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February 25, 2013

Yellow Eyes

7:50 pm - deidra

Mysteriously, a basilisk egg appears and hatches in the Slytherin common room. Slytherin house takes a vote and decides to keep the lost little princeling. Being quite enchanted with the infant king of the serpents, they seem to have forgotten how deadly basilisks are. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Use a mirror to see around corners and never meet the basilisk's deadly gaze. Avoid petrification and you might just get a chance at having a vial of the rare Basilisk Venom!

Enter the lair of the King of the Serpents.

February 22, 2013

Daily Prophet

11:59 am - Ninja Kitten

It's February, and it's cold out there, the perfect time to curl up by the fire with the new Daily Prophet. We take you into the depths of Azkaban Prison, and try to figure out a link between our beloved Naomi Bridgecomb and a certain famous wizard from our past. Inside, you can also learn how to make Butterbeer, then drink it while catching up on Hermione's memoirs. All that and more in the February Daily Prophet!

If you have any general concerns about the this month's issue of the DP, please contact them at either Tony Shacklebolt, or GSP827, or Publication Management at Kitten050606.

February 21, 2013

It's Your Turn to Shine

6:46 pm - sofiar

Attention everyone! HEX Idol is back once more for a fifth edition. Are you going to be the next Top Singer of HEX?

You're interested in music or you love to sing and your friends are always telling you to do something about this dormant talent of yours? Then get up and get yourself over to the Entrance Hall to show us what you've got! We will be holding Auditions from Feb 21 - 27, so make sure to get your entry in on time!

Naturally, the winner will be signed to the Crookshanks Records magic music label once more, earn their House 7,000 House Points and have the option of winning 100,000 Galleons or the awesome new release Myron Wagtail's Microphone! Additionally to that, the winner will receive the title HEX Idol 2013 and go down in HEX' Hall of Fame along with these incredible singers: lmnop567, lil miss magic, Iguna and Nadia_Marie! Big shoes to fill, folks!

But no worries, every participant who is selected will receive a little reward for their efforts. With every round you move up, the value of prizes increases, as does the amount of House Points you earn. Participants will also receive a small participation banner they can showcase in their profile or perhaps wear as a signature. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this opportunity or you'll surely regret you didn't! ;D

Now you might be disappointed because you don't sing; don't be! HEX Idol is as much an event for the audience as it is for its participants! Head on over to the Entrance Hall to keep up with the event and participate in the Audience threads, cheering your favorites on - and VOTING for them - and discussing the merits of the other contestants... all the while winning points and prizes just for that! Awesome right?

Have fun everyone with HEX Idol Edition V.

February 13, 2013

Attention all layout, item, and social media design enthusiasts:

2:25 am - HPfanextrm

You finally received CS6 for Christmas and have spent the last month and a half brushing-up (pun intended) on your mad design skills. Now it's time to show us what you're made of.

Three new threads have been posted to the Arts & Graphics forum with detailed instructions for you to submit your works to the site. If we like what we see, we'll be sure to send you an owl to let you know, and you just might see your creations posted here on the site. Layout submission information may be found here, item submission information may be found here, and Facebook submission information may be found here.

February 7, 2013

For that GIANT crush of yours.

12:00 am - HPfanextrm

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and being the procrastinator that you are, there's a good chance you haven't spent a knut yet on your HEX sweetheart (which reminds me...). Never fear! Fred's Holiday Store is here! ...to help you out. Packed with loads of new and freshly updated goodies, (courtesy of your favorite Item Designers: Yuki_Chan, Dollgodess, SofiaR, and Nefarious Black) you're sure to find something to satisfy that GIANT crush of yours.

In other news, we'd like to announce our two Featured Auction winners: fluffy22 stole Harry's Potter Memories for a whopping 1,039,000 G and OceanGirlie2010 walked away with Blood of the Enemy for 817,000 G! Congratulations to you both!

February 2, 2013

Quidditch - Ravenclaw vs Slytherin

4:40 am - Jojo

In our last Quidditch match that opposed Gryffindor to Hufflepuff, the Lions took the Snitch and the majority of HP home after a very fierce fight on the pitch. Now, we are ready for another exciting match, and this time Ravenclaw faces Slytherin! What are you waiting for? Visit The Quidditch Pitch if you don't want to miss all the action!

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