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April 29, 2007

All About Harry Contest

6:40 pm - masterwizard

There is a new contest in the Contest Forum. Head over and check it out. :)

April 23, 2007

Easter Prizes

8:31 pm - Ninja Kitten

For those of you who haven't checked yet, there are still prizes to be picked up from the Easter Contests. Please stop on by Diagon Alley if you participated in the Egg Hunt and bid on your link. Also I still have a few money prizes from the DA Trivia contest not picked up. Magical Plant winners should be announced in the next day or two.

April 20, 2007

Forum Reports

10:34 pm - masterwizard

We have had a recent influx of forum reports from users. Normally, this would not be a bad thing. However, most of the reported threads had absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Make sure that when you are reporting a post, that the post is against one of the Hex rules, and not because of a personal vendetta or opinion. It MUST be breaking one of the rules for you to report it. Also, when reporting threads, be sure to include the reason why you are reporting them.

People who continue to report threads and posts that are not breaking the rules will be punished from this moment on. It is a waste of everyone's time to go running around checking tons of threads to find out that there is nothing wrong with them.

'Create the next poll' contest

3:22 am - hoojx

A 'create the next poll' contest has been posted in the contest forum. Also, a new poll has been posted on the main page temporary while we're looking for the best poll from you ;)

April 15, 2007

Attention Gryffindors!

8:33 pm - masterwizard

The elections for house staff have begun! :) Be sure to read the rules thread BEFORE casting your nominations ballot.

Part 3 of the Four-in-One Contest

7:22 pm - Augusta

Part 3 of the Four-in-One Contest has been posted in the Contest Forum. Head on over and see if you can figure out the answers to this round! :)

Quoting Posts

4:29 pm - Kinken

We have noticed users quoting inappropriate posts recently. If you see a post that has inappropriate language, or content, please do not quote it. As we have seen this repeatedly, we will be giving people that quote an inappropriate post a one day azzy sentence. Quoting something that is not Hex appropriate is no different than posting it. So please, if you see inappropriate material - report it, but don't quote it. Thanks :)

April 10, 2007

Hop on over to the Contest Forum

10:45 pm - Kinken

Hop on over to the contest forum...the Easter Bunny was delayed on his way to the castle, but finally made it with his gifts...not entirely in one piece!!!

April 3, 2007

DA Easter Festival!

6:56 pm - masterwizard

The DA Mods are hosting a Hex Easter Festival in Diagon Alley. Head on over and check out the contests! :)

If you don't, the DA Mods will eat you.

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