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April 28, 2009

The Ravenclaw Garden Party

12:09 pm - sarah74656

...follow the butterflies, birds and enchanting music...

April 22, 2009

New Features

3:21 pm - John

Many of you have noticed the change in daily money the past few days. The change is permanent. Every hour daily money will automatically be updated to a completely random number of galleons. The number could be small or large, but it is completely random and the hour of the day has nothing to do with it.

Also, another new feature is random bursts. Random bursts is text that appears under your info in forum posts. You can update your random burst anytime with basically anything that is on your mind, how you are feeling, something you want, or anything else that randomly comes to your mind, hence the "random" part. As a side note, random bursts must follow Hex rules and all of them are permanently logged, so if a user has an inappropriate random burst but quickly changes it, the staff will still be able to see it. Random bursts can be updated on the My Hex page.


April 16, 2009


9:28 pm - caerial

Dearest HEX users,

After a long time of being a staff member on this site, I have decided to move on and explore other adventures. :) This is my decision alone and while I will miss many of you - please know this has not been an easy decision.

For my gratitude for all of the great users on this site, I will and have been putting up my items in donations to show my appreciation.

Please be good to one another. I wish you all the best in life and online. ;)

*hugs* Care

April 15, 2009

Trophy Cases

12:54 am - John

There is now a new feature on Hex, trophy cases. Trophy cases allow you to display up to 50 items to users through your user info page. If a trophy case is on display, the first five items will be listed in user info. The rest of the case can be viewed by simply clicking the "View All" link.

Trophy cases can be bought in Borgin and Burke's in Knockturn Alley. Some may think the price is a little steep, but the item itself provides a huge feature for you to show selected items. A trophy case will not be visible to users until you choose to put it on display in the item actions. Edit the items that you want in the case through the item actions as well. You can also add captions to the items in your case that all users can view.

Important: You must have the case in your inventory at ALL times in order to keep your case in general. If you remove the case from your inventory, all items will be returned to your inventory and you will lose all captions. Owning more than one case does not make a difference at all.

As promised, people that have donated last month have a reminder on the My Hex page to donate that can be cleared. Also, the same people are now properly credited on the user info page, which will last until the end of this month. This form of crediting will exist every month now.


April 12, 2009

A Different Kind of Easter

2:07 pm - hpfan2006

Head over to the KA for a different kind of Easter

Happy Easter from Diagon Alley

9:10 am - hpfan2006

Easter is here and there are lots of contests to celebrate the occassion in the DA. And be on the lookout for the DA Easter Bunny, it will be hopping along throught today and giving out treats at random to good little boys and girls in the DA. You never know when it will be on and you will be spotted, so take some time to visit with fellow DA'ers and maybe join a contest or two.

Hop on over here

April 11, 2009

Inter-House Debates!

9:29 pm - cool kidd jordan

Hey Everyone! The Inter-House Debates are back!

Each house is responsible for getting a debate team together. If you want to be on your houses' debate team, stop by your common room and apply!

I will also be looking for two judges from each house to help judge the debates. If you think you have what it takes, visit THIS thread in the Entrance Hall and apply!

April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Hufflepuffs!

3:03 pm - hermionepotter

Hufflepuffs, please check out the Ballroom to participate in our Easter Event thrown by the house staff. There are several prizes to be won, so stop by!

A new arts and graphics forum has also been opened, so please check it out!

Slytherin Elections! - New Staff Announced!

12:02 pm - Salazar

Slytherins, head over to Common Room to find out who made it to your new house staff.

April 8, 2009

The Gods are Crazy!

10:33 am - Pokie1

April 6, 2009

Slytherin Newbie Forum

8:34 pm - hpfan2006

Body: The Slytherin Staff has just launched a forum that has been in the works for months, the Slytherin Newbie Forum! Slytherins, go check it out now!

Site Donations

12:46 pm - John

After talking with many of you and seeing a bunch of your suggestions, the donation program has now been modified. Many of you wanted a way for the item to have a higher rarity number, and with the new program it will be.

Here is how the new program will work:

- There will now be two items given out for each month.
- If you donate $10, you will randomly be given one of the two items. The random part of it will basically be distributing the item fairly so that rarity of it remains high.
- If you donate $20, you will automatically receive both items.
- If you hold a subscription for six months, you will receive a new six months rare item at the end of every six months. (End of June, end of December) The items will be different/separate from the regularly given out donation items. Note that you may donate manually every month for six months without a subscription, but getting a subscription is preferred to guarantee that you get the item at the end of a six month period.
- Because donations have just been modified, if you get a subscription during this month, (April) it will count towards this June's rare. (even though by this June you will only have had the subscription for about two and half months.)
- If you donate for a certain month, when you are credited the next month, you will have text on your user info page displaying that you donated. (the text will last for a month)
- Lastly, people that donate will have the option of being notified on My Hex with a reminder to donate. Many of you said it is hard to remember at times, and this will be a way to help that.

All of this takes affect this month, meaning the item given out this month for March will still be the same, but the item given out for April (in May) will follow these rules.

Thanks again to all of the donators that help to keep Hex going, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to owl me.

Also be sure to check out the Gossip Girl event post below this!

April 5, 2009

Gossip Girl Event!

6:12 pm - Ninja Kitten

April 2, 2009

April Fools!

5:36 pm - John

We hope everyone enjoyed the interesting occurrences of Twilight that happened yesterday and today. As an extension of the original April Fools joke, we thought it would be fun to leave the layout and everything up until now, past the day of April 1 to make it seem even more permanent.

Thanks for all of your cooperation during it. As a thank you, anyone that filled out the "new" sorting applications has been given an Imprint Potion as well as 100 galleons.

Also, please click here and fan us on Facebook.

More to come, and thanks to those that put up with the day, and we're glad for those that enjoyed it as much as we did. (and sorry to the ones who didn't, as I glance at my owlpost haha)

April 1, 2009

Twilight Extreme

12:20 am - John

After much discussion amongst the staff, we feel that the best direction for Hex is to switch it from being about Harry Potter to being about the Twilight series. We understand that Twilight is extremely popular, which helped us come to our decision. So, after almost eight years of being solely a Harry Potter site, Hex has now become Tex. All necessary changes are in the process of being made and will continue to be carried out. We know that this is the best direction for the site's future.

Thank you.

On The Outside Looking In

12:17 am - motherof3

We see throughout the HP books how Petunia Dursley absolutely hates magic. Yet we also know that a much younger and less proud Petunia Evans once wanted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so badly that she wrote to Albus Dumbledore himself to ask that he allow her to attend. What was in this letter, we may never know…unless you head on over to the Contest Forum to help us recreate the letter that could have changed her life for ever.

21 Years of Magic
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