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June 28, 2007

Password Reset

8:07 pm - John

Everyone is required to reset their password, and yes it has been set by the staff, not a hacker.

We have done this before, and it is just to make sure everything is as secure as it can be.

Also, many of you have noticed various bugs in the past few days. While they may be inconvenient at times, they are a sign we are trying to improve Hogwarts Extreme, internally and externally. Please be patient while we continue to make improvements.

June 23, 2007

Top Students!

2:57 pm - masterwizard

If you are on the Top Students list, please be sure to visit the thread in the Entrance Hall labeled, "Top Students". :)

Gryffindors, be sure to check out the new common room layout as well. lol.

June 22, 2007

Applications / Updates

4:56 pm - John

Applications are now up for the Daily Prophet editor, Witch Weekly editor, and for Harry Potter news. If you apply for one of the editor positions (Daily Prophet/Witch Weekly) you MUST provide a sample issue.

Applications for Harry Potter News Correspondent are for an upcoming section on Hogwarts Extreme. The title should say it all, but to elaborate, there will be a Harry Potter news section on HEX to give users the latest on Harry Potter. The application for this is for those wanting to be news posters for this. (There is no editor position for this)

Apply Now!

Also, many are wondering when the stock exchange will open again. We are currently making the final preparations to get it back up. We want to make sure it is fair for everyone this time.

Also, many have been asking since the Crookshanks incident about your dorm beds still being stolen by him. They have always been stolen by Crookshanks, long before the incident a few days ago occurred.

Also, new options have been put in forum threads for "watching" and "unwatching" a thread. There are now links at the top and bottom of threads for you to watch or unwatch a thread. This means that there is no reason to reply with a "watch" or "unwatch" anymore. (it is now against the rules to do it)

Lastly, many have been asking about the pet store and its status. There were major errors within this, and those are being cleaned up. An announcement about this will be posted soon.


June 19, 2007


4:23 pm - John

Crookshanks has been found as of 4:23 HEX time.

We agreed to give him the award money in exchange for HEX, but immediately locked him up.

All money/items have been returned to everyone.


3:19 pm - Aurora Dior

Oh No! Crookshanks has stolen EVERYTHING!

June 15, 2007

Missing Person Alert!

4:33 pm - Aurora Dior

With both Ollivander and Florean Fortescue missing, the Ministry is searching for any helpful information that could lead to their locations. Rewards are offered for any information offered that will give the search new life. If you have any information regarding either case, please see HERE for details.

Announcement written by Xeneixian

June 14, 2007

Inter-House Debates

10:36 am - Ninja Kitten

The results are in!

Gryffindor have won the first ever inter-house debates with a score of 47.75

You can see the full results HERE

We'd also appreciate your feedback about the debates in order to improve the system as this was the very first run of the current system. Your comments can be directed to THIS thread.

-Post written by Anacrusis

June 11, 2007

Stock Exchange

6:40 pm - John

The stock exchange is finally completed. The stock exchange works like many stock exchanges in the world today. (e.g. New York Stock Exchange) The main goal of the stock exchange is to profit. Buying stocks can be very risky, but that is simply apart of the process. A FAQ section has been created to give the basics on the stock exchange, as well as other tips for it. The stock exchange forums can also be of help.

Many of you were around when we had the stock exchange in 2002. All of you that were around then most likely remember that we had to do a global money reset, and the section was shut down. The main reason everyone became very rich was because of cheating, and the raising of stock prices to crazy amounts. This will not be the case this time. Granted, you can still profit this time, but with effective strategy and control.

I have gone to great lengths to make sure cheating will not happen. The stock exchange will function in a way so that is fair to everyone.

Lastly, putting money in the stock exchange is a risk. I would not recommend putting all of your money into it, in case you happen to lose it. The staff is not responsible for any money you lose in the stock exchange.

The updates/additions are just beginning. Many plans are being put in place for the movie and book release. More updates to come.

Thanks and have fun!


2:35 pm - Theny

Please check out the common room to participate in House Staff Election nominations!

June 7, 2007

George Weasley Presents: A Magical Wedding

7:32 pm - Ninja Kitten

That's right Gryffindors! Head on over to our beloved Common Room to see the events that George has planned for our lovely Head Girl, Celestina_Hermione, as she weds Mr Padfoot.
The events start tonight and will roll over into the next week. Check out the invitation in the common room and find your date for the festivities.

June 6, 2007

Now Hiring: The Quibbler

1:42 pm - Aurora Dior

What is the Quibbler?

The Quibbler: February 2007 Issue

The Quibbler is a monthly magazine. The staff are required to submit their segments on time and on a regular monthly basis. This really is a must. Completing what you are assigned on time is just as important as doing a good job on it, so please consider whether you can really meet the deadlines before taking on the responsibility.

Apply to the Quibbler

Only serious applications will be considered, a written sample of some kind is required. Your submission should be an example of your best grammar/spelling and creativity.

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