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June 28, 2011

A Positive Space

10:08 pm - Tori Tendleswift

The Harry Potter series is more than a set of fantasy novels set in some far off land for us, it is a story that resonates with us at a deeper level. Many of us have had battles similar to Harry whether it was fighting the intolerance of bullies, sexists, racists, homophobes, plain old haters or all of the above. Thus, in celebration of Gay Pride Month we have set up a special forum specifically as a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersexed, queer, questioning and Two-Spirited (LGBTTIQQ2S) members of the site as well as their allies.

While the rest of the world may continue to ignore you, marginalize you, make you feel insignificant, strip you of your basic human rights, etc., on HEX we recognise that we have a gigantic queer-identifying population who deserve to let their freak flag fly.

Click HERE to visit A Positive Space.

June 25, 2011

The Podlet Action Figure

3:06 am - Xeneixian

As many of you may have heard, Podlet passed away last month. She was near and dear to a lot of our users, and she will always be my friend. She also put a lot into this site, whether by taking care of business as a Global Moderator, working on the Hufflepuff staff, or running the most successful school term HEX has seen since I have been on this site. It meant a lot to her, and she meant a lot to us.

Seeing as she didn't get an Action Figure made while she was a Global Moderator, we decided that it was time she got one. Thanks to Yuki_Chan, one of our talented item designers, now she does.

These action figures are untradeable. They can be found in Witchy Action Figures down Knockturn Alley and will remain in stock until the start of the next school term.

Won't be the same without you, Pod. We love you.

June 23, 2011

Hold on tight, time for a big announcement.

6:28 am - anacrusis

First, Sportzgrl33 and Sarah74656 have stepped down from their positions as global moderator and staff member respectively due to time constraints. We'd like to thank them for the time that they have invested in the site and hope to still see them around. In their absence we have appointed four new global moderators. Please welcome and congratulate Jeleme, Sapphire Smoke, Heathermonique005 and Kashtastic. All four have been incredibly active and involved in the site from running their houses to modding forums on HEX.

Second, no doubt you have heard the news of Pottermore. A thread has been set up in the Entrance Hall HERE as a consolidated place where everyone can discuss this new development. We have our own announcement to make as well concerning expanding the Harry Potter universe. Coming soon we'll have a way in which you can interact with the Harry Potter universe on an even more personal level than you already have by taking classes, buying items, earning house points etc. Soon, you'll be able to submit your own creative endeavors to our new Fan Fiction section. There are also more exciting developments on their way, but we're trying to make them just right before we reveal too much.

Third, the final Harry Potter movie is but a few weeks away so in celebration we have a very special event lined up for you all. There will be rares - lots of rares - up for grabs. For for the first time in HEX history there will even even be Harry Potter merchandise up for grabs! Keep your eyes and ears open, or you may find yourself on the wrong side of an unforgivable curse.

Finally, Slytherin elections will begin on June 25th. See this thread for details. More will be posted in the common room come time for the elections.

Edit 9:38am: Orion has also accepted a position as a global moderator. Please welcome him on board as well for his hard work making sure the School ran on time!

June 18, 2011

The Daily Prophet: June 2011 1995

7:56 pm - MuggleBornMegan07

This month's issue of the Daily Prophet will take you back to June 1995; Harry Potter and Dumbledore swear that the Dark Lord has returned. We, at the Daily Prophet, clearly know this to be preposterous! From the real life testimonial of one Eldred Worple to a summary of the controversial Tri-Wizard Tournament, we have delivered only the most credible evidence to put at rest those silly circulating rumors. Should the Boy Who Lived be renamed the Boy Who Lied? Make that judgement for yourself after reading this issue of The Daily Prophet!

If you have any general concerns about the this month's issue of the DP, please direct them at either MugglebornMegan07, or one of the publication staff members: Tori Tendleswift, Aiden Jakorr, or Marluxia. Thanks!

June 12, 2011

Through Her Looking Glass

2:36 pm - Faye Fenikkusu

Have you ever wondered what else the Mirror of Erised might be able to do? What would you do if you stumbled upon a world which is entirely your own? The House of Slytherin presents to you, "Through Her Looking Glass," a wondrous tale of Bellatrix's journey beyond the glass of the Mirror of Erised and into a strange new world where she is Queen. Follow her adventures, help her solve the riddles and mazes, and tell her your secret desires. Join us down the rabbit hole and foray into the unknown; if you come out of it unscathed, you may just find yourself with the ultimate prize: the infamous mirror itself.

Witch Weekly Writer Applications

4:07 am - Caleneledh

After an unfortunate incident involving a gnome, a printing press, and a handful of writers, Witch Weekly was unfortunately closed by the Ministry of Magic pending a full and thorough investigation. However, I am pleased to announce that we have been given the all clear to resume publishing.

As you can imagine we are now a little short of writers, and we want you to join our team!

To apply we ask you write a sample article. We will only be considering serious applications, so please put your full effort into it. Spelling and grammar will be taken into consideration, but will not be the final basis of our decision.

Applications should be owled to the Witch Weekly account. The closing date for applications is 23:59, 26th June.

If you have any questions about applications you can owl either Caleneledh or Nefarious Black

June 8, 2011

Want To Improve Your Roleplaying Skills?

12:17 am - Samantha Bradley

The Role Play Central is proud to announce that the RPC Teaching Center is about to open! We have a group of excellent tutors who are ready to work with you and help you make your roleplaying better, so head on over to this thread and you will be placed with a tutor.

All new students start at the Beginner level, and move on to the Intermediate level once they have demonstrated they have sufficient skills to move on. So even if you have prior RP experience, you wil still be starting at this level. Once you graduate you will move to the Intermediate level and then the Advanced level as your final level. By then, you should be a pro!

June 7, 2011

The Whisperer - June 2011

5:20 pm - Tori Tendleswift

This month we take a swing around the block and point out every single hipster we can see. I know, I know, I hear you already, "Christ on toast, what is a hipster?" Don't worry, we don't know either, but we tried to nail it down for you all so you can hide your kids, wives, and husbands, but it was a bit more than we bargained for to even figure it out. In other very tragic news, we discuss the life and times of Judith, or as we all lovingly knew her as: Podlet. Welcome to the June 2011 Issue, where laughter and tears are all we have to offer. Click HERE to read.

If you have any concerns about the content of this month's issue of The Whisperer, please contact either Porcelain_Doll, or one of the publication management members, Tori Tendleswift, Aiden Jakorr, or Marluxia.

June 5, 2011

Graphic Designer Applications

12:41 pm - Xeneixian

Want to make your mark on Hex? Love messing with pixels?

Then we've got a job for you: Hex is looking always for talented Graphics Designers. You heard me, it's time to get your digital art kits out and paint us some pretty pictures.

HEX is mostly looking for graphic designers who can create quality forum layouts (banner, line image, year image, CSS coding). These designers will be responsible for creating layouts for the entire site, from site-wide layouts, like Smoulder, to house subforums.

If this sounds like the job for you, check out THIS THREAD for the full application and more information. Applications will remain open indefinitely.

Additionally, we are always looking for skilled item image designers. Anyone who wishes to become official Item Makers on HEX should read THIS THREAD to find out what it entails and how to apply.

June 3, 2011

Want to be part of the Contest Coordinating team?

6:47 pm - laila123

If interested in helping, please fill out the following form.

  • Username:
  • Name you go by on Hex:
  • Average hours spent on Hex weekly:
  • Why do you want to be a part of the team?:
  • Have you hosted any contests on hex previously? If so, please include a link(s) to the contest(s) for us to review? (Optional, just helpful)
  • Please include an original Contest Coordinator styled contest based on ONE of the following ideas. Remember, contests must contain an introduction, a task, a set of rules, and prizes.

    1. A Writing Contest based on a Hogwart's Sorting Ceremony.
    2. A Graphic Contest based on a new Honeyduke's Product.
    3. A Trivia Contest based on Quidditch.

When your form is complete, please owl it to the Contest Coordinator Account no later than Friday, June 17th, by 11:59pm. Only completed applications will be considered (with the exception of those marked as Optional). We will likely choose 3-4 people. If you've been banned from participating in contests in the contest forum, your application will not be considered, sorry.

June 1, 2011

Hogwarts' Career Fair

12:04 pm - Thatsme

The excitement is palpable as students run from booth to booth trying to determine what their future could possibly hold. Have you taken your Wizarding Career Test yet? Are you ready to join your fellow students in the quest for a bright future? Jump in, grab a few fliers, and prepare for a fantastical journey to determine the wizarding career that is right for you! The Welcome Center and Info forums welcome you to Hex's first Wizarding Career Fair! Come join us in the WC for some amazing contests and spectacular prizes.

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Staff Announced

12:01 am - Xeneixian

Congratulations are due to the new Gryffindor and Ravenclaw staffs:


Head of House - Caleneledh
Asst. HoH - Marluxia
Head Girl - Kaliana
Head Boy - Milespleasant
Prefects - Firebolt32, Kashtastic
Quidditch Captain - Serena Blaze


Head of House - The_Sharpie_Fairy
Asstt. HoH - wandmaker85
Head Girl - Spencerkitty123
Head Boy - Godric Black
Prefects - Kimiskoolaid, kydsis9
Quidditch Captain - Saphrina Winters

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