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November 29, 2015

Reminder: RE Abuse

7:08 pm - HEX Staff

HEXmas is approaching and we all know what that means: fun activities to enjoy with our friends and fellow HEXians. Along with the fun and games, though, comes a bit of order.

This is not a new policy, but one that we felt needed to be addressed with the site as a whole due to the rather large enrollment that we've had the past few months. With the random event activities we put on this year came a bit of rule-breaking. Several users were found to be abusing the fun random events that dropped across the site.

These random events are meant to be fun and to be given to users who are active on the site. It is not meant to be given in excess to any one user. Abuse of random events can be found by not only excessively refreshing a page, but also in several other methods that have been employed by users.

Abuse of random events leads to a very diluted market for certain items and that means a decrease in over-all value. This all leads to users not being able to have as much fun as they could have if everyone followed the rules.

So for this holiday season, and all those in the future, please follow ALL HEX rules. It really does help to make the holidays that much more enjoyable! <3

--HEX Staff

For a complete explanation of the RE Abuse Policy please visit this thread.

November 24, 2015

User-Chosen Christmas Item - Poll Now Open

7:52 pm - Rose

Thank you everyone who decided to offer up suggestions for the new Christmas item. We gathered up some of the top requests and put them in a poll! You can access this poll on the index page (by clicking that large H on the top bar). Please be sure to cast your vote soon. Voting will end in 1-2 weeks

Remember, every vote counts!

November 22, 2015

The Publications are Hiring

1:15 pm - Nicole2013

Have you wanted to get more involved on HEX? Well, the publications are a great way to do that! Currently, all three publications are hiring. If you're into writing then The Daily Prophet or The Quibbler are for you. On the other hand, if you wish to use your voice then Wizarding Wireless Network is the place to be (though, you will still be writing your own script!)

Interested? Head on over here for more information!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can check in with each publication's Editor/Director or with Icemousey in Publications Management.

November 21, 2015

Magical Archives Update

2:48 am - Chrissy

The Magical Archivists would love for you to join us on our Journey Through Time where we rediscover each book in the series, chapter-by-chapter. We are now travelling through the magic of Harry's second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There are tons of prizes to be won, as well as our Book of Records incentive. While the Journey Through Time event is truly magical, keep in mind that the Magical Archives forums also holds two other contests in our eight forums each month! For your ease, here are the current, on-going contests:

Speaking In Tongues || Looking For Trouble || What I Did Last Summer

November 17, 2015

User-Chosen Christmas Item

1:29 pm - Rose

The house elves of Hogwarts are looking for a little help this holiday season: they want to build an item you come up with! A thread has been posted in the Entrance Hall for you to submit your ideas. At the end of the week, we'll take the best suggestions we receive and place them in a poll for everyone to vote, and the winning idea will be brought to life by one of our talented item designers and given away this Christmas!

Check out the thread HERE for more details.

November 16, 2015

New Issue of The Daily Prophet!

11:15 am - icemousey

Alas! The magical printers at the Headquarters went on a permanent strike. We had to remove the classifieds column due to this mishap. Fret not! We have a new column for your reading pleasure! On the Streets is hot off the presses and we find out what you, the readers, really think about your HEX experience!

Our archive is still full of previous, awesome articles for you to read. Even though it's top secret, we'll let you in!

If you have any concerns regarding this Daily Prophet issue, please contact Samantha Bradley or Kay85. You can also contact Icemousey with the Publication Management.

November 14, 2015

Rarity Change

9:12 pm - Rose

Due to the ever increasing amount of users on the site, and the very large influx over the past few months, it has been decided that Item Rarities needed to undergo a change. The new system is as follows:

1 Virtually Priceless (100 or less)
2 Extremely Rare (More than 100, 200 or less)
3 Rare (More than 200, 400 or less)
4 Uncommon (More than 400, 800 or less)
5 Slightly Uncommon (More than 800, 1300 or less)
6 Common (More than 1300, 2500 or less)
7 Extremely Common (More than 2500)

We understand that some users may be upset with this change. While we do understand where you would be coming from, the fact of the matter is that keeping the rarities the same is just not feasible with the amount of users we currently have. Neither economically nor from a designer's standpoint. This decision is final.

November 13, 2015

HINT Forum Update

4:15 pm - Nicole2013

The Clubs Forum has changed how the Club of the Month is selected! Get your members together and check out the information over here!

The Games Forum is holding this month's House Point Contest. Check out Game Night with the Weasley's right here!

November 11, 2015

House Duels

2:11 pm - Ninja Kitten

It's time to celebrate the festival of lights! No, we're not talking about Hannukah; it's a month too early for that. We mean Diwali, the Indian festival celebrating the victory of good over evil. The worldly Gilderoy Lockhart has just returned from a demon-banishing trip to the Indian subcontinent and has brought back a taste of the local culture for the edification of his adoring students. But the question remains: who will be victorious in the battle of Humble Hufflepuff versus Well-Read Ravenclaw? Head on over to the Great Hall to find out!

Written by Alisyn Malfoy

November 10, 2015

Election Results

5:41 pm - Sophia Oceanborn

After a long wait, the people who'll be in charge with the houses for the next six months are finally here. Please help us congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming term!

House Staff: Bizarre, Gooseberries, Kaitos, Milespleasant, Phoenix70 & Octo1810

Head Students: Apriltiger23 & The Shortie
Prefects: Emilia Celeste, Morgie92199, Xelda & Zeraphiel

House Staff: Artemis Eve, Marki, Marvinater123, raventhefree, Saphrina Winters & Tootje

Head Students: bloodofreptile & Nicole Phelps
Prefects: _Hermione _ Granger_, Elsa21, ParagonWizard & Spike Snape

Also, a huge round of applause for Tin and Zoe who are the new Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Assistant Admins, respectively!

November 8, 2015

Escape from Gringotts

10:51 am - Nicole2013

Being a pretty experienced treasure hunter, you've decided to take on the ultimate prize: Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You're practically drooling at the thought of what precious valuables are tucked away in the many, many vaults. Fast forward several weeks and five notebooks full of details to remember; you've made it into the bank without alerting the goblins.

However, that was the easy part. Now that you've gotten in, you have to get out - with the treasure. That's the important part, right? You would never be able to show your face in the "treasure hunting" community ever again if you came out empty-handed. Are you up for the challenge?

Join the Slytherin Staff in Escape From Gringotts for an adventure that you won't want to miss.

November 7, 2015

WWN: November Broadcast

3:03 pm - Nicole2013

Feel free to wear an avvie to support WWN!
(You can click on the images to be taken to the broadcast.)

The HEX Idol competition has gotten the WWN hosts in a mood to sing their hearts out. Or well, maybe they'll just talk about music instead. Have you ever wondered what bands would be Harry's favorite? Or maybe you want to know what musical opportunities Hogwarts has for you? If so, you won't want to miss this month's WWN Broadcast!

Do you have any suggestions concerning WWN, want to nominate a HEXian of the Month, or submit a guest segment? Head on over to The Newsstand.

If you have any general concerns about the this month's issue of WWN, you can send an owl to Nicole2013 or WWN. Or you can check in with Icemousey in Publication Management.

November 6, 2015

RPC Updates

7:19 pm - Raventhefree

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
A young padawan and his master set out upon a fantastic journey into the depths of the universe. Whispers of the Empire's growing power shudder across the stars. Together, this pairing finds the power to triumph over evil.

Their adventures bring them to a number of different fantastic places and planets, and the young padawan wins the respect of his powerful master. Together, they become a great force, a honored part of the mentoring program held by the Jedi Academy. What trials do they face to win this honor? How do they work together? Well, that is history that I, myself, cannot tell you...

Join the RPC for November's Roleplay of the Month: Episode HEX: The Roleplay of the Jedi. You have until November 30th, 11:59 PM Hex time to complete your roleplay.

Best Plot: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP (each)
Best Character: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP
Best Overall Post: 5,000 Galleons and 2,500 HP

All roleplayers with qualifying roleplays will earn a ticket into our annual raffle. Prizes may be viewed here.

November 5, 2015

Arts & Graphics Forum Update :: November

3:42 pm - deidra

"I've got a bad feeling about this." - Anakin Skywalker

Sometimes, the Arts & Graphics forum come up with really spectacular ideas for our monthly themes, this month, not so much. So, we're asking for your infinite patience and creativity to turn our terrible ideas into something beautiful. For the writing challenge, you are being asked to take the most cliche story ideas and make them fresh, new, and most of all, not terrible. For the graphic challenge, forgive us for this, you are challenge to take a terrible font (like Comic Sans) and turn into a work of art. Good luck, you'll need it. If you need something less awful to look at, you should go check out the gorgeous Artwork of the Month. Trust us, it's way prettier than our ideas.

As always, the winners will go home with galleons and House Points, and their entries will be published on the official HEX Tumblr page.
1st Place: 10,000 Galleons + 3,000 House Points
2nd Place: 5,000 Galleons + 2,000 House Points
3rd Place: 2,000 Galleons + 1,000 House Points

Writing Challenge || Graphics Challenge || Artwork of the Month

November 4, 2015

House Elections - Voting!

11:45 pm - Zoe

Voting is now open for House elections! These users will be responsible for running their respective House for six months, and they need your votes. Please vote HERE or use the link in your common room. Remember, all votes are due by November 9th, at 11:59 p.m.

Good luck to everyone running!

November 3, 2015

New Issue of the Quibbler!

10:03 am - icemousey

HEXians to your battle station! The game of Wizard's Chess is about to get exciting. Well... more exciting -- if that's even possible -- in this chess-themed issue. If you have questions or comments about The Quibbler or Hex's Publications, please either visit the Newsstand here or send an owl to Misti or Allie. Happy reading!

November 1, 2015

Quidditch: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

4:00 pm - Artemis Eve

This is it. The big one. The one we have all been waiting for. With Ravenclaw and Gryffindor having secured one win each, the lions now turn their attention to the snakes. The Quidditch greats are about to go head to head in a test of strength, stamina, skill, and strategy. Will the glorious Gryffindors be able to pull off another spectacular victory, or will the spirited Slytherins finally put an end to the lions' winning streak? Make your way to the Quidditch Pitch, people, and watch the battle between Gryffindor and Slytherin unfold.

21 Years of Magic
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