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July 29, 2008

Year Move Up and O.W.L.s

1:04 pm - John

If you attained 100 points or more in the last term 07-08, you have been moved up a year. Congratulations to all.

Note that the year move ups are final, so if you were barely under 100, you still will not be moved up. Do not owl any of the staff asking if we would please move you up, because it will not happen.

You can view all of your homework scores and total points, here.

Also, for the first time ever, we have sixteen people that have graduated. More details on just what these people will be able to do will come soon. These people are:

DeAnna Weasley
Silver Moon

The top point earner for the 2007-2008 term is masterwizard. Congrats! He receives 5000 galleons! ;)

The next top five point earners are as follows and all will receive 1000 galleons each:

1) Krasotylla
2) Rose
3) Pokie1
4) Kara Potter
5) Stef

Top point earner masterwizard was a seventh year, and all other top point earners were third years this year, so to recognize each year individually for top point earners that did not make the first list: (all will receive 1000 galleons as well)

1st year - kalifarra
2nd year - PheonixFyre
4th year - Hermione_Rulz
5th year - Morgan_the_enchanted
6th year - Hydra

Congratulations to all!

For all that were fifth years last term, you have the opportunity to take your Ordinary Wizarding Level exams (O.W.L.s). You may take the exam if you were a fifth year last term, moved up or not.

O.W.L. Examination

Congratulations to everyone! More information about classes for the 2008-2009 term will be posted soon!

Attention All Ravenclaws!

1:15 am - Tori Tendleswift

If you were a participant in the Ravenclaw Study Group homework incentive program, please head to the Study Forum and stop by this thread to vote on the prize money!

July 28, 2008


5:15 pm - John

The Gryfflepuff and Slytherclaw layouts have been added as choices for you to switch your default layout to under "Preference." Enjoy.

July 27, 2008

House Points and N.E.W.T.s

1:56 am - masterwizard

The results were as follows:

Gryffindor - 360,039
Ravenclaw - 351,140.8
Hufflepuff - 253,036.8
Slytherin - 226,368.6

Congratulations to Gryffindor for winning the House Cup for the 2007-2008 school term!

All those in Gryffindor will have a chance to collect a rare item that will relate to their victory. More information on this to come.

Also, those students who earned at least 100 points will be moved up a year (Ha! I lied.). Again, more information on this to come.

For those students who were in their 7th year this past term will have the opportunity to take their Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (N.E.W.T.). To do so, you can go here: N.E.W.T. exam. Information about the O.W.L. examination will be posted soon.

Again, Congrats to Gryffindor and good luck 7th years!

July 26, 2008

Daily Prophet - July 26, 2008

2:34 am - Xeneixian

It is time once again, my dearest friends, to warn you of the evils, the horrors, and the...half-breeds. It has indeed been an insufferably long interim between contacts, and we have only the muggles and wand-thieves (once known as "mudbloods") to blame. But do not worry your cute little heads over a single detail, for the Ministry watches over all...and so do we. And what we have seen will shock you.

You may click this simply adorable bow to read our next issue and discover the mutation which plagues Gryffindor house, the quick fall of HEX's youngest star, and get an exclusive peek inside the closet of one of our most notorious wizards.

Dolores Jane Umbridge,
Editor-in-Chief, Daily Prophet

The Official Hogsmeade Rebirth Celebration!

1:08 am - Xeneixian

Recently, the once deserted Hogsmeade forum has seen some great new activity. To celebrate this joyous occurrence, the moderators of Hogsmeade have decided to throw a Welcoming Party of sorts. So! We welcome you to come out and enjoy numerous fun activities with pretty prizes! Follow >>THIS LINK<<.

July 21, 2008

IHC Graffix!

10:02 pm - anacrusis

The results are finally in the winners are...



The total scores were:
Slytherclaw - 29.75
Gryfflepuff - 24.75

Inter-House Competition: Dueling

8:51 pm - Xeneixian

The battle for Hogwarts has begun, and the duelers are assembling here in the Main Yard of Hogwarts.

If you would like to watch Slytherclaw Death Eaters fighting the Gryfflepuff Order of the Phoenix, please remember that the dueling thread is for DUELERS only.

July 20, 2008

Call For Articles!

8:52 pm - Tori Tendleswift

Want to write for the Quibbler?
It's that time again! The wizarding world's most eccentric news source is looking for fresh creative talent to add to its staff.
Who should apply?
We're looking for dedicated writers who are creative and good with spelling and grammar. You should also be able to keep a deadline, have unique ideas, and be a bit quirky.
How to apply:
Send a sample article that demonstrates satire along with your age and first name to The Quibbler by July 27th at 11:59 P.M. No late applications will be accepted.

July 19, 2008

Twilight Threads

11:13 pm - masterwizard

Due to the amount of complaints that we have had, ALL new Twilight threads that are created will be locked. There are plenty of Twilight threads already on Hex for you to use, and we really don't need more. If you post a Twilight thread, you will be warned and the thread will be locked. Subsequent postings will result in you being sent to Azkaban.

That said, we have no problems with people wanting to talk about Twilight. However, this is a Harry Potter site, not a Twilight site, which also had weight concerning this decision. If you really feel the need to post that many threads about Twilight, we suggest you find a Twilight site so you can talk there.

July 16, 2008

HEX Idol - Winner Announced

12:19 am - anacrusis

Check out the thread here to find out the winner and the prizes.

July 15, 2008

IHC Graffix!

11:42 am - anacrusis

The Graphics competition is now over and you can see the layouts by clicking the teams below:


July 13, 2008

Slytherclaw Beach Party!

8:02 pm - berlin

Attention all Slytherclaws! RUN, don't walk to the Ravenclaw Common Room to participate in our Slytherclaw Beach Party!

Summer Layout

4:12 pm - John

A summer layout has been made for this summer. You can change to it under Preference located at the top of every page. The layout was made by _mysterious_binding_. Great job!

July 11, 2008

HEX Idol - Voting

12:43 pm - anacrusis

You may now vote for your HEX Idol contestant at the link HERE

You have one vote and only one vote so use it wisely. The one with the most votes shall win.

You have 48 hours. Edit: Deadline extended to 96 hours due to problems with some of the links.

July 8, 2008

Pieces Aligned

11:08 am - Aurora Dior

It's time again to test the creativity and graphical talents of the masses.

If you're a pro on Paintshop then stop by the contest forum and try out THIS new contest!

July 7, 2008

Inter-House Competition: Debates

6:07 pm - Xeneixian

The debates have begun. You can find the debate thread in the Magical Theories forum or follow THIS LINK.

Dueling begins in just one week, so keep your eyes peeled for another announcement! And don't forget to support your houses. ;)

July 6, 2008

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs!

9:54 pm - masterwizard

Although we all are going to cheer on our teams to win their categories for the IHC, we want to let the people who didn't make it on a team to participate in something as well. Throughout the IHC, there will be many contests for you to participate in. Some will be in the Gryffindor CR, some will be in the Hufflepuff CR. You'll need to frequent both common rooms to keep up-to-date on the contests and results being posted. :) So, without further ado, the first contest has been posted in the Hufflepuff CR for all of you to enjoy.

Go Gryfflepuff!

-cilck- -cilck-

July 2, 2008


1:28 am - John

As requested, you now have the option in the notify section to not be notified of something you have selected if you are currently on HEX when it happens. Simply check the box to enable this option.

Also, you are now required to provide a reason when sharing a post with someone. This makes it less confusing for the receiving user if they get background from the sender first.

Also, there were many layout compatibility issues with people wanting to use banners with the longer height in forums. There is now a an option at the bottom of the forum editor you can check so there are no issues with it.

More to come.

HEX's Second Annual Inter-House Competition!

12:49 am - Xeneixian

With all the try-outs in your common rooms, most of you have probably been expecting this. Today, the IHC officially begins, and the teams of Slytherclaw and Gryfflepuff are formed. Shortly, the two houses will be admitted into their team-mates' common room.

The Graphics competition will be starting today. Your house staffs will be posting information about it for you in your common rooms.

July 7th - the IHC debate will begin.
July 15th - role-play dueling begins.
August 1st - the "champions' maze" challenge will start.

Most information will be posted both here and in your common rooms when the time comes. Now let the games begin!

July 1, 2008


1:40 am - masterwizard

The new house staff has been posted in the common room! :) If you'd like to find out who won, you'll need to go here.

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