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May 30, 2015


4:59 am - John

Some promotions are in order! Please help me congratulate Rose (iceberg2323) and Oana (Sophia Oceanborn) for being promoted to staff! These promotions are well-deserved and we are excited for them to help us continue to move HEX forward into the future.

Congratulations to both!

May 27, 2015

House Election Results!

3:39 pm - Ninja Kitten

Please help us to welcome our new House Staff teams:

House Staff: archtitaness, lillus, of4gg, Smitz_19, starrystar, Z Young

Head Students: BLMB & Samantha Bradley
Prefects: Merri Patil, pugz51081, Quo Vadis, Thornshield

House Staff: Alexrider2011, Grant, Jhoice, _sky_, The_Sharpie_Fairy, Vie Noblefury

Head Students: mermaid7girl & Nicole2013
Prefects: Desiree Snow, Joe Hunters, Nicole Phelps, sparklinntearszz

Congratulations everyone!

May 22, 2015

May Daily Prophet

12:04 pm - Samantha Bradley

Some of you may have noticed that the new issue of the Daily Prophet is up for your reading enjoyment. If you haven't noticed, then definitely go check it out! We've tried to include something for each of you.

Hope you enjoy this issue!

If you have any general concerns about this month's issue of the DP, please contact either Samantha Bradley, or Kay85, or check in with icemousey in Publication Management.

May 20, 2015

Dueling - Badgers vs. Snakes

8:19 pm - Ninja Kitten

It's the end of an era. Come welcome the duelists for the last matches of the season before some of them leave forever to wander off to greater things (courtesy of the brilliant teaching of Professor Gilderoy Lockhart) following their graduation. Even so, it's been a wonderful season filled with fire (quite literally), and the Dueling Master and his assistant look forward to welcoming back talented students with the start of the next school year (pyromaniacs need not apply). For now, though, it's not a time for sad farewells; there's nothing better than ending it all with a bang!

The final set of duels is between Thoughtful Hufflepuff and Ambitious Slytherin. Head over to the Great Hall to see which House will bring home the victory!

Magical Archives

2:34 pm - Ninja Kitten

The Magical Archivists would love for you to come out and play with us. Each month there will be two contests in two separate Harry Potter archives. So join us on a journey back to Harry's first year as we test you with some trivia/puzzles and then apparate on over to see if you've got what it takes to be a Dragon Breeder. Here are this month's opportunities:

Tread Carefully || Meet the Breeds

May 18, 2015

Roleplay Teaching Center - OPEN!

7:03 pm - picklebuddy7

We are extremely excited to announce the grand re-opening of RPC's Roleplay Teaching Center! The RP Teaching Center can either help you learn to roleplay for the first time or sharpen your skills, all with the help of our illustrious tutors. Enrollment is now open, and the first tutoring session will begin on June 1st. There are a limited number of spots due to a limited amount of tutors, so sign up today!

RPC is celebrating the re-opening of its Teaching Center with a few contests hosted in RPC during our mini event "Dare to Imagine," and each participant will receive a ticket for our annual raffle - prizes to be announced soon! Get in on the action and earn tickets from participating in RPC's roleplay nominations, the roleplay of the month, or our contests during our mini event. More information on the event and the opening of the RP Teaching Center may be found here.

May 16, 2015

IHC Team Applications

10:45 am - Ninja Kitten

With the Inter House Competition right around the corner each house has made the necessary preparations to choose who will represent their house. There are threads explaining what each of the six team contests are and when they will take place. In these threads you will also find out what you have to do in order to submit your name to potentially help your house claim eternal glory.

Unfortunately, there are limited spots on each of those teams. To help balance that out, and to ensure that as many people get to help their house in some way, we are also bringing back the participation contests and discussions that we held for the first time in the summer of 2013. Anyone who wishes to participate in these smaller contests may do so. Each discussion and contest has the possibility of earning 'Inter House Points' which are used to help determine the winner of the IHC. Team contests will earn points for both houses in the winning and losing teams. This means that after those six contests we will have two ties. The participation items are a BIG part of what will help determine the winner as they will help break those ties.

There is also the Final Task that awards both IHC points and individual prizes. Eight members of each house will earn the right to participate in the Final Task. Four of those people will be chosen by the house from those who were on one of the six teams. The other four will be chosen by IHC staff and House Admins from those who participate in the most participation contests and discussions.

So hop on over to your common room to find out how you can help your house! For easy access here are the links to each of the threads:


May 15, 2015

Donation Program Overhaul

12:46 am - John

The Donation Program has not received any major changes in over a year and a half. In this time frame, we collected extensive feedback and information from everyone. For a while, we have been redeveloping the entire program, and the new program is now here. This is the biggest overhaul to it since June of 2012.

Here are the most major changes/additions and things to know:
- The entire area has received a major design refresh with every single page updated, all information updated, and many brand new pages.
- Customized packages are now available. Choose as many or little features as you'd like and get a price based on what you choose.
- Packages 4-6 have been eliminated, and package 6 has been moved to Package 3 (with a major price reduction from $80 to $50).
- Upgrades are strictly one-time purchases now in order to simplify things. Some upgrades have been moved over to packages.
- There are several brand new features for the packages. Customize yours now or purchase Package 3 to get them all.
- Every package includes the ability to create 2 site-wide random events a month, as well as access to the brand-new Donation Portal. The Donation Portal is your one-stop spot for you to see your packages, use your features, and see other information such as donation item history.

Lastly, everything is now truly automated. No more waiting for anything to be activated or changed for you manually. The system does it all now, thus allowing you to enjoy your purchases the second your payment is processed.

We're sure there are many questions about the new program, so feel free to ask in this thread! Additional information and notes are also included in the first forum post.

May 9, 2015

Last Debate of the Season!

4:45 am - Jojo

And we have finally arrived to the last debate of the term, after many close calls between the participating Houses. This has been an intense season and, this time, both Hufflepuff and Slytherin will try to prove their worth and take home the last win of the 2014-2015 debate season. Head to the Magical Theories forum to watch these two teams debate the following topic:

Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin: Skillfulness as a wizard was not a significant contributing factor to Harry's defeat of Voldemort.

May 6, 2015

RPC Updates

8:50 pm - Artemis Eve

What do the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Charles Perrault have in common? That's right! They are the celebrated authors of popular fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Cinderella, that have all been adapted into high-grossing movies. You have read the stories, but have you ever felt like these fairy tales could have been written . . . differently? If such a thought has crossed your mind, now is your chance to rework a famous fairy tale to your liking.

Best Plot: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP (each)
Best Character: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP
Best Overall Post: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP

Participate in May's Roleplay of the Month here.

Elsewhere, the RPC Teaching Center is looking for secretaries to help us manage our sign-ups. That's right! We are scheduled to open really soon, and we want you to be part of this exciting experience. To find out more about this secretary position, head this way!

May 5, 2015

House Elections - May 2015

12:12 pm - harry_fun

The House Elections - May 2015 have officially begun. For detailed information on the elections in your house, check out the links below. Also, please note that Hufflepuff and Slytherin are making a switch to the Head Student/Prefect system.

GRYFFINDOR Rules Thread | Campaign Thread | Nominations Thread

HUFFLEPUFF Rules Thread | Campaign Thread | Nominations Thread

RAVENCLAW Rules Thread | Campaign Thread | Nominations Thread

SLYTHERIN Rules Thread | Campaign Thread | Nominations Thread

Good luck to all running and may the best candidates win!
Please note that the Nominations and Campaign threads are currently locked and will only be unlocked once that portion of the Elections officially begins. For more information check the Rules thread for your respective house.

May 4, 2015

The answer you've all been waiting for...

6:58 pm - Ninja Kitten

That's right folks! The IHC is back once again. After a two year break we are bringing back the interhouse events as well as the participation contests. This year's IHC pits the Slytherpuffs against the Gryffinclaws! Are you up for the challenge?

For those too new to know what an IHC is, IHC stands for Inter House Competition. We pair the houses up, who then form two full teams to compete in six events. IHC points are given to the winning and losing teams. During this time we also run smaller contests for those not on the teams to participate in and help their house earn more IHC points. Then, in the Final Task, we break up-- back into our own separate houses to try and grab that eternal glory for our house alone!

Please watch your house common rooms for more information on how to sign up for teams. Another homepage announcement will be given once we are certain all those threads have gone up. There are a few changes in store for this IHC, we hope to see you all there!

Gryffindor Watch Thread: Lions
Hufflepuff Watch Thread: Badgers
Ravenclaw Watch Thread: Eagles
Slytherin Watch Thread: Snakes

Your IHC planning team,
NK, Jaessa, Sophia Oceanborn, Nellykins, Icemousey, Theny
All teasers leading up to this post have been brought to you by Sophia Oceanborn. xD Thanks Oana!

May 3, 2015

Arts & Graphics Forum Update :: May

11:18 am - deidra

Cats! Kittens! Cute fuzzballs of doom! whatever you call them, we are all about our feline friends this month over in good old forum 51 this month.

For the writing challenge, your task is to role play yourself as a cat. The graphics challenge, requires from you to create a movie poster with a cat in the starring role. As always, check out the gorgeous Artwork of the Month! Good luck and have fun!

One last thing, the prizes! The three best entries in each challenge will be rewarded with:
1st Place: 10,000 Galleons + 3,000 House Points
2nd Place: 5,000 Galleons + 2,000 House Points
3rd Place: 2,000 Galleons + 1,000 House Points

Writing Challenge || Graphics Challenge || Artwork of the Month

May 2, 2015

The Quibbler - May 2015

11:08 am - picklebuddy7

The Quibbler staff is feeling quite... despicable this month. With the school year coming to a close, what better way to celebrate than by taking a walk on the dark side? But before we begin, let me ask you: Are you a villain, or are you a minion? Choose wisely, my friends. If you have questions or comments, please owl Misti or Allie. HappyVillain-y reading!

May 1, 2015


11:59 pm - John

Some promotions are in order! Jessamyn, Grant, Alannaspring, The_Sharpie_Fairy, Crystal Nymph, and Merri Patil have all been promoted to the position of Global Moderator! Congratulations to all! This is well-deserved by all of them and we are excited to have them on the team to continue moving the site into the future.

Once again, congratulations to all!

While Filch is away...

1:00 am - Jaessa

While Filch was finally convinced to take a break, the Caretakers feverishly went to work fixing up the many interior areas of Hogwarts. They dusted off some old threads, and spiffied up a few spaces with some new ones. And have you seen the new Student Hangout image map? It will take you to most of the major interior Hogwarts forums. Why don't you join us in the Student Hangout and go out exploring? I hear rumors of fun contests and chat threads can be found!

21 Years of Magic
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