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April 30, 2013

New Layout and Lottery Updates

3:06 am - John

A new layout, titled, "Spring at Hogwarts" has been added as the site-wide default layout. The layout was made by Alex. I love the mountains and the detail of it as a whole. Great job!

The Lottery has also received some updates. A new link now appears at the top of the section, "History." This page allows one to view all of their past activated tickets, as well as a history of the winning numbers. It also lists all previous jackpot winners. The General Information page has also been updated to be more clear and current. The weekly galleon prizes are also now listed below the item prizes on the main lottery page. These will now potentially fluctuate from week to week based on ticket demand, the jackpot, the HEX economy as a whole, and other factors. The galleon prizes listed reflect what will be handed out on the next reset.

April 15, 2013

Contest Coordinator Applications

3:03 pm - Nelly

Here Ye. Here Ye. The Contest Forum is in need of new coordinators to put on official contests for the people of Hogwarts Extreme. Applications are due by April 30th at 11:59pm HEX Time. Please read the entire post thoroughly and before you apply take into consideration the amount of time and effort that this job will entail. Only apply if you're serious and ready to make some awesometastic contests for Hex!


Slytherin Restock: Of Myth and Legend

1:29 pm - deidra

In a land of myth and legend, creatures from the oldest legends and darkest myths roam freely. The old books say that each person has a second face, a true face. Come find out what lies in your heart and discard your human skin for that of a more honest face. Are you a pure and sweet Unicorn, or are you powerful and fierce like the Leviathan of the deep seas? Come, find your true face, win prizes, buy works of art, or even bid for the talents of the finest artisans that HEX has to offer. We await your arrival.

Of Myth and Legend

April 12, 2013


6:14 pm - John

A new section, Trends, has been added. This allows one to see what all is popular and trending on the site at any given time. The Trends page allows everyone to discover areas/sections that they may not have known about before. I want to give a big thanks to Steven, who helped me solve a big part of this script that makes it function properly. The link to Trends can be found under the "Site" category on the left menu bar.

April 5, 2013

Quidditch - Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin

6:08 pm - Reneespeaks

After Gryffindor beat Ravenclaw in our last match, there was only one pairing left. We wrap up our first successful Quidditch season with Hufflepuff taking on Slytherin. Don't miss the action! Head on over to The Quidditch Pitch and watch these two go head to head! (Commentary by Dean Thomas not included.)

Terms, Lottery, Donations, & CCI

12:43 am - John

The Terms have been updated to make them easier to read and more understandable. They are much clearer and more to the point now. New links have also been added to the bullying page. Also, please note the newly updated list of allowed/disallowed words. If you have any questions, please feel free to owl any staff member or global moderator. They will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the changes.

The way the lottery works is being slightly adjusted. Starting with the reset this Sunday, galleon prizes will now be awarded along with the rare items. The galleon prizes are not a part of the jackpot. They are also awarded by complete chance, not numbers, just like the item prizes. Every week, three galleon prizes will be awarded. They are as follows: 100,000 galleons, 25,000 galleons, and 25,000 galleons.

With donations, a new upgrade has been added. You can now have your very own personalized @hexrpg.com email account for $5 a month. This option has also been added to packages 5 and 6. Also, browsing HEX advertisement-free has been extended to package 1, so now all packages have the option. As a reminder, the option to donate for your friends is available for all packages and upgrades. Click here for more information.

Lastly, winners for the Color-Changing Ink site-wide April Fools raffle have been determined. Winners were selected at complete random with a PHP script executed by myself. They are as follows: hp_gurl, tapdeb, Kyrel, Xeneixian, Nyx4994, Angelfire900, Locket Angel, babyjordon, BumbleBoy, and godismaz.

Congrats to all, and thank you to everyone that participated!

April 2, 2013

Late April Fools!

6:00 pm - John

April Fools everyone! Thanks for putting up with the joke and utilizing "The New Hogwarts Extreme" to the fullest. I know some of you will miss the new setup, but we went ahead and reverted everything back. Nothing was lost, as it was all simply sitting there while the joke went on. The New Hogwarts Extreme is still available to those that wish to use it.

The Color-Changing Ink Raffle is indeed real. To give everyone a chance to withdraw money from Gringotts and have a fair shot at getting tickets, the raffle will go on until tomorrow, 11:59PM HEX time.

Thanks for the fun and also for putting up with it! Also, thank you to the global moderators and staff that helped make this happen. :)

The New Hogwarts Extreme

2:00 am - John

Unfortunately, the time has come where HEX must downsize. This is due to many reasons. The main reason is lack of server space and system resources. The financials are also just not there to have every section open currently. While we are working on all of the issues extensively, at this time we must consolidate all forums into one indefinitely, appropriately titled, "The New Hogwarts Extreme". As of now, we only have the ability to have the main page, the new forum, owlpost, and inventories open.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are open to any suggestions/thoughts that you may have! The new, consolidated forum, has all of one's favorite areas ready to post in.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause everyone, so to show our support, the staff are throwing a site-wide raffle, with 10 Color-Changing Inks as the prizes. Tickets are 100G each, with a max of 25 per person. Click here for more information!

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transitional period!

April 1, 2013

The Quibbler - April 2013

9:02 am - Reneespeaks

Spring is here! And so is everyone's favorite part of the season: cute, little baby animals! But not so fast - we at the Quibbler have discovered some sinister goings-on with these "benign" little creatures. So before you pet that little duckling that just waddled up to you, take a gander through our pages first - it might just save your life.

Questions or concerns about the Quibbler can be directed to Reneespeaks or Kitten050606. Happy reading!

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