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February 28, 2007

Hogfriends Update!

7:17 pm - Aurora Dior

A new feature has been added to your hogfriends options now, if you choose to, you can see when your friends log in by checking the "Alert When Login" box next to their name!


iPod has just logged in.
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February 25, 2007


5:16 pm - iPod

The following has been issued from the desk of Professor Snape:

Look in the Entrance Hall as new clues become avaliable!

House points update!

11:17 am - Salazar

All students should be on their best behavior from now on or run the risk of losing house points!!! A new feature has been added to Hex, and based on a variety of things, good behavior, bad behavior, random acts of kindness, etc, you can either be rewarded house points, or have them taken away. This will not affect your personal homework points, but goes towards or against the total house points which can be seen in the hourglasses in the great hall.

As a sidenote, there has been some extreme behavior of late that will be affected by this, and yes I mean the behavior in other common rooms after the prank by Weasleys, as those will be the first uses of this new and exciting points system.

February 23, 2007

Common Rooms!

10:13 pm - iPod

It appears TheWeasleyTwins are up to no good! As of yet, no fix has been found to put the common rooms back in their correct place. We have called Dumbledore on this matter, but he is on a trip and won't be back till midday Sunday.

I'm afraid we'll have to adjust to our new environments until then.

February 22, 2007


8:48 pm - BrennaKeely

The Slytherin's are bringing Quidditch back just as they did with speedos. This time with a little help from the Huffies. Be sure to check out the first ever official friendly game between the two sides by clicking HERE

February 19, 2007

Attention Slytherins!!!

12:36 pm - BrennaKeely

Please go check the house contest forum out regarding a very important house event. And be sure to leave your feedback on the matter. Thank you!

February 13, 2007

Alarm bells are ringing! Alarm bells are ringing!

11:19 pm - BrennaKeely

Who can sleep on a night like this? Someone hath murdered sleep! Allegorical blood spills over the masquerade floor as darkness envelops all in attendance. There is a murder a foot. A deed most foul has been committed tonight. The St Valentines Day Masquerade…has been turned into a Massacre. A healthy sum has been placed on the identity of the culprit? Can you find them? Or will they strike again?

February 11, 2007


2:22 pm - hermionepotter

Please head to the common room to participate in Valentine activities for the chance to win galleons and items!

February 9, 2007

Hufflepuff Valentine's Ball

11:57 pm - hermionepotter

Hufflepuffs, please go to your common room this week to participate in a house celebration for Valentine's Day.

The Ball will be held in the Hufflepuff Ball Room from February 9-14. Check it out!

February 6, 2007

Hex has Dragon Pox

9:11 pm - masterwizard

Edit by John : Sorry everyone, it's fixed.

So, it seems that Hex has an advanced stage of Dragon Pox. :( We are currently waiting for John or Ipod to come and attempt to cure Hex of this most debilitating disease. With luck and a bunch of hope, we believe that Hex will make a full recovery. :) Wish Hex a speedy recovery (and send it lots of flowers, candy, and money), and I'm sure it will be on its feet in no time.

February 5, 2007

You've Been Invited...

12:02 am - masterwizard

If you have any questions regarding the ball, please owl the Slytherin staff for more details.

February 2, 2007

The Quibbler - February 2007 Issue

11:29 pm - Aurora Dior

The Valentine's Issue of the Quibbler has been posted. You can read it HERE.

February 1, 2007

Book Seven Release Date

5:32 pm - John

The release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been announced! It will come out July 21, 2007 in addition to the fifth movie coming out July 13, 2007.

Lots of events and preparations will be made for July 13 2007 and July 21 2007.

What's your reaction/thoughts?

Thank you!

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