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December 31, 2009

New Year's 2010

4:27 pm - John

The new year is beginning to occur across the world. Happy New Year to everyone!

The layout was made by Megan. (quiet_fury87)

Just a reminder, entries can still be submitted for the Slytherin shirt contest here. The site store also still has all the deals going on.


Gryffindors It is that time of the month to turn in your Hw for the GHIP Raffle!

11:09 am - J_W_L


You have until Midnight Hex time Jan 1st to get it turned in!!

~Gryffie Hw = House Cup~



4:50 am - masterwizard

Please visit the common room voting thread for updates involving elections. :)

December 28, 2009

Tree Pieces Conversion

9:04 pm - John

A link will be posted for anyone that has all ten pieces for a Christmas tree tomorrow night at exactly 6 PM Hex time. (Tuesday, December 29th) There are 63 trees of seven tree types, meaning all seven will remain at a rarity of one. Tree types will be given out completely at random.

Also, just a note that the Slytherin t-shirt design contest is still going on. Information can be found here.

Lastly, house shirts are still on sale in the site store, with the site t-shirt and long sleeve house shirt combo still going on, as well as the item/galleon deals. The link to the site store is located under the header image at the top of every page.

All shirts ordered up until now are finally being shipped. The massive winter storm in the south put a huge delay on this process. Thanks for everyone's patience on this.

Click here to convert your pieces to a tree!

December 27, 2009

And you thought KA was dead...

9:20 pm - Xeneixian


December 26, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

2:42 am - Xeneixian


December 24, 2009

Slytherin Shirt and Updates

7:21 pm - John

Many of you have been wondering about the Slytherin site shirt and the information is finally here. For the contest, there were fewer entries for it than the other three houses. To make the contest legitmately fair and reasonable, the contest is being extended to the entire site.

To view the rules and details of the contest, click here!

Because of the delays of the Slytherin shirt, the deals will be extended.

Also, some updates have been made to the site store because of the multiple suggestions submitted. First, short sleeve t-shirts will no longer be offered at this time, except for the site t-shirt. Many of you requested that you prefer long sleeve t-shirts instead of short sleeved. Because of this, a new combo/deal has been added, allowing one to purchase the site short sleeve t-shirt and a house long sleeve t-shirt together, and save money in the process.

Also, the wrapping function for presents has now been added back. Purchase wrapping paper from Fred's Holiday store in Diagon Alley!

Lastly, some of you have expressed concern about getting the Christmas trees put together on Christmas Day because of traveling/being with family and the fact that there are a limited amount. Because of this, putting all of the random event pieces together will be available starting December 28th. More on this to come.


December 22, 2009

Hufflepuff's Hogsmeade Christmas

8:10 pm - laila123


Slytherin Christmas in the Common Room

2:42 am - Xeneixian

To all our lovely Slytherins: Come join us in the Common Room for a bunch of festive HEXmas contests! They're sure to make even old Salazar Claus crack a smile smirk... Er, so we've been told.

Come check it out!

December 20, 2009

Peeves Steals Christmas

4:36 pm - Theny

OH Noo! Peeves has been lurking around Hogwarts plotting to cause problems over the holiday season, but we didn't know he was going to cancel Christmas!

Peeves has been seen in Whoville and suddenly the presents are missing and he's messed up everything!

Max the dog is on his trail and searching for him, can you help? If so, come to the Welcome Center and get information on how to track down this Christmas stealing poltergeist!

December 15, 2009

The Whisperer - HEXmas 2009 Issue!

9:26 pm - cool kidd jordan

December 14, 2009

Christmas at the Ministry

2:51 pm - sarah74656

Come join us at the Ministry of Magic for some excitement and eggnog

(posted on behalf of Gryffindor Staff)

December 11, 2009

Slytherin Election Results

7:30 am - anacrusis

The results have been posted. Check out the common room to find out who your new staff will be!

December 10, 2009

Whoville Christmas

1:26 pm - Podlet

Come join the Welcome Center staff as they celebrate a Whoville Christmas with the residents of Whoville. Everyone will be there, the mayor, Cindy Lou Who, and even Max the dog! Hopefully, The Grinch will stay up in his cave and not ruin the festivities this year! This event is open to all users, new and old! There will be contests, prizes, and a genuine Who of a time!

The Welcome Center Staff

December 6, 2009

House Shirts on Sale

6:23 pm - John

House shirts are now on sale in the site store. Shirts are available in regular t-shirts, as well as long sleeved t-shirts. The store's interface has been updated to be more specific and clear with the new products.

All of the house shirts were designed by Hex users in a contest process with one winner selected. The following users had their designs chosen: Arivz, Corean Lang, and Nurix. Thank you to all that participated, and to everyone's hard work with their submissions.

Currently, the following deals are going on in the store for the month of December:

- Site/House T-shirt combo for $29.99. Simply add the combo to your cart. (it is listed towards the bottom of the main store page).

- Item/Money Drawings. There will be drawings at the beginning of January for the following things:
1) 100,000 galleons (1 winner)
2) 50,000 galleons (2 winners)
3) Hermione's Wedding Ring (8 winners)
4) Albus Dumbledore Remembered Article (8 winners)

Any purchase made while logged in will automatically enter the purchasing user into the drawings. The item rarities will always remain at 1. Also, please read the new shipping policies, as Hex will be following a pre-order format from now on.

Lastly, any suggestions or ideas for the store are greatly appreciated. Feel free to make any suggestions here.

More information about the Slytherin shirt, as well as another contest, will be posted soon.

Thank you!

December 3, 2009

DA Correspondent needed for HexCast!!

10:53 pm - laila123

HexCast is in search of a DA Correspondent. If you are interested in becoming the next DA Correspondent then please head on over to this thread, and apply! Skype and a mic are a must.

Visit this thread to submit your Holiday Wishes!!!

December 2, 2009

Christmas on Hex

2:09 am - John

Christmas activities have officially started on Hex.

To start things off, Christmas random events are now active.

This year, random events will be giving various items that will help complete a Christmas tree. Ten items must be collected to be able to convert to a full Christmas tree.

The following are all of the items that need to be collected to be able to convert to a full Christmas tree:

1) Christmas Tree Skirt
2) Christmas Tree Star
3) Christmas Tree Ornaments
4) Christmas Tree Tinsel
5) Christmas Tree Water
6) Christmas Tree Stump
7) Christmas Tree Stand
8) Christmas Tree Boughs
9) Christmas Tree Fairy Lights
10) Christmas Tree Box of Decorations

The result of a conversion of the items will be one tree from seven completely different types of trees. To clarify, there are seven different tree items, and each item will be handed out equally. All of the seven different items (completed trees) will remain very rare.

Random events will go until 11:59 PM on Christmas Eve. Starting Christmas Day, conversions will be able to occur.

As always, all events are coded to be completely random for every single user. Every active user has an equal chance at receiving an event. Also, coding is in place once again to detect any excessive page refreshes throughout the site. Anyone excessively refreshing will automatically be sent to Azkaban by the script for 24 hours.

Thank you and more to come!

December 1, 2009

Teaching Applications, Part 2

11:43 am - Theny

Due to an outbreak of dragon pox there are a few teaching positions available. If you are interested in being a teacher please read this thread for all the details.

Also, students please keep in mind that teachers should be treated with respect. There have been some issues with teachers receiving inappropriate owls. If you feel you have a problem with a teacher please contact a staff member with your concerns instead of being unacceptably rude.


11:20 am - Theny

House staff elections have just begun, so make sure you check out the Common Room for all the details.

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