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August 29, 2013

Departments, Salaries, & Terms

1:27 am - John

A new page has been added, titled Departments. This page allows one to see which users are apart of and running specific areas of HEX. Specific questions and concerns can now be more easily directed to the correct people. The page can be accessed through the About page, located at the bottom of every page.

Positions on the site will receive monthly galleon salaries beginning this Sunday, September 1st. Salaries will be paid at the 1st of every month and apply to most positions on the site. Monthly pay varies for each position. In addition to this, a bonus system now exists. If an administrator or staff member sees someone going above and beyond, even if the user does not hold a salary position, a galleon bonus will potentially be offered to the user. e.g. A user is putting in an extra amount of effort to make something happen on the site, like for an event.

Finally, a new rule has been added to the Terms. The rule is number 19, and specifically states:
"User created chat room boxes like ChatterBox are not allowed. It is impossible to moderate the content of these, when the content itself is technically on HEX."

Most of the time, these have appeared in user stores. If anyone happens to come across one, please report it to someone on staff. Most have been removed already.

Thank you!

August 27, 2013

Inventory Redesign

3:25 am - iPod


After sitting on this new inventory for quite a long time, I'm finally deciding to release it for public consumption. Note one of the many new features: The Dock. Simply click an item and drag it down to perform an action. In addition to this, clicking an item will bring up the familiar multiple actions from before.

There are many more features than ever before, so please enjoy!

August 20, 2013

Color Changing Ink update

4:53 am - caleneledh

"Sunshine, daisies,
butter mellow,
turn this stupid,
inkwell yellow."

Wait. That didn't work. Let me try a different way.


Aha! That did it. If you are lucky enough to own a Color Changing Inkwell, you can now change your ink color without having to copy/paste like a Mountain Troll. Just point and click.

To try out the new color picker, visit your prefences page. If you have any issues with it, please owl me and I'll jab it with my wand to get it working properly.

House Cup

3:23 am - John

Congratulations to Slytherin for winning the House Cup for the 2012-2013 school year!

The results ended up being as follows:

Slytherin - 713,050.7 points
Ravenclaw - 666,825.6 points
Gryffindor - 557,999.7 points
Hufflepuff - 522,004.2 points

Slytherins can now collect their house cup prize through the link in the common room. You must have attained at least 100 points to be able to collect.

Year advancements have officially happened. If you attained 100 points or more, then you qualified to advance to the next year. There are no exceptions to this. If you did not attain the 100 point minimum, you will not be moved up.

This year, we have a record amount of graduates. A total of fifty people have graduated this year. Becoming a graduate on HEX is very difficult to achieve, and is a huge honor. The following users graduated this year:

AFam1234, Alatariel Ancalime, Amber Penn, andiw2, angeleyes_7, angelsky, Azul_Engel, blevins1970, bree5468, Carriepotter, cheeseburger55, darkpoet_01, Dobby01, dranyam, flute_girl09, grannybo, Hepsatra, Hysteria, Junelyn, Kaliana, kelgirl, kestral, kisshu83, LaurenTaylor, Listya, Lucala, luckykid, MamaPotter, Maz05, motherof3, MrsEmilyWeasley, NORMp162, Pangwin91, PheonixFyre, poly, Ravies_Rock, rennc48219, sammyig, Sandra Dee, Sara11408, scully, Serena Blaze, Shining Star, Simone_Jowett, starzza, TllyC, Trenqil, tryner_cat, Unicorn Mistress, and witchycharm.

This year, we have done something new and different for the top point earner prizes. Instead of just doing points attained from homework, we also added in house points attained from things other than homework.

1) Alisyn Malfoy - 50k G
2) Lucala - 45k G
3) Sophia Oceanborn - 40k G
4) scully - 35k G
5) Genese - 30k G
6) Harry_fun - 25k G
7) Thornshield - 20k G
8) Deidra - 15k G
9) Shaya Mason - 10k G
10) JrunneL - 5k G

Congratulations to all of the graduates and top point earners!

More info on the term to come!

August 12, 2013

Looking for: Coders!

6:05 pm - iPod

Hello witches and wizards,

Are you interested in helping to craft a better Hex with your coding skills? Do you have prior experience in building dynamic websites? If so, we're currently accepting applications. Fill out the exciting application here!

We look forward to hearing from you!

August 9, 2013

Wizarding Wireless Network - August 2013

12:24 pm - themoon

We're finally introducing the Sizzling Hot Topic! Also, we have a sexy new introduction, courtesy of Wyntre Nox and LittleLumos! This is our last time broadcasting the news, but stay tuned next month for four new shows!

Songs were performed by _sky_ and tnkfn101. In the first song, _sky_ gives us an instrumental with himself on the keyboard. Questions and concerns can be sent to Jason, WWN, or Angela in Publication Management.

WWN Second Broadcast (May require a refresh to get to the August show.)

August 4, 2013

The Quibbler - August 2013

10:22 pm - Reneespeaks

Quibbler - August 2013!

The Quibbler has been struggling a bit lately. Why, you ask? Well, haven't you heard about the crazy case of writer's block that has hit the entire wizarding nation? You haven't?! Well, have we got news for you! Head on over and read all about it in this month's edition! As always, you can contact editor Reneespeaks or Publications manager Kitten050606 with questions. Happy reading!

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