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May 31, 2012

Election Results:

8:52 pm - Ninja Kitten

Election Results:
That's right folks, voting is now over and the results have been tabulated. Your new House Staff Members are as follows:

  • HoH: Shining Star
  • AHoH: StefPotter
  • HB: Milespleasant
  • HG: Kaliana
  • Prefect: Archtitaness
  • Prefect: Bumbleboy
  • HoH: Alice Rosebud
  • AHoH: BLMB
  • HB: Graham_2010
  • HG: KeishaMc
  • Prefect: Anushree
  • Prefect: Saara_Mehta
  • HoH: Vanessaangela
  • AHoH: icemousey
  • HB: AirborneATW
  • HG: Lillian McBeth
  • Prefect: MyDogsRock
  • Prefect: Mason Vaughan
  • HoH: Crystal Nymph
  • AHoH: Samantha Bradley
  • HB: richard lestrange
  • HG: Luxa
  • Prefect: halfbloodprincess88
  • Prefect: rebel_leader

Congratulations to you all! Here's to another awesome term!

May 28, 2012

Elections: Vote

1:59 pm - Xeneixian

Don't forget to vote for your new house staff. Voting is almost over, so get it in quick!

May 25, 2012

Wanna write for The Quibbler?

11:46 am - Marluxia

The Quibbler is in search of TWO new writers to join our stellar publication. If you're one of those who have been eagerly anticipating this opportunity, be sure to check out THIS THREAD to get the details! But hurry - applications are only open until May 30th at 11:59 PM HEX time. Don't miss out on the chance to show us your skills and become a writer for The Quibbler!

May 20, 2012

Wands and Broomsticks

7:45 am - saphrina winters

Good news for everyone! The dueling you enjoyed so much during your visits to the Ravenclaw RP Room is now going site-wide! Yep, you heard it right! You no longer have to wait for events or restocks to get to play one of your favorite games. All you need to do now, is head over to the Great Hall and arrange your own matches. Moreover, starting June 1st, the Department of Magical Games and Sports will be holding an Inter-house Summer Dueling Tournament. We are requesting all houses to please put together a team comprising five to seven duelists, five of which will be your front-liners and the remaining ones your spare. In relation to this, we are looking for dueling judges. Applications can be found in this thread.


More good news, Quidditch will be coming back next term with revamped rules and the Quidditch Committee is in need of Quidditch referees. If interested on becoming one, please check the Referee Application thread.

May 19, 2012

The Daily Prophet: May 2012

7:39 pm - MuggleBornMegan07

It's been a ground-breaking month for the Daily Prophet! After a strenuous month of moving our Headquarters to a more convienient location, our writer's went to work, stressing over which breaking news story was larger than the other. Step inside as Lydia Flitter explains the current going-ons around HEX. Be warned as you read one of our newer articles, Prophet Prophecies, and learn how you can prepare for the upcoming Inferi Apocolypse. And, only days after Mother's day, learn what advice Molly Weasley has to give to those seeking answers. This, and much more only in the May edition of The Daily Prophet!

If you have any general concerns about the this month's issue of the DP, please direct them at either MugglebornMegan07, Tori Tendleswift, or Marluxia. Thanks!

May 18, 2012

Project Ink: Series 3

4:47 am - Xeneixian

Summer is on our doorstep, and that can mean only one thing for the bookworms and novelists here at HEX: Project Ink is back.

The past two summers of writing have shown us an amazing display of creativity, extraordinary characters, awesome alliteration, and extremely powerful prose. For those who either weren't around, or have simply forgotten: Our main goal is to promote and reward talented, creative writers on HEX. We have come up with 7 contrasting tasks which we will use to put them to the test. We hope to stimulate growth as a writer and introduce them to mediums and topics that they wouldn't generally explore.

Everyone is welcome to apply, but only the best, most creative, most adaptive writers will survive. If you think you have what it takes and want the chance to win not only prizes and prestige, but also a substantial amount of points for your house? Head on over to the Role-Play Central and put your pen to the grindstone. Even if your English leaves something to be desired, you can still read along and watch the competition unfold. And who knows? You might just find that there's a way for you to be involved after all.

Also keep in mind that the prizes listed may not be the only rewards we have planned for those who participate. We deal in both words and secrets at Project Ink. Trust me when I tell you this competition is not one to be missed.

May 8, 2012

Elections: Suffrage for All

11:42 pm - Xeneixian

Do you love your house? Would you do anything for your house? Would you die for your house? You're in luck, because I've got some exciting news: House Staff Elections are going on now in all four houses!

Every six months, using our tried and true electoral process, each house elects six users to lead the way. So if you're interested in hosting awesome events for your house (and the site), organizing activities, or generally making your Common Room the place to be, you should head there right this very second. Even if this doesn't sound like the job for you, you can still make your voice count by nominating, interviewing, and voting for the people you think are best suited to run your house.

All the information you need can be found in the big stickied thread at the top of each common room. And hurry: nominations are over in a week.

Lost? Try a portkey:

May 3, 2012

Some Promotions

2:32 pm - anacrusis

Over the past few months HEX has been undergoing improvements and changes. During this time several of our current global moderators and regular users have distinguished themselves through the amount of time and work they have dedicated to the site. So in recognition of their hard work we are happy to announce the following promotions.

Please welcome Sara11408, Tinuel, Marvinater123, VanessaAngela, Chris_phoenix, and Reneespeaks, who have all been promoted to Global Moderator. And also a big congratulations to Jeleme, Heathermonique005, Nefarious Black, and Caleneledh who have been promoted to Staff.

We are certain that will all continue to distinguish themselves in their new positions!

May 1, 2012

The Quibbler: May 2012

9:35 pm - Marluxia

Shove those piles of books and parchment away for just a sec and enjoy the newest issue of the Quibbler! We know you're busy preparing for your exams (and if you're not, then you SHOULD be) but it's scientifically proven that you will study more efficiently if you're in a good mood. So let us tell you about our own perilous study sessions here at the Quibbler, and even give you some tips on how to survive the horrors to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Quibbler or its content, please owl Marluxia or one of the other publications staff members, Tori Tendleswift or MuggleBornMegan07. Thanks!

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