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August 29, 2007


10:57 pm - lmnop567

You can now have avatars with proportions up to 100x100. Also, for those who don't feel like looking at the huge things, there is an option to set the maximum width and height that each avatar will show up for you.

Thanks to Steven for coding this marvelous new feature!

August 27, 2007

IHC Quidditch

1:12 am - anacrusis

What a first round it has turned out to be! All four teams should be immensely proud of themselves and the results of the first round are as follows:

Slytherin - 215 points
Ravenclaw - 180 points
Hufflepuff - 15 points
Gryffindor - 0 points

This would leave the current Inter-House Standings at:
Slythendor - 215 points
Ravenpuff - 195 points

The next round of Quidditch shall begin in one week and shall be hosted in the Ravenclaw Quidditch Pitch.

Rest up.

August 24, 2007

IHC Debates

10:24 pm - anacrusis

They have started...well, somewhat.

The debate topic has been posted in the Deathly Hallows forum because it concerns new information that was brought up about Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort in the course of the seventh book.

The thread, and topic is available for viewing HERE.

(warning: do not click link if you haven't read the seventh book)

The actual debate will begin in one week. Good luck to Slythendor and Ravenpuff.

Ravenclaw Election Results

12:22 am - John

Congratulations to the new Ravenclaw house staff. The election for this had the most voter participation ever.

The new staff is as follows:

Head of House: Tori Tendleswift
Assistant Head of House: pippa
Head Girl: Sarah74656
Head Boy: Cool kidd jordan
Prefects: Grant and Hermionelouiseross
Graphics Coordinator: Charmed_babe88

Again, congrats!

August 20, 2007

Pet Emporium Now Open Again

5:31 pm - John

Pet Emporium is now open again.

You will also a notice a new design in the pets section along with something new, level. More on this later this week.

Also, just a reminder to Ravenclaws: Voting is open until the end of Thursday, August 23. Vote today!


August 19, 2007

2:25 am - anacrusis

A battered owl floats down to you as you begin your morning in the Great Hall, carefully pouring yourself a goblet of pumpkin juice. It looks a little disheveled, to say the least, and you regard it curiously. The owl screeches impatiently and holds out its leg shakily, the small leather pouch open and waiting. Looking around, you finally notice the rolled bundle in front of you, tied delicately with twine. Knowing instantly what it is, you dig through your robes, searching for some knuts. After a valiant search, your robes reward you with a single sickle. Thinking that the poor owl deserves the tip, you drop it in and reach for the paper, unrolling it carefully.

As you ready yourself to read the paper, a small square of parchment slips out and floats slowly into your lap. Curious what it could be, you pick it up and brush it off. The ink of the quill is splattered, thought dry, as though the writer had been in a rush when they had written the message.

"We, the Daily Prophet would like to appologize for the delay in our owl delivery. We do hope, however, that you enjoy the paper."

As you finally begin to adjust the Daily Prophet beside your plate, preparing to read and eat--a true multitasker, you are--you wonder what on earth could have delayed the Prophet and whether the owl's battered apperence had anything to do with it. Shrugging it of, you open it paper and begin to read.

Post written by Xeneixian.

August 18, 2007

"Broken Threads" and Swearing

2:06 pm - berlin

I would like to remind everyone two things.

First off, if you come upon a "broken thread" (that is usually caused by the misuse of quotes), all you need to do is let a mod know and they can fix it! Do not try to fix it yourself by posting an end quote or such, it only makes it more of a pain to fix. So just take care to quote correctly but if a mistake appears just let a mod know.

Secondly, I wish to remind all the RP-ers out there that swearing is NOT allowed anywhere on hex. Let's keep all the RPs PG so everyone can enjoy this site!!

As a side note, Ravies, don't forget to go into the common room and vote for a new staff!

August 16, 2007

Spoiler Policy and More

1:17 am - John

The site wide spoiler policy has been modified. You may now post spoilers freely in the DH Discussion forums. In all other forums if you are posting spoilers, you must use spoiler tags.

Please check your post before you actually post it if you are using spoiler tags as errors can happen.

Voting is finally up for Ravenclaw. It will be up for one week.

There is a new poll as well.

More to come!

August 15, 2007

Mission Brief

1:47 am - Aurora Dior

Ministry operatives should report to The Briefing Room (also known as the Contest) for information or their latest mission. Apparating to the Atrium first would be wise. Operatives Xeneixian, Aurora Dior, Caledonia and Alatariel Ancalime will be standing by with further information there.

Announcement written by Xeneixian

August 7, 2007

Debate Scores Announced!

4:19 pm - masterwizard

The scores of the recent pair of Interhouse Debates have been posted!

Ravenclaw won their debate with a score of 54.6! Congratulations to Ravenclaw!

Gryffindor won their debate with a score of 58! Congratulations to Gryffindor!

You can view the results in the Interhouse Debating Forum, or through these links:

Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor

Please post all comments regarding the debating system, Here

August 5, 2007

August 5, 2007

6:29 pm - Kinken

Times have been rough on the Daily Prophet. After months of being suppressed by the Ministry (or Staff, as you likely know them), our editors and staff managed to escape and relocate to a secure, and secret, location. After much preparation, we were once again ready to publish; however, our secrecy only permits us to submit the news to the public every two weeks. You may view our newest work HERE.

Within the folds of your most reliable paper you shall find:
• The latest going-ons of the wizarding world.
• News of the greatest HEXian importance.
• Advice from the revered Minerva McGonagall, our own goddess of wisdom.
• The sharp quill of Rita Skeeter, the Daily Prophet's own roving reporter.
• The most recent Quidditch statistics.
• And more…

Written by Xeneixian

August 4, 2007

Inter-House Competition

11:52 pm - anacrusis

The Inter-House Competition has finally begun. Follow the image below to get to the Slytherin Quidditch Pitch where the first two Quidditch games of the Competition are being held. Make sure you drop by adorned in your House colours to cheer your house to victory!


Layout information.

11:00 am - iPod

Hex is now almost fully ran on CSS. For information on customizations available to your store or forums, click here.

August 1, 2007

Mount Your Brooms!

12:01 am - Aurora Dior

Think you're the fastest Seeker around? Prove it! Head to the Contest Forum and show us just how fast you can fly in this game of wit and speed! Search out the elusive answers before your opponents and earn yourself the win!

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