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July 30, 2010

Impending Item Removal - Heads Up!

7:00 pm - Aurora Dior

In the near future, most likely soon after the end of the Inter-House Competition, there is going to be a giant purging of unneeded or undesirable items that exist currently.

There will be a large event beforehand, in which these items can be used to your benefit, we won't ruin the surprise, but let's just say, it's a can't miss!

Not to worry, following that, there will be a time period of about two weeks, in which you can sell these items back to us for a set price before they are deleted.

I will include a list of the items we are currently including in this deletion in the Diagon Alley thread located HERE. Please note that this is not our guaranteed final list, it is just the current draft, so that you can have an idea of what items we plan to remove at this moment.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone receives compensation for their share of these items. So make sure you're ready to chuck them out when the time comes!

July 29, 2010

IHC Potions Riddle

7:22 pm - Podlet

Entrusted with the responsibility of creating a level of protection for the Philosopher's Stone, Snape sat down to think. A wondrous logic puzzle came into his mind using Potions to deter any seeker after the Stone. He would need seven bottles, two of them meaningless, there was a large amount of Nettle Wine hidden in the Divination classroom, he would use those. Three would be poison, immediate and deadly poison and the other two would be masterful creations. Snape smiled and then looked quickly around to make sure he had not been seen. Formulas and ingredients rolled around in his mind and he went to his potions cabinet to take stock. After hours of work he had settled on five potions, two fire protection potions, one for black flames and one for purple and three poisons of his own design. Unfortunately for Snape he was in need of five special ingredients. To see if your team finds it's way through the riddle come to The IHC.

Many Updates and Global Moderator Nominations

12:13 am - John

Many updates have happened recently. First, there is a new site-wide main layout called Burn. The layout was designed by Megan (quiet_fury87). As you all can probably tell, the layout is based on the amazing movie poster recently released by Warner Brothers.

Next, the six month donation items for December 2009 and June 2010 have finally been handed out. They are: Flitwick's Wand and Enchanted Scoreboard.


Both items have actions associated with them that can be used on the site. With Flitwick's wand, you have the options of casting a Cheering Charm, Silencio, and Rictusempra. With the Enchanted Scoreboard, you have the option of personally posting text on the scoreboard towards the top of Diagon Alley. Both items were coded by Josh. If you feel you should have received December or June's item, please owl me ASAP.

Per many of your requests, any monthly donation subscriptions created by 11:59 PM on August 11th will count towards December's six month rare (which will have actions). Please note that in order to qualify for a six month rare, you must donate every month in the six month period.

Galleon incentives have now been handed out. If you did not receive yours, you likely got an email with instructions. Also, a new incentive has officially started. 24 to 48 hours after a purchase is made, the purchasing user will be granted forum title privileges for exactly one month. Wearing things from the Site Store is a great way to support Hex, and your house.

Also, as many of you know, I have no problem with people presenting their problems with Hex and discussing them openly. I realize that many are unhappy with the events discussed in the Kerfuffle news post. With this, a general trend that seems to be occurring is people making big leaving threads and making a big deal out of them and disabling their accounts to prove a point. What has been happening though, is that many of the people are taking advantage of the three day re-enable account policy, even after making huge threads about disabling their accounts. Because of this, the three day grace period to re-enable disabled accounts will temporarily be removed. If you truly want to leave Hex and feel passionate enough to post all about it, then follow through with what you said and truly leave.

Also, the staff is always open to any ideas and suggestions. I know many have been saying this is not the case. Feel free to owl any of us at any time. We do not mind at all and would like it if you did. As stated above, we also have no problem with viewpoints that are different from ours. All that we ask is that they are presented in a respectful manner. The name calling and personal attacks that have been occurring on Hex and on the Facebook page will obviously not be tolerated, as defined in the Terms.

Lastly, for the first time ever, the Hex Staff will begin accepting nominations for the global moderator position. All of the details about this can be found here. As stated on the page, you cannot nominate yourself. Multiple nominations per person is encouraged. The nomination applications are by no means meant to replace any current global moderators, but only possibly add additional ones. More details of what's to come after the nomination process will be posted at a later date.

Thank you!

July 28, 2010

HexCast Applications

1:56 am - laila123

Ever wanted to be a part of HexCast? Think you've got what it takes? If you said yes to both question then this is your chance! HexCast is currently in search of a Knockturn Alley Correspondent as well as a Back-Up. Please head on over to the HexCast Forum to read the description of both positions as well as the requirements. If you are interested in a position and you meet the requirements then please fill out an application and owl it to Laila123.

July 24, 2010

A Bit of a Kerfuffle

1:56 pm - anacrusis

Early this morning you may have noticed several odd things occurring on HEX and we felt that it was only right to inform you about what happened. A while ago all moderators on HEX who have cloaks were owled requesting that they appear online and not wear their cloak at least half of the time that they are on HEX. We had been getting complaints that moderators were hiding under the cloaks and this made it difficult for regular users to contact them when problems arose.

However, recently it was brought to the KA mods' attention that they were wearing their cloaks far too often so users couldn't see that they were online. It was reiterated that cloaks are a privilege given to moderators and they can be removed if abused. An argument broke out because they didn't want to abide by this and things escalated to the point that Rain, Meex18, MsErica and Masterwizard disabled their accounts (before going they decided to hand out some invisibility cloaks), disabled the KA account (the one that holds all the items for the contests) and they removed everyone's access to KA.

The site staff have been working since this morning to return the rares to the KA account and retrieve the invisibility cloaks that were given out and deal with the mess that was left behind. We regret to announce the loss of these users but we don't consider it to be such a terrible thing that a moderator spends at least half their time on HEX uncloaked so that users can see them online.


I'd also like to take this time to make a big announcement, both in terms of length and content:

In order to improve our moderation of the site, select administrators, staff members and global moderators have been appointed to specifically oversee certain aspects of the site, and where needed, new forum moderators have been introduced.

Inside Hogwarts - Entrance Hall, Great Hall, Student Hangout, Hallways, etc.
Sky Miller, Kashtastic, Marvinater123, i3ingo and Carrie have been promoted to the position of 'Inquisitorial Squad' under the supervision of global moderators Laila123, Motherof3 and Simone_Jowett. Should you require the assistance of a staff member or administrator, then you can also turn to Anacrusis or Hermionepotter.

Outside Hogwarts - The Lake, Main Yard, Quidditch Pitch etc.
Hastyr Holderness and Jenny Green have been promoted to the position of 'Grounds Moderator' under the supervision of global moderator Xeneixian. Should you require the assistance of a staff member in any of these forums then you can also turn to Anacrusis.

Information Forums - Welcome Centre, Magical Theories, Ideas/Suggestions etc.
Icemousey and Issaness have been promoted to the position of 'Info Forums Mod' under the supervision of global moderator Tori Tendleswift. Should you require the assistance of a staff member in any of these forums then you can also turn to Quiet_fury87.

Shopping Forums:
Lorrina, Scully, Aarony02, & Dobywinky have been promoted to the position of Diagon Alley moderators. Knockturn Alley moderator appointments are forthcoming. They will all be under the supervision of global moderators HPfan2006 & J_W_L. Should you require the assistance of a staff member, HPfanextrm and Salazar are in charge of the Economy.

Role-Play Central:
In addition to those moderators already in RPC, Birkana has been promoted to the position of RPC Moderator. In addition, sportzgrl33 and Xeneixian are now the RPC Admins. Sarah74656 will now be handling the global aspects of role playing on HEX all across the site. Be sure to watch out for information on the RPC Teaching Center and how you can apply to help run it!

Other HEX areas:
LittleB and Lucala have been promoted to the positions of 'Teaching Co-Ordinators' and shall be working closely with global moderator Podlet to ensure that classes run smoothly in September. Any questions should be directed to them, but should you require assistance from a staff member or administrator then you can also turn to Anacrusis, Sarah74656, or Theny. Stay tuned for news about Top Students from Theny!

The administrator in charge of the items aspect of the site is PixieChickie. She is also working with the staff members quiet_fury87, HPfanextrm, and global moderators Aurora Dior and Xeneixian.

Theny and Tori Tendleswift, shall be working with the publications, including new editors Faye Fenikkusu and MuggleBornMegan07. Any questions, suggestions and ideas should be directed to them.

AND FINALLY: We'd like to remind everyone that the deadline to apply for a teaching position is July 30th. Also, remember to support your house as it competes in the Inter-House Cup this summer!

July 23, 2010

IHC - The Troll

12:13 pm - sportzgrl33

They've made their way past Fluffy, have escaped from the Devil's Snare, grabbed the right key to lead them through, and battled their way through a game of wizard chess. The next task, facing a troll. A disgusting smell filled their nostrils, making both of them pull their robes up over their noses. Eyes watering, they saw, flat on the floor in front of them, a troll even larger than the one they had tackled, out cold with a bloody lump on its head. To watch the teams battle it out, visit the IHC forum.

July 22, 2010

Avatars from Iconator.com

2:17 am - HPfanextrm

Recently it has come to our attention that users have encountered malware warnings from their browsers while visitng certain pages of HEX. We assure you that our website most certainly does not contain malware. The root of the problem appears to be avatars worn by users from the website Iconator.com. Browsers have picked up on the URL within these images and associated them with an unsafe website.

The HEX Staff can neither confirm nor deny that Iconator contains malware or threatens your computer in any way. If you do choose to use an avatar from their website, we ask that you save the image to your computer and upload it to another image host, such as Photobucket.com or ImageShack.us.

For now, all Iconator avatars within our forums have been replaced with an image requesting that the user re-upload his or her avatar to another host. Thank you for your cooperation.

July 19, 2010

IHC - Wizard's Chess

11:59 pm - Xeneixian

After dodging Fluffy, freeing themselves from the Devil's Snare, and capturing the right winged key, our heroes find themselves in a large chamber. They were standing on the edge of a huge chessboard, behind the black chessmen, which were all taller than they were and carved from what looked like black stone. Facing then, way across the chamber, were the white pieces. Harry, Ron and Hermione shivered slightly -- the towering white chessmen had no faces. To watch your teams play their way across the chessboard, go to the IHC Forum.

July 18, 2010

The Quibbler - July 2010

1:23 am - Faye Fenikkusu

The July issue of the Quibbler has been posted! Read it HERE to learn the truth about Project Ink, take a glimpse into a possible devastating PG-13 Hex future, and hear several more bad vegan jokes.

Also, remember to owl your shout-outs and Dear Snape questions to The Quibbler!

July 17, 2010

IHC - Flying Keys

8:45 am - Ninja Kitten

First a giant, three-headed dog. Then a plant that tries to kill you. Another dangerous thing is sure to come. Following the path down, deeper below the castle, you come to a room. Winged keys are flying everywhere. But they don't attack, thank Merlin. Along the wall are broomsticks. The door is locked. It soon becomes clear what the challenge of THIS room is. Watch on as your teams attempt to discover the RIGHT key in the IHC Forum.

July 15, 2010

IHC - The Devil's Snare

12:37 am - Xeneixian

With your team distracting Fluffy with an epic hero song, down the trap door you fall. Deep beneath the dungeons and far below the school itself you land softly. "Lucky this plant thing's here, really," said Ron. But as you sit there recovering from your fall, it wraps itself around you, tangling you up and trapping you. The Devil's Snare has you in its grips! Come watch the IHC Forum to see if your teams can manage to get free of the Devil's Snare and move one step closer to the Sorcerer's Stone!

July 13, 2010

Teaching Applications

4:59 pm - Theny

If you are interested in becoming a teacher for the 2010-2011 school year please see the thread in the Entrance Hall for details on how to apply.

"Spam Games"

12:45 am - J_W_L

Of late, the staff have noticed an over-abundance of spam games on HEX. Spam games are threads in which no conversation is going on at all and the primary goal of the thread is to raise a user's post count. ANY game in which the replies have no purpose, are not a part of a conversation, or are in the form of one and two word replies will be locked. In the past, when users have spammed, their post counts have been docked (or completely reset) and they have received a warning. As the amount of spam on HEX has reached such a dangerously high level, we will be reviving that practice. Further spamming will also result in a stint in Azkaban.

Why is this even a big deal? To operate, HEX must pay for a server. Spamming wastes precious database/server space that can really impact HEX's performance in the long run. It costs the site more money for each new server. The more fiscally responsible we are will help to ensure that HEX will not be shut down and we are asking for your help in making sure that that never happens.

July 11, 2010

The Whisperer - July 2010 Issue!

1:12 am - MuggleBornMegan07

July 10, 2010

And So Begins the Interhouse Competition!

4:19 pm - Tori Tendleswift


The Summer 2010 Interhouse Competition has begun! As previously mentioned, the houses have come together to form two teams, Gryffenclaw and Slytherpuff. Everyone is welcome to come watch the events as they unfold here, in the IHC Forum. The first event will take contestants through the trapdoor, past Fluffy, and on to more challenges in their quest for the Sorcerer's Stone. I hope to see everyone there and wish both teams the best of luck!

July 7, 2010

Want to Write for The Daily Prophet?

3:27 pm - MuggleBornMegan07

Well, now's your chance! After an extended hiatus the newspaper is back and under new management. That means it's going to be completely revamped, and we are definitely going to need some talented writers to join our staff.

If interested in writing for the Daily Prophet please fill out the following application:

Preferred Name:
Why do you want to be a part of the Daily Prophet?:
Other responsibilities on HEX (Part of any other publications/writing based clubs?):
Sample article (To be based on one of the following headlines):

"Hogwarts Headmaster Ousted"
"Illegal Dragon Breeding Ring Found In Tibet"
"John and Theny Caught Betting on Thestrals!"
"Uproar in Knockturn Alley!"

Try to keep your entry within 200-500 words.

Please owl your entries to MugglebornMegan07 by July 21st @ 11:59pm Hex Time. Thank you, and good luck to all who apply!

July 4, 2010

Many Updates

4:32 am - John

As of right now, the current incentive program for the Site Store has officially ended. All orders placed before this posting will still qualify for it. The rest of the incentives for the remaining orders should be handed out sometime this week. If anyone has any order issues that I have not addressed, please owl me again. A new incentive program is being developed and will be announced later this week.

You will notice that there is a new area under the poll on the main page called "Other." This box will hold miscellaneous links that are slightly more permanent than the the ones in the "Important" box. Currently, there are a few links that are all fairly important.

Also, as you probably noticed, there is a link at the top of every page to a survey about switching Hex to PG-13. We have not made an official decision at all, and are simply wanting feedback from everyone on the matter. Also, there is an additional short survey that you can take to help improve the site overall. It is located here and in the "Other" box. We appreciate any responses submitted.

There is also a new link in the "Other" box for anyone that wants to review the Harry Potter Wizarding World park that recently opened in Orlando, Florida. Please only submit a review if you have actually visited the park in person. The submitted reviews will allow everyone on the site to get a general idea of what the park is like from a member's perspective.

There is another link in the "Other" box where you can submit your favorite quotes from all of the books in the series. Detailed instructions are on the page itself. Submitted quotes will help build a future section on the site, as well as add additional future features.

Also, four users have been promoted to the global moderator position. They are: Simone_Jowett, Sportzgrl33, Mugglebornmegan07, and Faye Fenikkusu. Congratulations to all of them!

Lastly, I know there have been multiple delays with the six month donation rare. Finally, the December 2009 and June 2010 items will be released at the same time this week. Josh and I are both working on them to finally get them out. The delay has been due to adding special actions for both items. Thank you for your patience with this.

More updates to come!

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