10:31 pm - Hex Staff

Did you notice a change while you were busily searching Owl Search for your HEXmas shopping? Wondering just what rarity a nargle is? Well, the answer is very rare. Item rarities have been redecorated with some exciting new category names. Our new magical creature rarities are a fun new way to track the value of your rare and common items. Who wants to hunt for numbers when you can search for nargles and thestrals and kneazels? (Oh my!)

And what better time to test out our new rarity system than on one of the biggest shopping days of the year? In honor of Black Friday, you'll find some of the shops around HEX open and stocked with some tempting items to lure the galleons from your pockets. Happy shopping!


November 20, 2017

A User-Chosen Christmas Item

9:51 am - HEX Staff

The Hogwarts house-elves want to make something special this year, but they can't agree on what to make. After a few polite arguments about what you all might like best, they decided they should simply ask. That way, they can make an item that you come up with! Submit your ideas for this new holiday item in the thread in the Entrance Hall. At the end of the week, we'll take the best suggestions we receive and place them in a poll for everyone to vote. The winning idea will be brought to life by one of our talented item designers and given away this Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to this thread to learn more details and to make your suggestions. We can't wait to hear from you!

November 19, 2017

Fan Fiction Forum

10:10 am - Desiree Snow

"And then, of course, there was the sheer size of the library; tens of thousands of books; thousands of shelves; hundreds of narrow rows..."

The Library of Hogwarts is filled with tens of thousands of books, each with it's own story to tell. Aside from the stories found in these books, perhaps the most interesting kind are the ones shared in muted whispers. Secrets that were mean't only for the receiver, but have somehow travelled to some unsuspecting ears. What did you overhear? Tell us all about it in Fan Fiction's November Theme Prompt.

We also have a whole host of activities for you. Be sure to join all of them to get monthly participation tickets to win House Points in our Monthly Raffle:
Picture Prompt | Guess the Character | Continue the Story | Writing Circle | Character Journals

November 18, 2017

Magical Archives

12:02 am - ilostmyleftshoe

Who do you know has hair that changes color at will? Who's one of the only people you know whose Patronus changed once they fell in love? If you guessed Nymphadora Tonks, you were correct! Although, I'd suggest you don't call her that if you'd like to keep your wand intact. Zoom on over to the Q&A where you'll be able to interact with this month's guest!

This is your last chance to earn tickets for our November Raffle. As always, be sure you're keeping our Watch Thread on watch to stay up to date on our exciting events!

Sunday Tasks || Wednesday Task || November's Contest

November 16, 2017

New Issue of The Daily Prophet!

4:02 pm - starrystar

With the end of 2017 in sight, it's time to revel in delicious food, fireworks and some extremely chocolatey cakes! Join the writers of the Daily Prophet as they bring to us tidings from all over the wizarding world in this month's issue here.

Can't get enough of the Daily Prophet? Then head on over to the Official Archives. Special access, just for our readers!

If you have any concerns regarding the Daily Prophet, please contact Rosie_may or Snowleetah. You may also get in touch with Artemis Eve, Nicole2013 or starrystar with Publications Management.

November 15, 2017

Caretaker Concoctions - November

7:48 am - Sammy

Hogwarts Thanksgiving

The November Caretaker Concoctions is brought to you by The Kitchens! It's not a real Thanksgiving if everything goes to plan, right? Well certainly not here at Hogwarts! What was meant to be a fabulous feast has now turned into disaster! Can you help save Hogwarts Thanksgiving?

Painting of Fruit// Turkey Every Flavor Bean // Wishbone Charm

First: First choice of item + 3000 House Points
Second: Second choice of item + 2500 House Points
Third: Remaining item + 1500 House Points

Be sure to watch the Student Hangout's Watch Thread and our Student Corkboard for regular updates on the happenings inside the walls of Hogwarts.

November 12, 2017

House Election Results

4:01 am - Zoe

And without further ado, the results from House staff elections! Please help us congratulate the winners of each House. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming term and can't wait to see what they will do for their House!

House Staff: Emily J, EvelynBlake, Ginny_Potter, Kaseyanne5, Pyper, and Sliemy

Prefects: amytyler, Danny, Joslyn, Kayleigh101, Lochness, and MariaAna

Head Students: Ollivandra and Robin,
Prefects: Dragon_Rider2637, InfiniteStarburst, Oakley, and Shimmering Sky

November 11, 2017

From the Grounds

7:50 am - Char

Two students are in a detention helping out Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest to keep a creature out of the Pumpkin Patch. What happens when Grawp suddenly shows up? Will the students ever finish their detention, or are they and Hagrid going to be distracted enough to forget about it? What happens to the creature that has been invading the pumpkins? Come and join us in the Forbidden Forest forum as we find more about this in Patchin' up the Pumpkin. All entries are due November 30, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. HEX time.

Please keep the Grounds' Watch Thread on watch for updates regarding activities and events like the current Bi-Weekly Chat, as well as Roleplay and Roleplayer of the Month.

November 8, 2017

HINT Forums :: November

7:30 am - duckie

The next chapter of HINTory has Alex and Skye dealing with some dangerous dragons on their way to Denmark! Come read the next installment, or catch up from the beginning! Each chapter includes a poll- your votes helps us determine what happens next in the story, and you might even get some House Points out of it.

While our globetrotters get sidetracked on their journey, they could use a little help from you guys! Being such a long way from home, they are longing for something to remind them of their native country. What better way to show them your support than with a thoughtful care package? Join us for Fantastic Finds for your chance at 2000 House Points and the HINTspiration Award!

Chapter 4: Dangerous Dragon | Fantastic Finds

Written by Zimmy

November 6, 2017

RPC November Updates

8:54 am - Cody

"Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."

Ugh, siblings can be the worst! *cue eye roll* But just how much worse would they be if they were your nemesis? Come explore the possibilities in Siblings: World's Best Enemies. If you'd rather not not deal with your siblings this month, come save the RPC from the seemingly indomitable forces of Artron and Captain Cody! Put your heroic abilities to the test in Just Marvel-lous. With all of these superhero shenanigans going on, don't forget to stop by the Raffle Thread to take a look at this month's super prizes!

Even the strongest hero needs to take a break occasionally, so head over to the Teaching Center to participate in Meet the Parents. In this fun RP exercise, Maggie's future in-laws need you to help them out as they meet her for the first time.

November 5, 2017

Arts & Graphics Forum :: November

3:20 am - dagaz

And when October goes, the same old dream appears
And you're in my arms to share the happy years...

October has faded, but the trees glimmer with the colors of Autumn. Sit back with your mugs of pumpkin spice everything, warm your feet with a convenient cat or dog, and join us in the Arts & Graphics forum as we explore the joys and sorrows that Autumn brings.

1st Place: 10,000 Galleons + 3,000 House Points
2nd Place: 5,000 Galleons + 2,000 House Points
3rd Place: 2,000 Galleons + 1,000 House Points

Graphics Challenge || Writing Challenge || Artwork of the Month || A&G ISO Thread

November 4, 2017

It's Time to Vote

6:30 pm - Chrissy

At last, the time to VOTE has come. If you've been on HEX for longer than 14 days, you can vote for the people who will represent your House for the next six months. The voting starts today and ends on November 8th, 11:59 pm HEX time. As with previous elections, you can select to display an "I Voted" signature in your posts by checking the box under your choices before you submit your vote.

To make an informed vote, please check out the candidates' speeches and Q&A below.

Gryffindor - Hufflepuff - Ravenclaw

November 3, 2017

New Issue of The Quibbler!

2:28 am - Zoe

Everybody's got their time-turner handy, right? No? What do you mean you don't have a time-turner?! How are you meant to check out what's going on tomorrow? Or next week? Gosh. Fortunately for you all, this month's theme for The Quibbler is the future and rather than making y'all take the risky trips into the great unknown - that may or may not have chocolate - we done it for you! Considerate of us, wasn't it? We knew you'd appreciate it; we've seen the future, after all. Well, what are you still sitting there for? Go check out the newest issue!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about The Quibbler, please either visit The Newsstand or send an owl to Zoe or Art.

November 1, 2017

Quidditch: Lions VS Eagles!

1:51 am - dagaz

Never has there been a day as glorious in the month of November as today! The torrential downpour of last month has long been forgotten as Gryffindor and Ravenclaw take to the sky under the beautiful autumnal sunshine. The smell of cider and pumpkin spice won't be the only things in the air. Come watch as the Lions and Eagles battle it out for Quidditch supremacy! Bring your banners and your voices down to the Quidditch Pitch and join the fun!

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