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December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

2:00 am - Kinken

The entire Hex staff would like to wish all of the users of Hex a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families! Our little Hex family here has so much fun throughout the year, and we are glad that all of you are a part of this site! All of the users make the site a success!

It is also now time to open presents!!! A little word about how the presents will work. Some will give out money, some will give out junk, and some will give out some fun new items of varying rarites - but the ratio is high for getting them. All of this is determined randomly, so it will just depend on when you happen to click. There is no way to up your chances of getting any particular item. It will just depend on how many people are clicking to open a gift at any given time and if it a rarer items is up next in the que. Gifts are able to be kept as items in and of themselves if you would like - but opening them can lead to a lot of fun items!!!

So good luck, happy unwrapping, and best wishes to all for a healthy and happy holiday season!!

The Hex Staff

December 24, 2007


3:44 am - John

A new section has been added, the Survey Section. In this section you can create surveys for users to take, or take already created surveys. Survey results are then viewable by all users. The Survey Section can be confusing at first, so be sure and read the guide linked on the main page of it.

Christmas is almost here which means the last rarity two item is being distributed through random events. A rarity one item will be distributed on Christmas Day. Also, start opening your presents received through random events on Christmas Day to get special or not so special items.

Also, the gift wrap function is now available again.


December 21, 2007


6:01 am - Kinken

The Ballroom has been charmed to become a wonderful Winter Wonderland!

Head on over for a blizzard of great Holiday Events!

Written by Rosita Black

December 19, 2007


8:45 pm - Tori Tendleswift

Please report to the Common Room for Christmas fun! There are also events being held in the subforums, so don't forget to check them out :)

December 18, 2007

A HEXmas Carol

12:51 am - Tori Tendleswift

December 17, 2007


12:31 pm - Salazar

Head over to your Common Room to check the Christmas contests. There are many activities to join.

Also, for all of our members, don't forget to check Entrance Hall everyday. A new contest is being posted there everyday.

December 14, 2007


2:38 pm - hermionepotter

Please head on over to the Common Room to see the new Announcement Thread which will bring you to the first of many Holiday Events of the 2007 Season!

Ravenclaws: Report to the Study Forum!

12:58 pm - Tori Tendleswift

There is something special going on in the Ravenclaw Study Forum that you won't want to miss! Sign up today or miss out on over 150K in prizes ;)

Christmas Contests

6:43 am - Kinken

Our 12 Days of Christmas contests is officially underway. A new contest will begin each day. Most contests will last longer than a day, some will last a day. All contests will be posted in the Entrance Hall and will be stickied. So run over to the EH and have some fun before we open our gifts on Christmas!!!

December 11, 2007

Congratulations new staff members!

4:33 pm - hermionepotter

Hufflepuff's new House Staff has been elected.

HoH: Rosita Black
AHoH: Lubegirl88
Head Boy: Jackson Reed
Head Girl: Wizard_princess07
Boy Prefect: Zeppelin
Girl Prefect: Aurora_M
Graphics Designer: _Mysterious_Binding_

December 9, 2007

Gryffies - Go to the CR!!!

9:13 pm - Kinken

Attention Gryffindors !! Santa has come to our Common Room early this year. He has left you all lots of presents ,but you have to work to get them. Come to the Common Room to get all the details.

Written by Dumbledorefan

December Contest - Part Two

5:46 pm - Aurora Dior

The second part of our two part series for December has been posted in the contest forum. Check it out!

December 4, 2007

Item Buyback

9:16 am - Kinken

Just a reminder to everyone, you have until tomorrow, midnight Hex time to benefit from the item buyback. The full list of items that will be removed and the prices that are being paid for them are in Salazar's thread in Diagon Alley. Individual items worth less than 10,000, need to be put into stores, and individual items worth more than 10,000, need to be put in trades and posted in Salazar's thread.

Anyone that has items remaining after the buyback is over will see that they have been removed from all inventories, so we encourage you all to take advantage of getting money for your items before time runs out!!!

December 2, 2007

Hufflepuffs, it's time to vote for your house staff!

10:57 pm - hermionepotter

Please check the common room for the voting link. Good luck to those on the ballot! :)

The Daily Prophet

3:58 pm - anacrusis

It is a pleasure to be here, among so many smiling faces! If you would just click that adorable pink bow beneath this writing, my message will make just a teensy bit more sense.

Dolores Jane Umbridge

Written by Xeneixian

Refreshing Abuse

12:25 pm - John

Too many people are abusing the random events by excessively refreshing manually or through programs.

Because of this, users that excessively refresh will automatically be sent to Azkaban for 12 hours by the server.

We're very serious about this, so if you do excessively refresh from now on, you really will be sent to Azkaban. (automatically)


December 1, 2007

Christmas 2007

1:32 am - John

Christmas is well underway on Hogwarts Extreme. Many preparations have been made and are still being planned.

The first addition for Christmas is Christmas lists. A more direct link will be provided later today, but for now you can access Christmas lists through the user info section. You can add HEX items to your Christmas list through owl search. You can add items you want offline through the Christmas list page directly. All users can see your Christmas lists through your user info.

Also, if you were not on the previous default HEX layout, (Magic Happens) you were not switched over to the Christmas layout. If you would like to switch to the Christmas layout, simply click "Preference" at the top of the screen and select the Christmas 2007 theme.

More info on Christmas related events will come later today.

Spoiler tags are no longer needed anywhere.


December Contest - Part One

12:39 am - Aurora Dior

The first part of our two part series for December has been posted in the contest forum. Check it out!

The Quibbler - December 2007 Issue

12:14 am - Aurora Dior


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