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October 31, 2007

Attention Hufflepuffs!

5:52 am - lmnop567

Please come to the Common Room for some Halloween fun!


October 28, 2007

HEX Halloween 2007 Event - The Suitors Ball

3:20 pm - Aurora Dior

The time has come for Bellatrix Black to finally wed, so Wallburga and Orion invite you all the join them in the search for a proper pure blood husband.

The Suitors Ball has begun! The Slytherin House and the Black family welcome you!

Attention Gryffindors!!

9:19 am - Kinken

Run to the CR to participate in some Halloween fun!!

October 25, 2007

Halloween Layout

4:06 pm - John

The official Halloween layout is now up. The layout was made by Ashleigh. (charmed_babe88) Great job!

October 22, 2007

Class Homework

12:14 am - John

You can now view all homework you have ever submitted for this term. This can be found under "Classrooms" and then under the link "View All Homework." Homework is divided into two categories--Scored and Awaiting Score.

Thanks again for everyone's patience during the server configuration process.

October 20, 2007

Spell Suggestions

7:10 pm - iPod

If you think you have a good idea on a spell that should be added to the spells section, then why don't you tell the staff about it here.

Please don't submit the same thing more than once. Also, make sure to give a full description of the effect it should have on the site.

And maybe, just maybe, if you come up with some good ideas, there will be some prizes ;).

One last thing, I swear. You can make up your own spells. I mean, they don't have to be canon from the book.


October 19, 2007

IHC Results

11:13 pm - anacrusis

The IHC has come to an end! And the results are as follows:

Slythendor: 912 points
Ravenpuff: 500 points

Therefore, congratulations to Slythendor! For a more detailed explanation of the points please see the thread in the EH.

New Teachers Announced

12:28 am - masterwizard

See the Entrance Hall for details.

October 17, 2007

Site Issues

4:02 pm - John

The class homework submit problem has been fixed.

Just to give everyone an update about the server. There are have definitely been loads of errors in the past two weeks, and HEX has been completely down a few times.

The server we did purchase is a lot more powerful, but configuring it and making it just right for HEX's needs has been a complicated process so I thank all of you for your patience.

I am not fully finished configuring the server, as I have encountered problem after problem with it.

I hope to get it fully configured within the next few days.

Thank you


3:40 pm - masterwizard

There is currently a problem with the classrooms that we are trying to fix. When you submit a lesson, the box inside the classroom is still there, instead of the message. This has led many to believe that it meant that the homework didn't go through. However, it did. So do not submit the homework again. Anyone caught doing this will be put into Azkaban, and their house will lose 50 points for each student doing it.

Halloween Events in the Ravenclaw CR

5:53 am - charmed_babe88

All Ravenclaws (and Hufflepuffs for that matter...) there are a few Halloween events in the Ravenclaw Common Room that everyone is welcomed (and encouraged) to participate in!

Enjoy the spooky new theme as well!


1:57 am - masterwizard

As you have undoubtedly seen somewhere across Hex, there are numerous forum errors, as well as Games errors and Inventory errors. We are trying to figure out the source of the errors and correct them as soon as possible. So please be patient and don't freak out about the situation.

To those of you who have pets, since Inventories can't be opened, you won't be able to feed your pets. However, if you play Hide and Seek with them, they will be fed and you will get pet food for when Inventories come back.

We are also aware that some people cannot log in. We are unsure of why this is happening at this time. We will try to rectify the situation as fast as we can, so please be patient. Also, please do not have friends owl us and flood our inbox, as we are already aware of the situation. lol.

October 16, 2007

Daily Prophet: October 2007

3:16 pm - Kinken

The October issue of the Daily Prophet has been posted. You may read our REAL news by clicking the above link.

Also, remember to send in your letters to the Editors and questions to Hogwarts' own Minerva McGonagall in all her wisdom. Also, if you would like your work to be published in a future issue of the Daily Prophet, you may send them HERE.

Written by Aiden Jakorr

October 15, 2007

Gryffindors to the CR!

12:14 am - masterwizard

See the new stickied thread in the CR please. :) You won't be disappointed.

But if you are, too bad. :P

October 13, 2007

Teaching Applications, Part 2

6:49 pm - masterwizard

See the Entrance Hall for details.

October 9, 2007

Ravenclaw Quidditch

8:47 pm - anacrusis

Ravenclaws, ever dreamed of playing on your house's Quidditch Team? Well, there are only a few days left to submit your application! Please click here for the details.

Please direct all questions to the failure Tori Tendleswift


6:56 am - anacrusis

The Grand Waltz has come to an end.

A big thank you to all Hufflepuffs & Ravenclaws who attended, danced with your partner and took part in the contests.

Winners of the Various Contests shall be announced soon.

October 3, 2007

Attention Slytherins

11:00 pm - Aurora Dior

All Slytherins should report HERE straight away; we promise you won't be dissappointed.

O.W.L Results

11:29 am - Salazar

O.W.L.s are now over and those who were successful enough to get at least 5 O.W.L.s have been rewarded with an exclusive reward.

Also, the following students will receive 5000 galleons each for getting O.W.L.s in all subjects. This reward is sponsored by Ministry's Genius Magicians Fund.

nikki granger

October 2, 2007

The Quibbler - October 2007 Issue

4:20 am - Aurora Dior


Double, double toil and trouble…

1:12 am - Aurora Dior

…fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Have you ever wanted to create a potion from scratch? Check out the newest contest: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble for more details.

October 1, 2007

Argh, Matey!

7:32 pm - anacrusis



12:41 am - John

Classes have officially started for the 2007-2008 term. Please first register for the classes you want to take. Also, please allow the teachers a little bit to post their first lessons.

The race for the house cup has started!

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