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January 31, 2007

What's Next For Hex?

5:02 pm - Hpfanextrm

Voice your opinions in the newest poll. Now's your chance to let us know what you think.

What would you like to see on Hex next?

Potion Brewing
More Spells
Customizable Layouts
Stock Market
Surprise Me

January 29, 2007

A Week of Envy.

7:41 pm - iPod

This week in Knockturn Alley, there will be war. There will be kidnapping. There will be.. Free items and donations? Come down to the Week of Envy and

Oh no! Our lovely Knockturn Alley moderator Rain has been kidnapped and the seven deadly sins have taken over Knockturn Alley. The Daily Prophet is mum on their information and it is up to YOU to save her. While you're there, make sure to take your chance and enter some of the free contests, including a FREE raffle with prizes totaling in over 20,000 worth of items. You've got one week, HEXians. Are you envious, or are you going to be the envied?

January 28, 2007

All About Hex

2:08 pm - Aurora Dior

How well do you know Hex? Do you have what it takes to answer lots of questions...to keep up with a contest that comes out in five different parts over the course of two weeks? If you think you do, then head on over to the Contest Forum and take a swing at it.

January 25, 2007


6:04 pm - iPod

A spell feature has been added. Everyone has been given a few spells to play around with. Each use of the spell will deduct from your available magic points. Magic points will replace themselves automatically with time.

Please keep in mind the same rules apply to spells as joke items.
A lot more to come with this as well. Anyways, enjoy.

January 21, 2007

Paint Us a Picture

5:19 pm - Augusta

Break out those graphics programs and head over to the Contest Forum. There is a new contest that will test your painting "skills." Can you paint as well as Dobby? :)

January 17, 2007


1:50 am - John

On the main page, the index, two additions have been added to the far right. One is labeled "Important." The Hogwarts Extreme staff will always put information you need to know in this area. The next area is a poll. The poll will be updated periodically with new questions/choices. You can only vote once.

The new main page configuration may require some of you to scroll to see it. If this is the case, we strongly recommend you change your screen resolution to 1024 by 768 or greater.

Also, daily money has been increased to 15 galleons to account for food/drink expenses as well as the growing HEX economy. Daily Money is now collected by the day, rather than every 24 hours.

Thank You!

January 15, 2007

Hunger and Thirst.

6:34 am - iPod

Hunger and Thirst are back.

On any food or drink item that you wish to be consumed, you must go to the item action page and select the 'add to what you will eat/drink' option. All items chosen through this will be consumed automatically when you are hungry or thirsty. These items will sit in a special section of your inventory, where you can remove them anytime by clicking on them and choosing the 'remove' option.

The food will be eaten automatically, whenever you need it. Failure to eat or drink food after 12 hours will result in you being 'hungry' or 'thirsty'. While hungry or thirsty, you will lose Health Points for the time that you browse the site. The most time for hunger or thirst you can accumulate is 24 hours. So if you go away for a week, you will only need to feed yourself as if you were gone for one day. This way, you won't be overwhelmed if you miss too much time.


January 14, 2007

The Split-Soul Conundrum

7:17 am - Augusta

A new contest for everyone to participate in has been posted in the Contest Forum. Check it out and have fun!

January 12, 2007

Hufflepuff girls!

2:16 pm - hermionepotter

Please go check out your Girls Dorm to participate in the "Princess Fun Fair." It starts today, January 12, and will run until January 17.

January 8, 2007

Educational Decree Number Thirty-seven

5:55 am - Augusta

Head over to the Contest Forum to see what you can do to help!

January 7, 2007

Hunger and thirst.

6:24 pm - iPod

Hunger and thrist will be making their comeback soon. Oh noes! It will be different, of course. There will be no need to manually eat each food over and over. All you will have to do is make sure you have food in your inventory and you will automatically eat.

Now, I understand that some of you happen to collect food items. The 'Trunk' option in quick inventory has been re-added. So if you happen to collect food items that you don't want to be eaten, I would suggest putting your items in your trunk.
I'm giving this alert a little bit early so you'll have time to hide your food items.

Edit: There will be a special section in the inventory where you select food items that you wish to eat.


January 6, 2007

Veritaserum Potions

7:30 pm - iPod

If you happen to come across one of these super powerful potions, you can make someone tell you anything you want to know! P.S., don't owl me or any other staff member on how to get one.


4:33 am - iPod

Poor Frosty needs to be rebuilt, so head over to the Frosty Builder and rebuild the poor guy.

January 3, 2007


3:49 pm - masterwizard

Gryffindors, please visit the common room and see the stickied thread in blue at the top. :) You won't be sorry that you did.

January 2, 2007

The Quibbler - January 2007 Edition

9:09 am - Aurora Dior

The New Year's Issue of the Quibbler has been posted. You can read it HERE. Enjoy!

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